OMG @ireallydunno.. you are just like my aqua. double aqua like @themilkyway36. what does it means as a double aqua
I'm agree with @nanobyte. don't lie to Gemini women.. we will find the truth and respect her time. if u have an appointment and u can't come, let her know. that's what happen to me with my aqua when he didn't show up when we supposed I was so dissapointed with him and we talk in person than problem solve. they key is communication. I like to talk in person instead by text or telephone.
i'm Gemini and in official relationship with aquarius man. I guess we r a great match. it's not all Gemini being unfaithful , I never cheat when the man I love. my Aquarius man told me first that he is in love with me after we met each other 10 times and I don't have any connection with him as he never his he feel and what he wants. i ussually never start a relatinship thats begin as a friend. don't know why. but with this Aquarius is tottaly different. I'm ok from being friends to commited in relationship. when he said he is in love, I just don't believe it. I though he just joking with me. I just ignore him . than I realize, why he always be there when I need him. always having time to my text while he is in work with his busy schedule. than I though maybe this is true that he is in love with me. so i try to open my heart slowly and now I am in love with him as well.
agree with@compy. says what u want and he will give u the answer. that was what I did to my mature aqua after he said he fell in love with me and I didn't answer him instead I asked him what he wants from me and I told him what I want. after that we are agree and we are in a commited relationship after 6 months we get along. be honest and say how you feel. @Original_Copy37 know alot about moon sign and Sun sign @imbatgirl14.
Same problem. mine born 22 january
seems like it can be true@Capmercury87 i really wanna Asked him as it bother me like hell as the Lady Said it Will Pull him away if i'm questioning about it and i dont want it.
@Seraphcuteness ..i wish i could leave a reading with feeling. I just feel upset and don't know what to believe. if I told him this old lady he will said I'm crazy
😀😀😀 i wish I can get drunk @Gemitati , but need to work early tomorrow single mom with 2 kids. @Undine, we are in committed relationship that's why it's bother me otherwise I just ignore it.
oh.. sorry to hear @Gemitati. so it can be true, but hard to believe... I still keep thinking what she said to me with her card and it's bother me actually.
I posted about my relationship with aquarius man here. I met an old lady while I walk on the park. she stop me and wanted to talk with me. she use tarot card and she said I have a commuted relationship but he seems just want to be casual at the moment as she saw in the card that there is another female around him that he talk too and she can't see the detail but it not shown if this is more than a friendship. she suggest me to be open with my guy and asked him but if I'm questioning about this he will pull away. so she said tell him that i would like to meet his step daughter. I don't know if this is true or not what is say on the card. so i told him that i would like to meet his stepdaughter and he said we will see. does anyone here having experience with tarot card. the old lady said, follow my instincts. my instincts said he don't do this to me but I keep thinking about what the old lady said to me. so i think I will not contact him from now but I don't know if this is the right attitude. give me an idea what i supposed to do. shall I believe or not? shall I asked him or not?.. the old lady said he met that women recently. he told he is in love with me and I read a lot here.. when aqua said something, he mean it. but now the old lady said another women. shall I disappear for a while?
exactly.. not a Words. just stay cool. probably don't want to make trouble @TheSag. i text him about what everybody wrote here and first he said he didn't understand and didn't do any test to me. will talk later because he is getting on-board and than he said he was just joking about the singer as i'm laughing as well so it's not easy for him to see if I was upset. of course I laugh, shall I destroy the whole night by getting upset?.. after a month we didn't meet. he said sorry didn't mean to test me. sometimes it's not easy for me to get a signal from Aquarius if it's a joke or serious .
thats i wanna that night but I didn't do that maybe I will.push him away @saweetz1988. after that night everything just going so well like nothing happen. he play cool and so innocent. weird
@bumboklatt.. an old and matures aquarius still like to test or play games?.. omg. I don't know whether it's normal for any sign doing this @Gemitati.
@The_eleventh_sign_11 and @bumboklatt I guess you we're right he has a very low self esteem. but I wonder why?.. this is the first time we went out he did like this. never ever before. i'm Gemini and for me it's childish when he behave like this. 😀😀😀😀 I would never do that left with the singer instead with him. I just can't understand why he did this. seems like he doesn't believe that I do love him as he loves me and will never ever betray him like his ex wife did to him. is it really typical an aqua doing some test with his gf or what.
I had commited relationship in 9 months with aqua born in 22 january and i'm gemini. both of us are old. we went out to have some drink. i went to the place he suggest. as I arrived first, he came 20 minutes after. we hug and kiss there. talking and enjoy our drink and suddenly he asked me how many man come to talk to while before he came. I was surprise why did he asked like that. than he start kissing me and said he loves me and being touchy. put his hand to my skirt and I said stop it, that's not nice behavior do such thing around people. than we move to other place. while we order a drink at the bar, a guy come to me while I am with him. that guy wanna buy me a drink and said his name and asked my name. I said to him, sorry i'm with my boyfriend and this is my boyfriend. that guy said he doesn't care about my boyfriend he wants to know about me. I know my aqua hear about that but he didn't say a words. and I didn't said a word either we both just walk and find a place to sit listening a live music. it's so cosy atmosphere. than my aqua start saying that the singer like me. what do u mean by saying this I said. he said.. don't u see, he looks at you many times he said. I don't like it when he said that. I said to him what do u mean with that?.. he said, i'm beautiful and I can have any guy I want and he start take a lot of picture of me. all that night keep telling me that the singer like me even he told me to talk with the singer when he has a break. why he do this?.. does it means he doesn't want me anymore or he has someone else?.. I really don't understand his behavior. is it his game or he makes a joke?.. I was surprise but sad as well what shall I do?..shall i tell him that i dont like his behaviour that night?..thanks for any advice. it's makes me confuse.
😊 age is just a number
i did. to hard for me to let him go even i knew that he hurt me so much . he has sun in virgo and moon was in gemini and i have sun in gemini and moon in scorpio. miss him a lot but i keep my self busy.