• Recurring dreams.

    Began over five years ago, having to do with one person in particular. This person and I had no romance. We just talked a lot over the phone. I dreamed I'd be talking to him on the phone. During the talks, he would be angry. As time went on, he would g
  • 3 headed snake in dream

    Hey does anyone know what a 3 headed snake means in a dream?
  • Strange Dream

    could someone help me figure it out? I was apparently back at my high school or college graduation. Everyone was scurrying about getting ready for the ceremony that day. I was standing around and someone (I didn't see who it was), came up to me and too
  • Hey guys, has anyone ever experienced sleep paralysis?

    I just woke up from a sleep paralysis nap. If anyone has experienced these before, then they know how terrifying they can be, your mind plays tricks on you and you start to see and hear things that aren’t there. So I had fallen asleep, well actually my bo
  • Could this be telepathy?

    My boyfriend is in the military and he is deployed. We are currently in a LDR. We text back and forth every day until he suddenly disappeared. He has never disappeared for such a long and I got upset. I turned off my phone and used another phone to contac
  • Why do I keep dreaming about a guy I only dated?

    I keep dreaming about this Aqua I only dated. Never was in a committed relationship or never had sex with him. Last night I kept making myself go back to sleep and in each dream he was there. He was at my work place and an event & I also use to work with
  • Crazy Dream

    I had a dream about a huge frog. LOL In real life I don't like frogs but in this dream I wasn't afraid and the frog was HUGE.
  • Ex boyfriend dreams

    Okay ever since me and my boyfriend broke up about two and a half months ago and I have dreamed about him every single night since and it’s driving me crazy because I want to forget about him. The only thing that’s hindering me stop thinking about him is
  • This freaking shirt

    Seeing him in regular man shirt he never wears. Always with some lines coming up am down making squares like he is trapped in prison... He doesn’t wear this...
  • Fight Club

    I keep having this reoccurring dream that I'm in a really big nice house with captheri dated and for some reason and a girl that I know he dealt with is there and I'm trying to fight her. Like fr fr, it's starting to make me so mad.I'm Tryna get over hi
  • @LittleFairy

    Hey! Saw you in my dream. You told me you are engaged and showed me the ring with blue stone. Square shape. Beautiful. And my Mom told me someone calls you Tara.ike a nickname. But when we were talking you had been with another man who you said wa
  • Repeated Dream

    I don't have this dream much anymore but for a while I was having it all the time. I dreamt that I was living in an apartment or house - alone - and I find a door that leads to a basement. The door to the basement is unlocked or I can tell that it has
  • I need to talk about a dream I had is that ok?

    It starts off with me and my friends in a ballet class. We are by the bar. The room is covered in mirrors I look to see us all. It's us but us as different from what we are now. I look different. Different hair and different clothes and make up. The d
  • Childhood Toys

    Why do I always dream about them lately? And why do I always long to see them again in my dreams? But when I wake up, I don't give a damn anymore like I'm completely happy with the kind of life that I have now.
  • I keep dreaming I’m in the Walking Dead

    It’s not weird to dream of it once, but I keep dreaming of it. That I’m in this Walking Dead world and I’m put into this Walking Dead situations of survival. It’s freaky when you feel everything is a matter of life or death and youre fighting to s
  • Dreams about your Ex

    Me and my ex had a bad breakup and we haven't talked in 7 months but for some reason last night i had a dream i received a text from her. But the text didn't say anything it was just a heart emoji.. Any advice as to what this might mean???