really need help with this Cancer man

  • Posted by nikkistar
    LOL I am sorry, I am totally going to come off as a cookiemonster.

    But both you @teerytotsx and @elgantine set your worth from the start.

    To the OP, you slept with him, and continue to sleep with him, hoping you will gain more than what he gives you. You will likely NEVER actually date him.

    You see, there are the girls that Cancer men date, and get bonded to. And then there are the girls that they know just want to say, because they know "if I do A, then B will occur". As much as Cancer men don't want to admit this, they can't deny they will do this. When single, and not bonded to one girl, they can go to a bar, tell the girl EXACTLY what they want to hear, cause they have already tested their theories, and tests what works with the girls that are easy to get into bed with those words. It works almost 100% of the time for them, and they won't remember your name the next day. Or even if they do remember your name, they only see you for what you are to them, a warm hole.

    Because the Cancer man wants a traditional valued woman, and one that is his bestfriend as well to be settled with. A girl that is easy to give up the goods without dating at least, will probably go that fast with other men. And it's hypocritical, but they don't want that in a partner.

    I don't get why you women have sex with a dude, and think that that will magically make the man want to wife you, before even getting in a first or second date. JFC

    Nikkistar always gives great advice but, we didn’t sleep with each other until much later bc I was too guarded and he was frustrated that I couldn’t tell he was interested in me. Yet after I expressed my feelings, idk if this is the way to take things slow or we are just fwb.

    I’m not expecting him to wife me either. When I first put this thread out, I was confused at his signals and legit would like to take things to another level. But now, I’m just seeing us as fwb just so I’ll make myself feel better and not get hurt if anything happens.

    And idk when and how to initiate anymore. Don’t even know what are the rules for fwb lol. He will use his day off to come see me, I feel like I should do that in return to go see him too? Just keep the balance? Idk. Feels like my situation gets more confusing lol.
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