Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Could be a good pair, but neither can stand the other one.

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    Nice is not the same as Wimpy
    Currently dating a Gem male, I'm a scorp Female we've known eachother for 5/6 yrs now & been dating for 4...any tips & Pointers? He's an okay guy he can seriously drive me off the walls sometimes though.
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    Gemini sun Sagittarius moon
    39 years old female from Atlanta, United States
    Scorpio's and Gemini's don't mix.
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    26 years old female from California
    I'm a Scorpio woman, dated a Gemini man for four years.. he drives me treetrunking NUTS and I can't stand his multiple personalities disorder (typical for a Gemini btw) but it's just something about Gemini that draws me to them. I don't understand them or thei

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