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Scientists are building an animal fart database

Washington Post 4 hours ago
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Huh? Wtf? Is this for real? What a waste of research and technology.. it should be put toward something that will actually HELP our wildlife -_- Ughh this sad, pathetic world.
I mean why not? all for Science right? lol
It holds no significance or value.. and the wildlife needs our help, yet there is no funding on their behalf.. But somehow there is money to put into this useless research and technology?? I think you were being sarcastic anyways.. lol Stuff like this just really ruffles my feathers!
I was being a comedian, i do agree with you
they study their diet and digestive systems and now have 60 animals farts in their database ... some animals have different toods from different foods ...
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Camel farts lmao
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I know but I do agree with @blackphase - they could be putting more money into other more important wildlife interests - like saving the elephants in Africa from being slaughtered for their ivory ... that just makes me so ill ...