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  • MMzphit
    Striving to be free...
    Probably just as bad as an Aries and a Virgo, I'm a virgo.   Read more
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    Taurus sun Aries moon Pisces Venus Aldebaran Mars
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  • I'm a cancer sun Virgo moon and my boyfriend is a Scorpio sun libra moon! He doesn't even act like a Scorpio! He can be lazy and so indecisive about what he wants in life! He also cares about people so much that he puts everyone else's needs before himself even though I see people taking advantage of him! It makes it hard because one minute he's telling me he wants to get married in a year and the next minute he wants to wait awhile! I'm starting to get extremely fed up and with my grounded analytical moon, I just find libran mooners to not be realistic about life. Not everyone is a good person and not everyone has good intentions. My boyfriend helps everyone out but himself and I don't find that a good quality to have as a husband for my children. He invited a con artist to come and stay in his home and he still doesn't believe me (even after we found his criminal records online)! I'm just extremely annoyed and fed up! Why are libran mooners like this and how can I overcome these feelings I have? My Virgo moon makes it very difficult to see his point of view and my cancer sun is ready to have a family right now!!! But it changes every day with my boyfriend! He doesn't know what he wants and it's making me upset! How can I be more understanding about libran mooners?
  • WaterDevil
    26 years old
    How does mars Pisces work with Venus and mars in Virgo? Moon in sag? I’m dealing with a Pisces moon in Gemini mars in Pisces rn. It’s been tricky since we basically fell in love when we saw each other and here we are days later and she’s distant as hell. Only thing i can think of is that I didn’t message her when I got home ( I live 6hours away). And than I kinda let her breath for a few days because we both shared an emotionally intense 24 hours together. I needed the mental space to reflect as well. I didn’t ignore her when she messaged me. I was cordial and polite just not really “talking to her” I guess. Finally today (4 days later) I sent her a voice message letting her know I’m thinkibg about her and I had a good time. And that I’d like to hear from her and how she’s feeling. And about her experience (tripping with me). Ended it with “I adore you nugget”. Which is what I say to her in person. That was this morning still nothing. Curious about your thoughts. I feel like every girl I fall for/falls for me is a Pisces with a Pisces mars. But other planetary aspects in the past didn’t really match and caused conflict. My rising is libra btw and hers a Gemini as well. I don’t know what to make of all of this. One second I’m thinking “oh she’s just thinking and needs time to process”. Other part of me is thinking “she’s playing games” because she’s mad about something Which i am NOT down for. Ugh.
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    Idk Pisces mars are dreamers or one I knew. It’s when reality hits that he quits.

    I’m Cap mars, I work towards goals.. well a dream plus effort = goal. I don’t get the quitting.. is it cuz it’s scary or no fun? Or too real?

    in my case ...its more of a letting of people, place and things when we are being mistreated's too short to be unhappy ... but we work towards are dreams just like everyone else ...

    He was not being mistreated. He was afraid of it, and expected it so quit before it could happen.

    strange ... the other pisces mars that I know including myself are ambitious and quietly follow are dreams just as everyone else ... thats unfortunate about your friend though ...

    Yeah and a Cap too, you’d think he’d work to make things better. Oh well not my problem anymore.. everyone has choices. Was just wondering how the Pisces mars fit in.

    man he was a cap ...they are usually the most ambition of the zodiac ... hmmm was he in one of those odd saturn depressions ...that can stop some of the strongest of the mars...let alone ... little ole pisces mars?

    the only cap with a pisces mars I know is lebron james I know people say that pisces mars has low drive but I really think that its a matter of other placements and just like you said A CHOICE to get up and be something you know?
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    He has a Virgo Moon & lots of anxiety and sometimes depression. He feels sorry for himself & how his life has turned out. He took care of family and spouses and got burned and drowns his sorrows in alcohol. I tried to help him see he needed to attack the problems and he could rise up. But when he gets miserable he thinks it’s about relationship not himself. Cycle keeps repeating.. i believed in him more than he did. Sad
  • Posted by ChuggingA
    Because who wants to f a virgo amiright. Not even me.

    I love Virgo moon men. Well at least the ones I know.
  • ValleysofNeptune
    Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo ascendant
    25 years old male
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    In an all virgo world, we'd probably all be asexuals or we'd have sex robots. We'd make babies with science.

    i wouldn't mind an all virgo world...

    where everything functions as they should
    with random emotional and oddly irrational meltdowns every now and then over something seemingly small and barely perceptible and yet the sex culture behind closed doors is mindblowing... as a result of the natural repression of urges out in the open

    Ikr a utopia comes to mind for me as well. Once we discover how to manipulate our genes into making us immortal, we should formulate a plan into making this a reality.
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    Can I join y'all in this utopia with my Virgo moon or nah. I promise I won't be all emotional or fishy or anything