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Thanks Santa!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄
heck yeah!! promo perks!!
Just got my reddit Disney gift in the mail today!! 😄😄😄😄😄 it's so perfect!! really similar to the gift pack i made haha ill post a pic of everything later! it definitely made my day!!
born on the day of nurturing support. i have found it accurate for myself and others.
Happy Birthday beautiful lady!! I hope your day was full of laughter, love, and smiles!! 💖
meeee toooo lol super broody and yummy! 🙄
may stick to bottled water for at least a week...
water scare lifted. hope it was nothing major....
only for the right Scorp... ahem man.... and the appeal must be greater than current status haha 😋
just No 😐
#1 seems more genuine i guess... i can't put my finger on just exactly why but she wins it for me
haha i read your comment incorrectly. i thought it said in Sacramento... damn aries merc speed reading everything and missing important nuances lol
i love it here minus this butter 😑😑😑😑
i hope it's just a leak or something... to think of that kind of malicious intent brings me great anxiety...
yeah i was just sent a text from my bfs mom and my coworker heard something too... just trying to find out whats up now.
i cant find any info besides one fox news link tho talking about a purple discoloration in the North Sac area drinking water that they are testing ti find out what exactly it is...
if youre in the Sacramento area, there have been reports of alleged bioterrorism regarding our water....