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Five planets of Libra
> anyways, went for a cigarette break ,and in the lift on they way back, she told me she'd had a 'Brazilian' the day before...and proceeded to show me it, asking me what I thought!!!! mwwaa...

Everything about that sounds like a Libra. Did she have a strong Libra in her chart? Or do Taurus ladies have exhibitionist qualities as well? Perhaps it has something to do with being ruled by Venus. You know what they say ... the girl on the beach whose top falls off by accident is the Libra.

Libra is not the horniest sign. We only raise to the occasion with those who are worthy and can hold our interest long enough.
female from the sparrow tree
Five planets of Libra
> I think Air signs only truly get horny with eachother but can seem cold to others, but that's just my theory.

I could not agree more.

Other signs can turn me on, but never as fully like another air sign. Sex between air signs is hot but I think it is very complex and hard to understand.

Libra actually has the highest sex drive in the Zodiac, but only when unlocked. The only sign that has ever unlocked me fully was Aquarius. The Gemini could have if he was a more compatible partner for me in other ways. I didn't like the way he dressed, or his manners, plus he simply lacked intelligence but the sex was technically brilliant and had he been a more appropriate partner in other ways ... would have been amazing.
female from the sparrow tree
Five planets of Libra
In general, I think a Leo or Aries are the horniest.
female from USA
Sun Sagittarius Moon Pisces Mercury Capricorn
Sag because I know I have a high sex drive more so than anyone I have ever dated
264 years old from The planet Irk.

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File me away
'I'd disagree with what onefineaquarius said...............
I dated an Aquarius a few years back and she was utterly insatiable.'
- Totally agree with you there - Every Aqua I know including my Aqua BF has been a utter horn bag 24/7 - I am a pisces & am "utterly insatiable" Love to try new things & get bored quickly with monotonous relations - so does he - it works well!! I'd have to say Pisces has one of the highest libidos around!!!!!
male from the left coast
SUN* Gemini
I like how everyone thinks their sign is the horniest, LOL.

*Libra actually has the highest sex drive in the Zodiac, but only when unlocked.
-thanks for the heads up Sparrow, i'll keep that in mind when i meet Libra women.
211 years old female
Aqua Gal :-) God bless America.... Gott segne D
'I'd disagree with what onefineaquarius said...............'

i disagree wid onefineaquarius too.. coz this gal is waaaaaaaaaaaaay horny...aquas r waaay horny people....
male scorpio. definately.
female from USA
*sun in cancer* moon in leo mercury in leo venus in
most horny goes to sag.
female from Gardena, Ca
I'm an Aries(4/7) and proud of it.
I guess we are all horney.
29 years old female
"I am a female. I love nighttimes, and I stand out. It's not that I am differen
HUGE sex drive my dears, huge.
30 years old female
Sun: Cancer Rising: Scorpio Moon: Aries Mercury: Cancer Venus: Cancer Mars: Leo
Gemini by far, Way more than me, and I'm the guy in the relationship.
40 years old male
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