yes i got the the support to get my life back. but I'm still avoiding as I'm still in schock. what I need now is to get sleep better before the therapy. @saweetz1988 and you were right @Pisces women123 it's a real wake up call for him.. he told me he always loves me and before he found it that's it's difficult for us to talk. seems like we talk in a different world. but than happen something to me and he realize that I'm the women he wants for the rest of his life as we can talk in this difficult situation. he is tottaly change and he said before he doesn't want me to come to his life but now he wants it and he will show me that he really mean it. he will come to my place this Saturday for baking with the kids but I told him, sorry I didn't tell to my kids yet that we are together again as I'm worried he will disappear again. he is the one who daughter that we are just friend. it's difficult to believe but he said he can understand and he can wait for that. even he fight for me with the social department regarding my kids after what happened and told to the social department that he is my husband. looks like he really mean it.
thanks @pisceswomen123 . he told me one day he need to make a decision. after what happened to me he make a decision to be with me forever and will never leave me or hurt me again. he spoke and think a lot in this couple week after what happened to me. and asking me to give his Chan's to show me how much he really loves and wants me.
we both are old. he is 50 and i'm soon 40.
I have only my 2 kids here . and living in other countries as immigrants. sometimes just wanna go back home with my family. my kids father passed away. I feel that my life is over after that night.
I got abused and got rape that night . my aqua make a report to the police and the police called me to speak . I spoke with my lawyer as I don't want anything to do with the police at the moment as my lawyer said to me they just putting down the case as I didn't remember where they room me. yes i get help for
my recovery. my aqua want yo.see the old me. and he that he just realize now how much he really wants me. but I'm still doubt about him and don't want to end like before. dumped me and take me back on and off. he came to my work yesterday a d he said he wants me to sleep at his place once in a week and he said all the time i'm the women he wants to live with. but i dont know if i can believe him. i told.him that i need times to think about to take him back as that is not my priority at the moment. he said he will wait untill i'm ready and he knew that we both are in love. . i just don't understand how he can change just like that. he do everything for my recovery. and tomorrow he will following with me the social department as they get the information from the hospital and I have kids under 18. they want to.make sure if the kids are ok. and invade I need help. I wonder why he realize that he wants me to live with him for the rest of his life now not before. his behaviour totally different than before. thank you for all advice here.
i wrote about my story with my aqua here before. he dumped me without a good reason and wanna be my friend but i dont want it. 2 weeks i have no contact with him. and my daughter sent text message to him by telling him that mom was fighting as I came home with blood on my cloths and my nose. I didn't know that she text him and than he text me by telling me what the hell I'm doing and don't said that I fall down. I said to him. I'm fine no worries. he didn't believe me just like that. he came to my place and I didn't open the door as I don't want to see anybody. at the end I told him that a few guys abuse and rape me when I'm on my way home. than he was so worried and think about me and keep worried about me. I told him to stop it I didn't need that. he wants me to go to police but I rejected as I'm still in shock. than he report it to the police and the police calling me. I was so angry as I just want to be alone for a while as I didn't remember how it's happen and still in shock. last week I had dinner with my friends at work and he keep asking me where I am and if I need him to pick me up. I said I am ok and don't need that. he wants me to sleep at his place so I feel safe. suddenly said this to me while when we are in relationship he doesn't want to introduce me to his son. I was surprise. I said yeah I need his Hugh and he came pick me up and I stay at his place and meet his son. he just hold me tight while I sleep but I can't sleep well after what happened with me. I had a nightmare and he told me I should go to hospital to make sure everything ok. I did that and when to hospital with him. he told me I need to speak what is going on to get my life back and he will be with me all the way. even he wants we to go to the best psykiatris in town and he will pay for that as he wants see the old me. I asked him why he is so kind. he said because he cares about me and will never makes me disappointed. as he will always be by my side when i need him. last Saturday he invite me for a drink and I said ok. I met him and than he asked me if I would like to take him back. I said are you out of your mind?.. what's going on. he said he was thinking a lot. and now make a decision that he wants me for the rest of his life and said sorry for what happened with me he was not there. he promise he will never leave me again, he is mine and I'm his. I can come and sleep at his place whenever I want. and want to introduce me to his parents that I'm the women he wants to live with and get old together. everything change just like that and I don't know if I should believe him. he wants me to tell to my kids that we are together again. i said to him i need to wait with that as i'm afraid he will dumped me again and come back again. i don't want it. he said it will never happen as he loves me so much. this 2 weeks he thinks alot about me and he realize he will never find a good women as me and he promise me he will never ever look any other women as he wants me for the rest of his life . we never talk like this before about his feeling as we just talk about kids and works. this 2 weeks he speak a lot how he feels to me. I told him that he just think sorry about me and I don't need that. he deserve a better women. he said he just want me. and yesterday he to meet his parents. I was surprise, don't know if I supposed to be happy and believe that everything he said is true . give me some advice if this is true not a dream. or he just think sorry and wanna help me to get my life back and than dump me again when I'm tottaly recover?... he help me so much as I'm out of control and don't know how to handle my problems with social department, psykolog, a doctor. I told him I just need sleeping pil so I can sleep. I'm tired. he offering his help by coming to my place with his boss at work which is a doctor and write prescription for sleeping pil. I didn't sleep at night and he always asked how I feel in the middle of the night as he knows I'm a wake. its hard to believe what is going on on his head. now he said we need to speak everyday not texting each other. he will make him better and promise me I will never be alone.
@saweetz1988... its up and down all the time . I get tired I'm Gemini by the way and it takes time for me if I wanna be friend with him. and if that's happen, this person never hurt me and have a special place in my heart. but this aqua... oh my Lord I'm totally not interested to be his friend. maybe after one or 2 year. maybe but I'm not sure. well actually his salary is 3 times more than me. I don't know why he suddenly said that I have more money than him. he never run away during our relationship but seems like he is not sure what he wants , I don't know. just 2 days I didn't text him and he said he wanna broke up without good reason. and now he keep texting my best friend and said he really want to talk with me and wanna meet me. I wonder for what he would like to meet me. so confusing. really looks like a 12 years boy.
after he dumped med without a good reason by telling me that i'm to beautiful, and to kind. it's wrong with him. that's what he said and can't give me the detail what is wrong. than we are going back together again after that . 2 weeks we have been together again. in two days Thursday and Friday I didn't text him and he didn't text me. and on Saturday he give me a cold shower while I'm at work by telling me it's not working, we are done, we need to move on. I said what I did now?.. he said it's not my fault it's his fault. let's talk I said and he refused. I went to his home and waiting untill he open the door. at the end he opened it and talk with me. he said he think a lot for the future and only with love it's not enough. my brain said that. I told him just let it flow don't think so far. but if that's what u want. that's fine, I'm ok with that. I get tired with all this drama. u don't know what u want. u said u don't love me anymore and than u said u are still in love. it's sick. before I left he wants to hug me I said no, I don't need that. that he said that he really love me and cried. i said i do love u too. but you dont want to fight for our love. u lie for your self. just come back to me when you are ready maybe i'm still singel. and he said to me that i have more money than him. why he said that?.. is that a problem for aqua if the women have more?.. he said i always be his friend and will take care of me. wtf. i walk away and no contact at all. he keep testing me and said he want to be my friend and a better friend i can get. and dont say NO. i told him i am not interested to be his friend. that is not what i'm looking for i have a lot of better friend than him. than he contacted my best friend and would like to meet me . this saturday. we broken up last week and now he searching me and want to meet me. what is it in his brain. pls tell me what is going on on his head?.. why an aqua do like this ?.. is in love but want to dissapear. is he afraid with his feeling. my best friend said that he still in love. he is afraid. and it's hurt him when I said I don't want to be his friend as thats not what I want from him. he is hurt lose me. what shall I do. uo be honest yea I am still in love and still want him. but with his attitude, he drives me crazy and I can't more. I'm tired. we both are old . he seems like a boy.
@AerialView... he has moon in Libra Venus in Capricorn and mars in Virgo. and I have Sun Gemini , moon Scorpio , venus and mars in taurus
i am agree woth u @compy.. aqua man is boring.. never take initiative doing something nice together or make some plan only me and me and he just following what I said. so i wonder who is the man in our relationship. what you describe is exactly how my aqua man behavior.
you were right @Senorita_LL I supposed to end it as I don't have the same feeling as I did before but sometimes my other twin said to stay with him. you Gemini has a bit difficult to decide what she wants exactly. that's I am sometimes @aquarius_man thank you for ur input
i am agree woth u @compy.. aqua man is boring.. never take initiative doing something nice together or make some plan only me and me and he just following what I said. so i wonder who is the man in our relationship. what you describe is exactly how my aqua man behavior.
you were right @Senorita_LL I supposed to end it as I don't have the same feeling as I did before but sometimes my other twin said to stay with him. you Gemini has a bit difficult to decide what she wants exactly. that's I am sometimes @aquarius_man thank you for ur input
and now he get angry so easy when he text me and i didnt text him back right away. @aquarius_man i told him to calm down why get angry for small thing. i cant answer as i am busy. he is not like this before. and before when i didnt answer his text he text me and said he really love me. now... that word i never hear . and he dont call me honey as he did before.
@AerialView.. the problem is i'm not sure he really mean it that he would like to try again with the same feeling as before. as i dont feel the same like i did before. i make a distant . @aquarius_man yeah i was clingy sometimes thats why i change my behavior by being distant with him. not telling him what i am doing if he didnt ask. thats why i wonder if there is possibility that he think like i did.
it me... gemini sun with scorpio moon and venus and mars in taurus??
does anyone can tell me how does it work to get back into a relationship again after break up with aqua man? they have the same feeling as before?.. my aqua told me he is not good enough for me and he can't give me as much time as I need him. thats why we broke up . i try to explain that this reason is not strong enough for me to broke up with someone that we really love. explain it in a better way. he didn't do that. I told him to think about it before it's to late. when I move on, I am not going back and will not interested either to be your friend. once it's done and it's done forever. than I ignore him for 3 days. on the 6 days after we broke up, he text me and said I have think about it and we try again our relationship. I wonder if he really mean it or he just playing his mind game. do you think he is still has the same feeling for me?.. give me some advice how to handle him so he will ever said to broke up with me and than change his mind after 6 days and only 3 days I ignore him. we had the relationship for a year. shall I act different with him after the broke up?.. I mean don't text him if he don't text me. no text for a few days and let him take the initiative. it's always me who take the initiative to meet and text when I said that.. he said it doesn't matter who take the initiatives. I don't mind at all he said. and I said I want you to be a man.. take the inniative first. he said ok.. he will try but it's not a big deal who take the initiative. he never do push and pull behaviour as I read here many aqua do that. maybe because we both are mature. thanks for any advice .
@Zuletnilibra... tell to your aqua wantvyou want it. i had a relationship with my aqua. we begin as a friend for 6 months and than he told me that he is fall in love with me. and I told him i am not in love with him.. and it takes time for me as we enjoy our friendship and I told him I want have a commited relationship so I know where i stand. he is agree and we are in commited relationship even I am not in love with him. time goes by and I fall in love with him . we love each other. yeah.. it's puzzle with aqua. but he never ignore me and never disappear from me. one day he wants to broke up with me and said I am to good for him. I told him to think about it as we know we love each other.i was hurt and unbelievable. I knew this is not what he wants. 3 days I didn't contact him. the fourth day he comes back and wanna try again the relationship and promise will never do that again. now we start a new relationship after broke up for 3 days. yes everything different now. I make a distance with him. I am afraid he will broke up again without a good reason. so i feel more stronger now. I change my behavior , I am a different person with this new relationship after 3 days broke up. I hope he will notice that.
same with my aqua.. he dumped med and said nothing wrong with me. its wrong with him. i am to good for him. i told him to think about it as we know we love each other. he keep texting me and answer me but it tooks only 5 days he texy ne and wanna try again. we would like to meet on saturday and i wanna taƶk aboit it seriously as i dont understand his behavior.
thsnks for ur input @HeniniGirl052388 . u were right and yes its confusing when he is the one who wants to break up n kept texting. this is the first time we broke upp for 5 days and he cone back again. i just need to be more control with my emotion this time.
well.. @InLoveWithLife @Lilyofthevalley987 @Isabeau90.. he text me a few minutes ago after I ignore him for 3 days. he asked if I am still alive. and he said he will try again with our relationship. and he told me he is afraid will.makes me disappointed as he will travel alot with his work. I told him to be more open and talk what makes him afraid so I can understand. i'm glad he come back and we are fine again. I know it won't be easy for me to have this relationship . thank you girls to give me some advice. I really appreciate it.