• Vladimir Putin gave me a nipplegasm

    Greetings, I frequently have weird dreams and well... I'd say they are worth sharing. Hope it brings out a giggle or a few. This dream took me back to my highschool days and after picking up a Cordon Bleu from the cantina and making it into a sandwhic
  • Tsunami Dreams

    I have a lot of dreams about tidal waves in my dream bank, usually they are scary and traumatic but my last one wasn't a case. Well it kind of was and then it wasn't. I was in a shopping centre buying a free chicken at the counter then the lady said it
  • lucid dreaming...!!

    how? i've tried multiple times and have never succeeded, does anybody have any tips or tricks? i've also tried to keep a dream diary on lots of occasions but whenever i start to leave a book beside my bed, i stop having dreams, does this ever happen t
  • Just had an intense dream

    Just had a dream I owned a space ship that had a crew of robots on it that looked like people and I had some guests that were actually human, one of the robots was Jared butler and swapped one one of my guests for someone else thinking I wouldn't notice,
  • A Dream at 11 I still remember

    I had this weird dream where there was a big yellow floating bridge over a big city, almost what appeared to be New York, and a bunch of different people were sliding down it. It was very full. I nearly fell off of it but I managed to grab the sides of it
  • Car drive into water dream

    Had a dream that my little brother was driving me home, the weird part is that he's only 16 & we were in the car but in the back seat Driving ( nobody was in the front ) & he was driving from one of those video game steering wheels. He's driving and we we
  • just had a dream about an insect and its antennae

    like i was begin "read" by an insect and its antennae and i kept trying to push the antennae off of me. It wasnt a nightmare or anything, I was just annoyed at the time. The images in my dream were very similar to this: http://i63.tinypic.com/6egeie.jpg
  • Story Time: Clairvoyance in Dreams?

    Okay first thing first....shout out to all my water sun/mars signs I swear if we can relate about nothing else we all had premonition dreams. I love all the stories. Okay so when it comes to dreams have you ever dreamed of something....love, loss, or
  • Dreams of people you've never met

    So I'm semi freaking out because I had a dream about a guy I've never even met before. Nothing really happened between us. But I lived upstairs of an apartment building and he lived downstairs. And for some reason I felt like he was pursuing me a little b
  • I had a nightmare last night

    I went to bed at a reasonable time but before I went to bed I was paranoid I guess because I sensed there was a ghost in my room (long story) but whenever I think there is a ghost in my room I hear the walls crack at really particular times or I hear taps
  • This dream still creeps me out

    There's this dream I've had which kinda still makes me pause and wonder what it is all about...anyhoo, here I go I was in the middle of a wealthy looking subdivision, walking uphill or where ever, until I entered this house. It looked very modern in t
  • I never dream of someone I always think about - why?

    I think about my ex day and night, whom Im still in love with, so if I think about him often, why dont I dream about him?
  • Man Wearing Womens' Shoes

    I love analyzing dreams but would like second opinions on this one if anyone has any An ex and myself were waiting for a bus and i looked down and he was wearing womens' shoes...the flat ballet type pumps with a little bow on the front. I remember th
  • Black Cat Dream

    I had a dream that I was in my kitchen and I saw what looked like a black cat (it might have been some other animal like a ferret or something, though). It looked scared but wasn't backing away. I was scared and slowly walked to the door while keeping my