• Too Real To Be A Dream

    You know it always shocked me that Melody never once showed up in my dreams. Someone that I still break down when I hear someone talk about them a year later. My only guess is that the entire experience was TOO vivid. Or maybe I just have too strong of fe
  • Killing wolves

    I dreamt I killed 4 or 5 grey and white wolves with a screwdriver...one after another I told my dad how to do it as well as he was with me in the same room. what does it mean?
  • Flying to Asia with dangerous turbulence

    I had a dream a couple days ago in which I wake up on a flight to Japan sitting next to my cousin (we're actually planning this for Oct) and everyone else is sleeping. It's freezing in the plane, the cabin heaters weren't working for some reason so ice st
  • I can see through my eyelids when I’m asleep

    This is happening more and more frequent. It kind of trips me out but I’ll fall asleep and then I’ll dream that I’m awake with my eyes open and I’ll look around the room fully awake not knowing I’m asleep and then my eyes will open and everything will
  • Dreaming about DXP'ers

    I had a dream about @tiziani last night, we were out some sort of outdoor festival. We were doing drugs, then Tiz started to have a bad trip, so we sat down on a bench to make him feel better, and his head turned into the head of a horse. The end.
  • Another tsunami dream

    Well I moved into my new pad and I’ve been having good dreams so far I even had a flying dream! But I also had a tsunami dream that had me a little concerned about perhaps there’s an internal struggle with my subconscious.. So In my dream I was at t
  • 3 dreams in one night

    Well...being obsessed with a Scorpio for years and praying for dreams about him was fruitless. Like one and between... Last night I was waking up from a dream of being next to him and he had not noticed me though I was in his face - like I had not exis
  • Mountain collapsing / crumbling

    Had a weird/cool dream about a mountain last night but can’t find a good interpretation. I was somewhere like Afghanistan and found a beautiful mountain range I was admiring. The highest one had three peaks like a crown with a river running off it. Sud
  • Strange Dream

    I dreamt that I was I think back in time and I was a caretaker for someone. In the dream, I was running away with another caretaker because the person we were taking care of was apparently deranged and running after us. The other woman was not running fas
  • Demons

    I had a dream last week that a kid that my mom and I were babysitting was possessed by the devil. We were in a pool at a hotel and she just started saying things in a demonic sounding voice. We tried to get her mom to come get her but she couldn't and we
  • Super vivid, symbolic dream...mother

    I dreamt she had gotten a lion, and I was petrified of it. She just laughed it off and couldn't understand it. I in return felt ridiculous/embarrassed from these fears. I would hide in my room where there was a baby gate up and it was the size such that i
  • This one is wild 😩😩

    I had a weird ass dream a few nights ago, I still haven't figured it out. It was something about unlocking our true side or true power within, and the people who did unlock theirs would have solid blue eyes, with white specks throughout them as if the b
  • Planning a wedding dream

    I’ve been married twice. I’m really not planning on doing it again. I have a serious boyfriend & can see living with him one day, but marriage? Yikes!! Last night I dreamed that I was planning a wedding & checking out reception venues with my Mom!! T
  • Recurring dreams.

    Began over five years ago, having to do with one person in particular. This person and I had no romance. We just talked a lot over the phone. I dreamed I'd be talking to him on the phone. During the talks, he would be angry. As time went on, he would g