Will you tell me how to deal gemini with aqua until he Mary you @misslissa
I don't know which moon he has. How to find it?..
It's difficult for us to having sex as we need to stay at hotel. Both of us having kids which is stay with us 24 hours. He works a lot outside the city and I work a lot too, it takes our energy. He need to take care his son and so am I. But we always try to see each other when we can. And now we plan to go outside the country so maybe will having sex there. Maybe.. he is very careful as he doesn't want to make mistake after the divorce and so am I. We both have bad experience from Our marriage. I don't want to be in rush either, but he always there for me when I need help. We text each other everyday. He said I am a good women and he knew it as he work as a psikolog .
Same with my sagitarius which is coming back to me. Only for sex i guess no emotional feeling even thought I know he has dating another women and he doesn't know abt it that I knew what he did. So... I play games with him.
Hi.. I am dating an aquarius man for 7 months now. Do u think gemini and aquarius is a good match?.. once he said he loves me and he likes me and if one day I don't choose him to be his bf, he promise that he will always be my friend. Is that true?.. can I believe him. I really enjoy to have him around when we are out for drink. We kissed and hug to each other. Not more than that and we don't meet very often even we live in the same city because of work. Does anyone here having experience how to date an aquarius?
Well..I don't know anything what is my moon sign. @live and love.
U self playing games with him. No one like playing games.
Gemini Aries
Gemini aquarius
Perfekt match
Thanks... that's why making me confuse what he wants and now I have an aquarius male close to.me, but we are not in relationship..
I was born on the 8 of June 1979. I wanna to know about my sign and moon.. thank you
No..he is 56 years old. I don't know if it's good idea to see him again @arose32.
Thanks @TaurusinTexas. I'm glad he didn't blocked me until now. Yeah he needs time. And I still hope to get another chance to know him better.
Hej.. I 'm a bit confused and don't know what action should I take. I knew my sagitarius man for 5 years. Than when he works in the city where I live, he contact me and would like to meet me. I met him and I was not interested with him so I talk a lot on my first date. Than he dissapear and come back again and I asked him where he had been. He said he thought I was not interested know him as I just talk abt my ex husband. Well.. I had problem with my ex at that time.. that's why I didn't thinking to have a realationship. Than he said he wants to get to know me better as he is coming to work so much in the city where I live... we get closer and closer in 6 months until last summer he makes me crazy as he is just busy work work and work and never asked how I feel while he is doing that. Than he just dissapear without any news for almost 6 months and i moved on. and now he contact me again and said he missed me and would like to meet me soon and inviting me to come over to his house to see how he lives in certain weeks as he works in many different city. Why he is coming back and what shall I do?.. shall I take him back and what happen if he dissapear again?.. thanks for giving me some advice. I am gemini born on the 8 of June.
Do you know how to create a topic here . I did twice but can't see what I wrote