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joined March 27, 2017
male from Arlong ParkI collect experience๐Ÿ’จ
Zodiac: Tropical
House: Porphyry

Ascendant___________________Aquarius 29ยฐ57'
Sun________________________ Aquarius 12th
Moon_______________________ Aquarius 12th
Mercury_____________________Capricorn 11th
Venus________________________Pisces 1st
Mars_________________________Pisces 1st
Midheaven__________________ Sagittarius 2ยฐ49'
Jupiter______________________Sagittarius 10th
Saturn SRx___________________ Scorpio 9th
Uranus_____________________ Sagittarius 10th
Neptune____________________ Sagittarius 10th
Pluto Rx_______________________Libra 8th
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10th House

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North Node (True) Rx____________Cancer 5th
North Node (Mean) Rx___________Cancer 4th
Black Moon Lilith (True)_________Capricorn 11th
Black Moon Lilith (Mean)________Capricorn 11th
Waldemath's Dark Moon_________ Cancer 5th
White Moon Selena_____________ Cancer 5th
Vertex_________________________Libra 8th
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Ceres_______________________Capricorn 11th
Pallas_______________________Capricorn 11th
Juno________________________ Aquarius 12th
Vesta_________________________Pisces 1st
Eros________________________ Aquarius 12th
Psyche_______________________Scorpio 9th
Lilith_________________________ Taurus 3rd
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Chiron________________________Taurus 3rd
Pholus________________________ Aries 2nd
Nessus Rx______________________Leo 6th
Asbolus Rx_____________________ Leo 6th
Chariklo_______________________Taurus 3rd
Hylonome Rx____________________Leo 6th
Elatus________________________Scorpio 9th
Thereus Rx____________________Cancer 5th
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Eris_______________14ยฐ43'______ Aries 2nd
Sedna_____________ 6ยฐ42'______ Taurus 3rd
Varuna Rx_________ 16ยฐ05'______Gemini 4th
Orcus Rx___________2ยฐ57'________Leo 6th
Makemake Rx______ 27ยฐ24'_______ Leo 6th
Haumea Rx________ 21ยฐ04'_______Virgo 7th
Quaoar____________17ยฐ20'______Scorpio 9th
Ixion______________17ยฐ35'______Scorpio 9th
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Admetos___________9ยฐ06'_______Taurus 3rd
Hades SD__________0ยฐ26'______ Gemini 3rd
Chronos Rx________15ยฐ20'______ Gemini 4th
Vulcanus Rx_______ 10ยฐ37'______ Cancer 5th
Zeus Rx___________21ยฐ20'_______Virgo 7th
Apollon Rx_________10ยฐ34'_______Libra 8th
Poseidon Rx_______ 26ยฐ22'_______Libra 8th
Cupido Rx_________10ยฐ58'______ Scorpio 9th
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Part of Fortune______18ยฐ33'_____Aquarius 12th
Part of Spirit________11ยฐ21'______Pisces 1st
Part of Eros________ 22ยฐ45'______Pisces 1st
Part of Necessity_____7ยฐ08'_____ Aquarius 12th
Part of Nemesis_____14ยฐ04'______Gemini 4th
Part of Victory______ 26ยฐ38'______Scorpio 9th
Part of Courage_____28ยฐ36'____ Capricorn 11th
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Married to a Scorpio stellium 3rd House.
Lives in Bali, Indonesia.

Pisces fever song.

l love this sexy fan made music video by KevlarMonkey5150

"Are you ready to get your teeth pulled?"
Cliff Burton.
Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon, Aquarius Venus.

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."

Martian music video.

You don't need Acid to enjoy Pink Floyd,
You need Pink Floyd to enjoy Acid.

German version.

English version.

German version.

German version.

My karaoke song.
Extended version.

Sensual music video.