Understand The Scorpio Man Using Astrology

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  • There is too many competition to get the Scorpio man. But I think Virgals have so much to offer. Be Optimistic ❤
  • They are not crazy for us i guess...
    Virgo wants someone who is loyal,kinda crazy and obsessed with us. We want someone who will love us deeply. I guess scorpio man dont understand us or love us at all.
  • VenusAquarius
    Venus dominant Aries... how dat happen?!? 44 years young

    I ask you... where is the love. No love, none of this matters. Love is action.

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  • Side chicks aren't priorities to no man and for some reason I have met plenty of Scorpio men with Gemini Women as side chicks. I know one Scorpio man who just was in jail for 3 years and had his Gemini side chick still claiming them as closest friends even though he's going home to another woman.. And he still has another year in jail and went to jail for beating her up...It is what it is..
  • I hope she get the Scorpio man she always dreamed for ❤️

    Love Always, kitten.