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Some needy people are taking it too far and diluting the original purpose. I will go as far to say almost every woman has been through some kind of inappropriate situation with another person. It's about laying your boundaries and saying this isn't ok. Some are too young to know how to set these boundaries or haven't had anyone talk to them deeply about sexuality sadly. Awareness is important but it's been turned into a farce. Horrible execution as someone said.

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Scorpio Saturn I think...
My Scorp ex had this also going on for him... *let sigh*

Just playin 😁 not particularly as I'm planning on making it a house plant. I've been adding to my little garden here and there and I actually have some succulents to repot soon bc they've grown so much! 😃
Haha I call my cat Mimi but her name is April. She answers to both tho lol.
I'm getting a tickle me plant 🙂
I totally get it. He forgets stuff on the stove and in the oven all the time... I just don't have the energy to constantly worry about him lol 😅 I can barely keep track of my own butter! Lol
Holy shizz!! See who can deal with that?? Lol he needs a Pisces maybe 😅
You'd think lol. My SO. I shouldn't even call him that anymore after breaking up so many times lately. Neither one of us is happy... I have no more to give.
Dude. I can't even have the simplest of creature comforts to settle my soul today... It's just depressing. He literally took it apart to clean it and just lost it! Like he does everything! Loses or breaks it! I just don't understan   Read more
Worse. I bet she eats scabs and boogers. 😝
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It’s nearly impossible to dance and sing properly.

That's what I was going to say. She's a performer meaning she really dances her heart out while singing... you try it and see if you sound perfect! I'm more sympathetic to this kind of singer than the Ashley Simpson kind lol.
This time he lost the bottom part that holds together my coffee press. I don't have $ 1 to my name today bc I paid his phone bill one last time so he could try for this job. treetrunk it. I don't care anymore. I don't. I'm tired.   Read more
More reasons why I can't see myself going back there until my generation is calling the shots.
I'm so tired of my butter getting broken or lost. I have to leave for my own sanity bc I just take this anymore...
Haha yaaasssss this is sooo me lololol
It's something... I feel bad for older people who just want to be listened to...