Crime fighting on rooftops by night.
Another shooting at an elementary school! When is this butter going to stop, when will it finally be enough. What the actual fuxk.
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OMG I haven't heard about this. This breaks my heart. 💔
In northern Cali.
I was just now reading it. Right now 3 reported dead and two children critically injured. This is devastating.
really sad and absolutely blows my mind how these treetrunkers can target children....

watched a documentary recently on the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting....those families are just utterly destroyed forever....I could not watch it all the way through....
Ya I don't I could handle watching something like that.
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so very sad ...
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Can I get a do over?
How horrible! The parents must be in agony. Breaks my heart.

Side note, please don’t let the shooter be white. I don’t think I can handle another “white devils” post from CC