yeah @lisabethur8... i really want to meet his son even i need to wait and help him through his mistake. do you Think its worth it to wai? I have the same experience as him, my ex husband and my ex boyfriend cheating on me that's why I am so afraid. he knows and told me many times that i am a good women. and always telling me he will make him better when i see on his attitude that I don't like it. when I didn't reply his text because I fall a sleep that he get grumpy and said he make mistake again get tired of it. and I never thinking in that way. I fall a sleep after our last conversation thats it. than he said sorry and promise no.more grumpy old man when I didn't answer his text .
@lisabethur8.. thats why after he got divorced with his second wife he take good care his son alone since he was 5 and he did once introduce a women that he went for a date but than he cut the relationship as he saw she is not good to his sin. since that he never introduce his son to a women that go for a date. and he choose to be alone with his son untill he met me. i am confuse dont know what to believe but after what he said to me that i need to wait untill his son 16 and he will never break that rules , i feel so sad and dissapointed . i wish he can tell about it at the beginning maybe i will never get involved in this relationship. i feels like he playing with me. i really want to say how i feel after he said this to me... but i am afraid i will pull him away.
@AerialView.. u were right . he knows his son better than me.
@lisabathur8... i am his girlfriend and his first wife got married again and divorced and he is divorced with his second wife as she was cheating on him. he tried to get contact with his first son but he reject it even untill now. he try alot with his first son but didnt work .thats his mistake choose a women over his son. and he try to save the marriage but she cheat on him and got divorced and he has one 14 years old with the second wife and have the full custody as she is living together with an alcoholist .
thanks @The_eleventh_Sign_11.. yeah. i should listen to him and just forget what the tarot card said. I know a year is nothing. I am very comfortable with him . he makes me calm when everyone we having problem. he knows exactly how to do when I don't feel good. yeah.. that's his jobb as a psychologist. thanks a lot.. I need to work with my self so don't let this fear ruin our relationship. when I told him that my kids wonder why I can't come to his place when his son is there?.. that's not fair ECT ect. they have lots of question and I am so glad that he will take this discussions with my kids as he knows how to handle this stuff. but than my kids don't bother with their questioning. thank you so much @The_eleventh_sign_11.
he said he never sleep with her it's pure friend and she said so as well to me
you think it's better move on @Ssuperman?.. do u think is it ok to tell him that i know he still communicate with this women even I know they just friend even the card said so . but I am jealous because she met his son and his parents but not me. that's what she told me. I just wanna tell him everything that she said the card saying that this women using a magic on him that's why he was confuse as his feeling is with me not her. sound crazy to believe
@TaurudBull1977 his first ex wife was married again same like him @lisabethur8 yeah.. he has a strong rule. he is not abusive to his child. but that's his biggest mistake by choosing to be with his girlfriend instead be with his son. that's with he is so afraid . and all my friend telling me to.leave it. as its not worth it. but my heart telling me to stay. and the tarot reader saying to leave him another tarot reader said there is a better time and I am with the right man. it just a matter of time
his first son doesnt want to have contact with his as he choose to be with his girlfriend which become his second wife as his son doesnt like her and he keep the marriage instead his son and he doesn't want it's happen again. that's why he wants me to wait.
sorry its a bit mistake. i mean he didnt meet his first so when he was 7 years old when he introduce his gf to his son amd he get married with this women. and his ex wife was get married as well. so his firt son with the firt marriage is 22 now. and he has anothrr son after the second marriage which is 14 now and living with him as his mother living with alcoholist and he get the full custody in the court. i dont know if you guys believe tarot card. i speak with one of them to get a guidance in my relationship and that person who read my card told me that I should leave him as he will never change and all he said is bullbutter. and he keep talking with a women that i know as well. another tarot card said there is a light and I am with the right man. it will takes time. i feel desperate and confuse. between to keep this relationship or move forward. maybe I am crazy to believe tarot card. I don't know
i have a relationship with an aquarius for 14 months. he met my kids twice and i never met his as he told me what happen before. he didnt have contact with his first son since he was 7 years as his son said to him he didnt want to come to his place anymore since he met a new girlfriend after he divorced and his son didnt luke his girlfriend. thats why he is so afraid to introduce me to his 14 years old son and he said hope i can wait untill he tyrn 16. it needs time. i know i'm just getting older not younger and worried when that day coming his son doesnt like me he will leave me. he is 52 and i am 39. its makes me confuse. if he told me från the beginning perhaps I will never get involved in this relationship. now when I have the feeling on him everything just complicated. I don't need him to move to my place, that's not the point as I have 2 kids as well same older like his. I am just worried. he told me about this last night and he said he will never broke this law as the women in relationship with him need to wait his son as he doesn't want to make the same mistake. and he said he wants it's work for us. if I don't want my kids meet him, we meet in other place. he has a respekt for this. please let me know some advice if I stay with him, is it worth it to wait. we love each other. I am just afraid I will waste my time for nothing . should i believe him ?.. I just follow my heart and feels like he didn't lie to me about his past.. I am confuse. thanks for the advice.
tell him how you feel and ask him how he feel and what he wants from you and what you want. you will get the answer. I did that to my aqua before we start to be in official relationship.
its so hard for me to figure out aqua man @compy or maybe i am the one which is stupid. sometimes i feel alone likes i dont have any boyfriend.
same situation with me with my aqua. my friend give me an advice to ignore him and he will running after me and its happen. i ignore him dont text him for one or 2 days and he text me like crazy. at the end he asking me if I want to break up as i didnt rrply his text and he try to.makes me feel guilty. mind games just start.
than I explain why I did that. than he said sorry and he will.make it better. let see if he really keep his words.
i wrote here before and asked some advice when my aqua said I am to intense. I didn't text him but he is the one who text me and send some kiss as he told me after our last meeting that he need to see me before he is going on holiday. but he never mention about this now. when I asked him if he still want to do what we are planning as we talked about it when we met last time.. he said yes and we hope we can make it but it will be tuff as lots thing to do before holiday. I just wrote oh I see. as we have 2 plan, come to my place or do something together during the day while both of us is not working. it's frustrated when he can't decide wheather we will do something together or not. ideally don't understand how he things. he is going on holiday on Saturday and tomorrow is Thursday we supposed to make something together . it still lots of day before traveling and he just away for 2 weeks and still in europe . not like my holiday which is take 24 hours flight. shall I told him to come back when he is ready?... and tottaly disappear and ignore all his text. because I know when I don't text him he text me.
still confuse and don't understand @lisabethur8
Uranus love from him?
@Arki...thats how i feel since we have a commited relationship and he has mars in virgo. i am the one to make the moves. before that he is the one who makes the moves. sometimes i feel tired with his behavior but we cant change people we need to accept it. when i told him that i dont like what he did to me and he said he promise he will make it better and will make an improvement. he doesn't remember my birthday as he never celebrate birthday. so strange but that's Aquarius

i agree with @compy.. aqua cant trust anyone even their own relatives . i can see that on him.
but he mention it that he trust me . dont know if he tell me the truth. but still i dont get it what he means by telling me i am to intense when we meet each other only once a month and its not the whole day either. max 10 hours and we are together talking in 5 hours and than 5 hours sleeping together. and i hate it when he said what does he mean by telling me to intense and he didnt answer my question. thats not nice.
really dont know what to do pull away for a while or keep doing as i used to be by telling him how is my day by text and so with him