Cancer/Gemini cusp?

i need help finding out more on my zodiac sign??
  • i need help finding out more on my zodiac sign??
  • Crapmaster555
    Sagittarius Sun// Pisces Moon// Leo Rising// Scorpio Mercury// Capricorn Venus/
    I know one. They are blunt, rude and not afraid to fight. They can be kind of boring sometimes. And they're no tomboys, either.
  • GemWoman92
    Sun: Gemini/Cancer cusp Venus: cancer Mars: Taurus Moon: Aquarius
    I have the same cusp and for the most part I'm mostly gem influenced in my characteristics but can be sensitive like a crab at times too. A lot of my cancer influences are skewed by my Aqua moon though so I seem pretty typical of an air sign. Which side of the cusp are you on?
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  • My brother has this sun cusp, with leo venus & mars. And he's a gross flamboyant cookiemonster, a freaking k-pop fan who cries over korean dramas in his late 20es. I haven't talk to him since 2013 and have no intention to.
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