my boyfriend has diabetes type 1 . he got it when he was 6 years old as his mother have it as well. he is a doctor and always have insulin with him everywhere he go. before eat he always put an insulin injection on his stomach. in the morning he take insulin on his ass as its insulin for a couple hours before he start his day and at night insulin again on his ass before he go to sleep so he didnt lost his blood sugar while sleeping. he go to the gym one hour everyday. he has somethinh on his arms that he used 24 hours to control his blood sugar. i'm sorry abt ur son. i know how is it to live with diabetes type 1 @Deedee86 . once we went to cinema for 1.5 hour and he didnt take any drinks or simetving sweet to the cinema when we are out from the cinema he looks scary... as his blood sugar got zero. he is worried to walk so i give him coke and chocklad and wait untill his blood sugar come up again.
@Astrology101.. he knows i will be out of the country for 2 months. and will fly within 2 weeks. i dont want to push him to catch up before i go in this situation. its his decision. he told me that his ex wife spoke with his mom on the phone so his old mother dont get upset as well, as they like each other and he doenst have a good relationship with his mom så i told him to take his ex wife as they have one son together to meet his parents. for sure his mom feel upset as well. thats why i suggest him to asked his ex wife to meet his mom and of course if he wants too.
I do my best @AerialView.. at least he keep text me and give me information about his father condition.
thanks for your advice @Astrology101 you were right, everyone is different how to deal with their emotion. I text him back when he text me but I never text him first as I don't know what to talk about to see his situation. I'm afraid as well to tell him that i got a new promotion at work as I know he will hear about it. I just wait for the right time. but I don't have much time either. within 2 weeks I will be out of the country for 2 month. he knew it and I don't know if he would like to meet me before I go. I just want to b there give him support but I never push him . even I told him to take his ex wife to meet his mom as I know they are a good friend instead the relationship between him and his mom
@happy_Aqua I know how it feels in his situation . I have been there twice when I lost my husband the father of my 2 kids. I lost him when my kids just 4 years old and when I lost my mom. I told him that i didn't understand as he didn't want to be with his father when he knew it's not much time left for his father. he can die within an hour or week or what ever as he told me. that's why I didn't understand why he choosedto stay at home alone and get upset instead be there with his father. I really give him space and I never forced him to tell how it's feel. so i was in his shoes twice and he never in that situation before so i know how frustrated it is.
thanks @eighty_8 . that's true, I'm not in his place . at least he knows I'm here for him when he needs a support. so.he is not going to think that I don't care what's is happen with him right now. I don't text him and asked how he feels maybe he will get tired with that question . just let it be. and let him text me and explain how he feels.
i dont force him up@Montgomery but I'm sad as well when I can't cheer him up😊 sounds a good idea to leave food in front of his door. but I'm afraid doing that incase he see me.
i give him space @eighty_8 but for me its not logic to stay home alone and be upset instead staying beside his father even he doesnt have a good relationship with his mother while he was kids. well , maybe i think different as we have different culture.
I did that @tiziani, send a text message that I'm here for him but to bring him food I can't do that as he just want to be alone. he text me that he is upset and said I don't understand. I just don't understand how to help him when he didn't tell me . I told.him all of us will died one day it's a matter of time . just be strong I know how it feels when u know u will loose someone you love. I was in that situation as him so I know how he feels. but when he doesn't want to be open and choose to be alone at home instead to be with his father makes me confused .
we are in a commited relationship for 11 months. at the moment he feels upset and just want to be alone as his father soon or later will died as he is 80 years old. he chooses to stay at home alone instead visiting his father which makes me sad that he did that. I push him to go to his dad but he refused And said I don't understand. I told him to be open to me and tell me so I can understand why he doesn't want to visit his father when he knew his father will die within an hour or day or week what ever. we supposed to meet but he just want to be alone and I said ok I understand . but he wants to meet me for a beer. i said we can do that just let me know when he is available. he said I'm a very kind person that he knows. I know he loves me and so am I but I don't know how to make him to be open with me. I told him when I have problems and he is always be there for me and give me some solution. I would like to.make the same as he did to me but to make him to be open to me it's not so easy. I hope anyone here can give me some advice how to make an Aquarius to be open. we both are old. have a nice weekend
OMG @ireallydunno.. you are just like my aqua. double aqua like @themilkyway36. what does it means as a double aqua
I'm agree with @nanobyte. don't lie to Gemini women.. we will find the truth and respect her time. if u have an appointment and u can't come, let her know. that's what happen to me with my aqua when he didn't show up when we supposed I was so dissapointed with him and we talk in person than problem solve. they key is communication. I like to talk in person instead by text or telephone.
i'm Gemini and in official relationship with aquarius man. I guess we r a great match. it's not all Gemini being unfaithful , I never cheat when the man I love. my Aquarius man told me first that he is in love with me after we met each other 10 times and I don't have any connection with him as he never his he feel and what he wants. i ussually never start a relatinship thats begin as a friend. don't know why. but with this Aquarius is tottaly different. I'm ok from being friends to commited in relationship. when he said he is in love, I just don't believe it. I though he just joking with me. I just ignore him . than I realize, why he always be there when I need him. always having time to my text while he is in work with his busy schedule. than I though maybe this is true that he is in love with me. so i try to open my heart slowly and now I am in love with him as well.
agree with@compy. says what u want and he will give u the answer. that was what I did to my mature aqua after he said he fell in love with me and I didn't answer him instead I asked him what he wants from me and I told him what I want. after that we are agree and we are in a commited relationship after 6 months we get along. be honest and say how you feel. @Original_Copy37 know alot about moon sign and Sun sign @imbatgirl14.
Same problem. mine born 22 january
seems like it can be true@Capmercury87 i really wanna Asked him as it bother me like hell as the Lady Said it Will Pull him away if i'm questioning about it and i dont want it.
@Seraphcuteness ..i wish i could leave a reading with feeling. I just feel upset and don't know what to believe. if I told him this old lady he will said I'm crazy
😀😀😀 i wish I can get drunk @Gemitati , but need to work early tomorrow single mom with 2 kids. @Undine, we are in committed relationship that's why it's bother me otherwise I just ignore it.