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I wouldnt say that...virgos can be really optimistic too...the big things that bother other people dont phase virgos...its small, petty stuff that bothers virgo

Because it's the small petty stuff that ends up turning into a snowball effect. Like entrusting a friend to create a checklist of everything important to bring on a trip and the friend is all "Don't need one, I have everything covered. I've got this!" Then arrive at the airport until the Virgo asks "Where are the passports??"

Oh no! that couldnt have happend :O but we all have absent minded friends like these lol
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It happens more often than not, but mostly work related. That's why I always create backup plan B and C because even B is likely to fail
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I wouldnt say that...virgos can be really optimistic too...the big things that bother other people dont phase virgos...its small, petty stuff that bothers virgo

Because it's the small petty stuff that ends up turning into a snowball effect. Like entrusting a friend to create a checklist of everything important to bring on a trip and the friend is all "Don't need one, I have everything covered. I've got this!" Then arrive at the airport until the Virgo asks "Where are the passports??"
Just you.

I prefer to associate with optimistic people because I'm an optimist myself, an optimistic realist. I always consider all outcomes of a problem including the negative ones, but I always hope for the best outcome.

And what's wrong with Lala? How can you hate on someone so damn happy? Just look at her pep!

I'd say if it isn't too frequent. I find it endearing if it's someone of interest who confides in me enough to release his inner thoughts.
True. Even affects my social surroundings. Switching something as simple as shoes would have a distinctive effect. I can wear something comfortable like jeans and a top, but switching between heels and flats makes a considerable difference. Heels make me feel noticeable, and commanding of a presence whereas flats makes me feel approachable, gelled, and one within a crowd.
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His action tells me he is serious about me

Still not seeing the mixed signals.
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I just started this job

So she's a friendly coworker then.

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.... but why the shady stuff?

What shady stuff?

You literally said "She's super secretive" right after you said "I don't understand how she NEVER brought up this guy before". I mean...uh...duh?

Do you perchance have a Scorpio moon?
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Assumptions = shady.

Sweet ole Virgo me is going to not put out my personal business while you assume I'm single because I decide to be a decent human being and smile at you.

Raise those RBF levels because apparently we are still sending mixed signals.

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his story is between you and him, not all the ciggot on facebook, in real life we have 3 friends, on facebook 1000. those 1000 are not friends. lover hater but ppl who not specialy loves u. what the purpose to show everybody that you are together, in real life people judges you, hates you. if you are not ready to have intimacy let the cap down.

i worked for fun on blackhatseo too i have an account twitter wit 30k ppl on it i considere every social media as bullbutter and a marketing tool, i dont see here a place where i should talk about my life it is inappropriate.
facebook is the place of the unique thought

Probably the smartest thing I've seen you say lol.

@SJ Shut that Virgo overthinking of yours down.

Here is everything that you’ve stated:

-He said he likes to keep his intimate life private

-He said his close friends knows he is dating me

-I still want you to come visit me

-He said I don't intend to meet anyone else

-He said my friend knows my girlfriend is coming to Join me for this work trip.

-I asked are we exclusive he said yes

-I can explain more when you arrive

I don’t know how much more clearer he can be. Three times he has implied/requested that he wants you to join him on his work trip. He notified people close to him about you means he takes you seriously. This is the route my Cap had taken unbeknownst to me until he told me.

You need to be watching the actions of your cap and not social media. My Cap and I are in a new relationship. In fact, both our statuses says single and neither I nor him are bothered by it. And why should it? What matters most is our inner circle and our closest friends and family who know we are in a relationship. The people who matter to us and whose insight we value, not the world. If it should happen to bother us down the road then we will speak to each other about it. Until then, why make a mountain out of a mole hill? Yes, we take lots of pictures together, but don’t have a need to post them. We let the relationship happen organically. If I feel inclined to share him with my social media ‘Friends’ then I will do so. We share a mutual understanding of trust to be able to set up boundaries if our status is questioned. We just happen to be private people.
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It's not shady if you wish to keep certain details of your life private.

I never listed my partner on Facebook...why? Do I need to display my love to the whole world?

I have my friends hidden. Again, why do you need to know how many friend's I have?

Never talked about my partner or family at work. What can you possibly gain from that information?

To me it's just if you're not important enough to know my personal life, why should everyone get to know those details? It's called Private life for a reason.

At that point, why add the person as a friend in the first place? It's not like she has to staple her relationship status and walk around the office.
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Why wish to know her status in the first place? We will set up boundaries when necessary or unless directly asked. If we do tell you immediately without the conversation flowing in that direction then you'll automatically think us conceited. If we don't tell you then we're automatically shady.

Virgos can never get a win/win.
When measuring sticky ingredients like peanut butter or honey dip your measuring spoon in oil first. Drops smoothly and no mess.
Get ready to have this stuck in your head


Dated shortly. Bad timing.

He eventually moved to another state as a last resort to reassemble his life. After he settled he disclosed had things been different it would have been a relationship had he not had to move. I know it would have been a wonderful relationship with the way we understood each other. It's nice knowing what could have been, but I'm glad he's doing well now and less miserable. We remain close friends.
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My cap is very touchy feely, but he's got a cancer moon. When we sleep he wraps his legs up with mine, he's got to be constantly touching me while we sleep. Even right now while I'm on the couch and he's watching tv on the floor, he's leaning his shoulder against my legs. He's always been that way, he's very affectionate. I had him take that 5 Love Languages quiz and physical touch was his #1

I'm dating an Aries moon Cap and he is the same way . He is also a hugger and he will hug anything and everything. It hasn't struck my nerve with the women, yet.
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I'm interested to know how a cap sun, Scorpio Venus, sag moon are in love? The needs of Venus and moon appear opposite, does the sun balance it out?

I'm with a scorpio sun, cap moon, sag venus...

From what I can tell so far, moon > sun > venus

I mostly see his sun & moon. Not sure how his sag energy factors in yet.

In your situation from what I recall of cap sun sag moon, they are still pretty steady & traditional in romantic relationships.

I am a scorp sun with a sag venus.. & Although I am a woman.. I think the same applies.. I am very loyal.. loving.. affectionate.. I do need space sometimes... I'm family person.. I want a husband, kids.. house, the whole 9 yards... When things are bad, I try to outweigh it with the good for a while.. I will hang tight til the wheels fall off.. But when nothing changes.. At all! & there is constant conflict and drama, etc.. I get scared and run... Sometimes never to look back..Sag in Venus don't like to be combative.. We hold alot of iish in.. (A glimpse into my Sag Venus.)

Probably a reason I can handle my cap.. His Venus is in Aqua..
Sag + Aqua Venus' are very compatible.

lol! I edited my comment a bit.. lol! Still the same tho.. @ Capri-sun!

& You're welcome!! You've got a good one on your hands.. Knowing me.. I love to love & love being loved..

Thanks! I worry about the space part do I'm glad you gave your perspective.

He comes off as clingy to me lol

We only see each other on weekends because it's an hour drive & we both work physically demanding jobs.

I don't want to bug him by texting too much, then when he doesn't hear from me he makes it an issue lol.

I worked 7 days last week so the plan was to just not see each other that weekend because he had plans too...that worked well lol

He asked to see me so we made it happen smh...I told him us being apart doesn't look like it's going to last long & I teased him since he couldn't go a week without me lol
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Nothing like having someone move in to remind yourself you have 4th house placements.

*coming home*
*opens door*
Hallway entirely changed.
*clutches door frame*
*glares at source of it who is in the middle of the hallway looking back at me petrified*
"I thought.."
"Oh you did? You thought wrong"
"We'll talk in the morning. Good night."
*goes to her room. damn near slams door in his face*

*insomnia ensues*

*4 am pacing the hallway, noticing it actually looks better like this. hmm I will tell him in the morning he should leave it like this since he did a good job. i should express that this is the first and last time changes are made without me knowing about them*

*sleeps in cuz insomnia*
*wakes up*
*walks out the room into the hallway*
Hallway now back to normal, not good since now I got used to it looking nicer.

*knock on door*
"Hello, good morningggg. I brought the hallway back. You're happy now right?"
"Cuz it looked better lol"
"What should I do"
"Well it needs to go back to how you designed it now"
"I was just trying to make it prettier you know."
"I do. I just don't like changes in home environments at all. I lived by my own since I was 14, it's easy for me when I live with a partner, not so much with anyone else."
"Was just trying to make myself useful around here so you don't feel unappreciated"
"I get it. You're a sweet kid"
"Yay! Can I get a hug?"
"*sigh* Yes Cancer Moon, you can. smdh"

That would be an awesome April Fools joke, albeit, early.