This astrological aspect occurs when two planets are 135 degrees apart.

In astrology, the Sesquisquare aspect is a minor aspect. It is formed when two planets are separated by 135 degrees of a zodiacal sign. In horoscopes, this aspect can represent minor friction or conflict between two people or groups with different opinions on an issue.

Dig deeper into this aspect means in astrology by browsing the planetary combinations of this astrological aspect.

The Planets in Sesquisquare

Sun sesquisquare Moon
Sun sesquisquare Mercury
Sun sesquisquare Venus
Sun sesquisquare Mars
Sun sesquisquare Jupiter
Sun sesquisquare Saturn
Sun sesquisquare Uranus
Sun sesquisquare Neptune
Sun sesquisquare Pluto

Moon sesquisquare Mercury
Moon sesquisquare Venus
Moon sesquisquare Mars
Moon sesquisquare Jupiter
Moon sesquisquare Saturn
Moon sesquisquare Uranus
Moon sesquisquare Neptune
Moon sesquisquare Pluto

Mercury sesquisquare Venus
Mercury sesquisquare Mars
Mercury sesquisquare Jupiter
Mercury sesquisquare Saturn
Mercury sesquisquare Uranus
Mercury sesquisquare Neptune
Mercury sesquisquare Pluto

Venus sesquisquare Mars
Venus sesquisquare Jupiter
Venus sesquisquare Saturn
Venus sesquisquare Uranus
Venus sesquisquare Neptune
Venus sesquisquare Pluto

Mars sesquisquare Jupiter
Mars sesquisquare Saturn
Mars sesquisquare Uranus
Mars sesquisquare Neptune
Mars sesquisquare Pluto

Jupiter sesquisquare Saturn
Jupiter sesquisquare Uranus
Jupiter sesquisquare Neptune
Jupiter sesquisquare Pluto

Saturn sesquisquare Uranus
Saturn sesquisquare Neptune
Saturn sesquisquare Pluto

Uranus sesquisquare Neptune
Uranus sesquisquare Pluto

Neptune sesquisquare Pluto