Today is my sweethearts 3rd birthday, and I am so blessed to be her mother. Happiest of birthdays to my beautiful, gentle, and goofy baby goat! I love this little girl with my entire being. ♑️💙
Possessor of low-cunning and great dance moves.
Lol such a Pisces mama bear. Happy birthday to your Cappette ^_^ blessings and prayers on her path.
Haha. I just really love my peanuts! I’m going to suffer from that empty nest syndrome, I know it. Lol. Thank you, Ix! I appreciate the thoughts.
Venus ruled, Star gazing Scorpio with Moon in Taurus
Awwww...sweet. Wishing you both a beautiful day together
Thank you! :-)
in the name of the moon cookiemonster this is a stick up...
Omg! I hope she has a very very happy birthday
Thank you, my dear! 🤗
Crime fighting on rooftops by night.
Happy birthday to her!
Thank you, my love!
awe, a mini-me. 😄

Happy birthday! 🤗
Was it your birthday also, fortuna? 🤗 And thank you!