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  • Hes aquarius, and im a libra. we are 19/20. Long story short, we've been flirting online and stuff for over 2 years now and he does the whole ditching thing but comes back and i got used to it, plus i dont really like clingy people. We dont have an
  • We have only been together 6 months and she's mentioned on several occasions to move in together(to hers only as I share house). I've looked at multiple options such as purchasing a house together(in my name) to move forward as she's not financially capab
  • Cause I do I'm making homemade snickerdoodles with cream cheese drizzle for my coworkers birthday and they're bomb. I'm like damn I need one of me
  • He has too much libra in his chart, but has Venus in Scorpio, and Mercury in Virgo. What would he be like in relationship, flighty like libra or intense like Scorpio.
  • any of you had a no strings attached with a libra man? I'm a cap woman and hooked by his charms and deceiving promises. In the first month he treats me like his girlfriend and he'll come over 4 - 5x a week and takes me to the movies and dine out. Then aft
  • new Libra man who has come into my life and we are building our friendship first asked me what I want from Santa - I'm thinking - gee, I like people to sort of figure that out on their own and surprise me - but think again, he's a Libra so I'm sure he can
  • What can I say about this. It's REAL. I'm a cancer sun and have issues around libra male being HUGE flirts. I've never seen anything quite like it. He does flirt with everyone including little old ladies so it kind of lessens the jealousy but still. These
  • Been with this younger libra male for over a year now. Some days he cant imagine life without me and will do anything for me to stay and some days hes just gone quiet. I've read that libra needs their time alone and i do respect that.. in the begining he
  • I've been on and off with my libra for a few months. We are both very busy, not entirely committed to wanting a full blown relationship yet but seeing how things go.. We are long distance and he flew to see me living in Sweden in the Summer - we have s
  • I dated a Libra male and after we broke up, he went on to date someone he didn't love and marry her. When we last met up he said "that he had to stop blaming me for it".... How is it my fault? He admitted to blaming me for a lot of his decisions but whene
  • So left out of the zodiac :'( Well, let's start over. What animal should represent Libras? :)
  • What's up, new here. (Lurker) anywho, for the last 2 weeks we've been at each other's throats and not so nice. Been living with each other about a year and some change. It seems as we are both stubborn in the relationship causing both of us to mirror each
  • Positive Traits Tactful. And also experts in getting things done. Romantic. Don’t forget their ruling planet is Venus. Charming. Their manner is very pleasing. Just. The fair play is a high-valued virtue by them. Diplomatic. A true Libra will always
  • I read these threads all the time! But never knew I would be writing one! Where do I begin?!!! I'm an Aquarius man that met a Libra! The Union was very much so organic! I wasn't looking for him and it kinda just happened! He fancied me so much to the poin
  • Please help. I met an Aquarius man 6 months ago shortly after my 18month relationship ended. He was an aquintance of my ex and had seen me about. For 2 full weeks he called me every night and we spoke for hours. Then I heard he was just trying to get me i
  • Met him..he chased me, i fell...he pulled away but stayed in the picture. I suggested friends... and thats what we are (
  • I can't speak for all Libras, but getting women is as easy as breathing, but I met this amazing Scorpio woman crippled by the pain and loss of losing her mother and spouse recently and I am at odds. I can stay by her side and wait until the loss subsides,
  • I've been single for around 9 months. I've had some hot leads but nothing has panned out. Dating is not easy at all!! It doesn't seem like anyone really wants commitment anymore or maybe it's just me... I'm really starting to think it's me. I have met guy
  • Been talking to a libra girl for about 5 weeks now. We speak every single day, all day and night and she has mentioned more than once that she has feelings for me. We talked about meeting up last week but she cancelled because she had fought with her moth
  • How do guys approach you? Am I the only one who hates the "what's up cutie" or any other sickening name they can think of type approach? Maybe it is all in my head but I mediately feel sexualized and no matter how cute they are I get turned off. what's
  • Hey so I'm into this Libra girl, we dated a few times over the summer and we kind of had a fall out. She was leaving back upstate for her last year of law school and had told me it was going to be a pretty busy year for her and so we lost touch for a few
  • Hello everyone! I was reading everyone's comments about us Libra males and aquarius females. I recently have met a Agua women and we have been talking for a few months and she recently has detached herself and contact has been less frequent. Which after t