I don’t think cancer men are emotional, i think we are the coldest

  • Mr1
    Hello there:
    I’m new to the zodiac, I’m a cancer andost of my friends are.
    I read recently on more than one website that cancer men were emotional, they sulk, they smother women, and they are protective, and not compatible with air signs or fire signs
    Yet my personal experience is this, i am more logical than any other person i met, i am not overly protective, i never sulk, i am a vicious person, successful person, i care about success, meeting people being dominant, i can take a lot of what seems to be harsh words to others and not feel anything.
    Usually, me and my other cancer friends make fun of the people in the air signs and the fire signs for being too emotional, and staying home and being sulky.
    The only unusual thing is that none of them knows even what their zodiac are.
    To people who have more experience in this than me. Can you explain why every cancer i know which is more than 10 people is more outgoing, more “fire like” and less emotional than the other signs?
    Could it be that when reading the zodiac a self fuffilomg prophecy occurs?
    Thank you.
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