Unfortunately no one will have a birthday soon😐@Undine
Thanks to remind me about aquarius @evxo after what u wrote.. it sounds similar to virgo. Virgo did that to me and yes I hate it. But until now this aquarius never do that habit as you describe since i knew him for almost 9 months. The think which makes me interst with aquarius is he can talk any kind of subject and i never feel bored with him when we have conversation. Not like virgo.. boring like hel. And you know i'm gemini and i like to talk and i like to have lots of friend and i need that time aswell to keep in touch with my friend and thats sounds good @JohnTheBaptist100 if aquarius need a space as i need that as well sometimes. We keep in touch everyday morning day and night and talking about how is our day doing and what the kids doing. But still it's hard for me to believe that he really into me.
I'm gemini @JohnTheBaptist100. Sun gemini and moon scorpio. I never think it's a red flag if I don't meet his son yet as I can understand the situation
@Undine..i didnt meet his son as i never asked either as i'm not sure if he is seriously wants to be with me. I just take it easy with that. He has bad experience before with his first marriage and has one son. Than he met a women who has a daughter and they have one son together but this women dont treat well his first son and coming problem beetween him and his son and this women. So he keep the marriage but he make wrong decision as his son was really hurt as he choose that women instead his own son. After that he lost his son as his son doesnt want to meet him, he stay with his mom instead and now he is 22 and they dont have any contact as his son doesnt want it. Thats why he is worried and need to be carefull so don't make the same mistake. I guess he need to know me better before he introduce to his son. I can understand that when we both having child so we need to think about them as well. I'm serios with him that's why I don't mind he met my kids. I throw the ball on him and let him decide what he wants. He told to his son that he met me anyway. I know some kids are very easy when their parents meet someone new but some are not so easy. This women cheat on him and living with alcoholic and they got divorced. He fight on the court so he can take care his own son alone and he got it and he lives with his son alone when he was 7 until late now. And he take care his step daughter as his own daughter as her mother doenst care abt her. And he met a women but it's not work so good with his son so he stop dating for a couple of years and now he met me . By the way he works as specialist children psikolog and that's why I guess he knows how to treat a child. I don't want to push him to introduce me to his son. Let him decide when it's the right time and I'm OK with that and hope by the time flies my heart will open for him .
thanks @evxo.. yeah just let it flow . it's just 9 months we know each other.
If aquarius like that @CapLovinAquaz... than its almost like virgo. Do u know abt aquarius?
That's true @TheGreatSearcher.. why we care someone else children when you are not interested with that person. Thanks for your advice and I hope I'm the one for him. As he said to me one day, at least we are a friend for the rest of our life. That's a good start and how is the future, we never know.
@exvo that's true sometimes gemini wants everything to be quick don't like slow motion. But as I'm not in a rush as my feeling to him at the moment is just a friend as i cant read either how is his feeling to me maybe thats why its hard for me to open my heart .even he told me he likes me and he loves me, I just don't believe like that. I don't want to get hurt and maybe it's worth to see where it's going.. as you said be patience everything need time and will come in the right time. Do you think it will work gemini and aquarius?..
I don't know if aquarius is so helpful and very kind @theGreatSearcher.. i just dont believe in my eyes that i found him & he let me to give his work number to my kids which is teenager so my kids can come to his office when he can of course to help with their homework. He works at the biggest hospital in my city and he is the only one who do this jobb in his country. and I can't believe that he will do this to my kids in his busy schedule. I asked him why he is so kind and do all this thing. He said because he wants to help me and likes me very much and he saw that I work hard to take care my 2 kids and it's not easy as a singel mom after their lost their father and I don't have any family here in his country, dont speak the language fluently so it can be problem to help my kids with their homework. Children is more important and he loves kids. I wish I can open my eyes that it's true there is good people in this earth.
@pisceswomen... Lucky he called u. Mine never do that. Only text. So cold text message. Good morning and good night. But I understand that's him, I can't change it. When I told him his text just like a snow.. cold as the weather outside. Than he wants to see me and than he told me so sorry as he can't express his emotion by text. But his action speak a lot. I know he likes me so much. Until late now we still in touch and keep him as a friend as I'm afraid he will make a distance and be cold to me if I accept his offer to start again with a new capital. He was upset that I rejected him to try again our romance, so.. just take it easy with him now until he really knows that's I'm the only women for him . It takes time.
Aries and gemini is the best . I had my Aries ex so good relationship. But it's ended after 2 years as we need to move apart to another side of the world. Now I'm still looking Mr. Right and to choose between Mr aquarius or Mr virgo. I hate virgo and read a lot about virgo.. they just dissapear and come back again. That's a challenge for me .
@pisceswomen..your experience is the same like man. I told my virgo how I feel and he said the same like your virgo. And I wrote to him exact what u did and after 3 weeks he comes back and promise will.never leave me again and he start telling me about his family and his before married. We both are old. He never told.me about his pass realationship to me.. but now he told me everything. We like very much each other but I don't want to get hurt again and I just don't believe if what he said is true, so.. I don't take it seriously. I don't text him like I did before I'm more careful now. I told him I just want to be friend as I'm afraid he will do this again and I read a lot here... virgo man are like that. That's why I don't take him back. I deserve someone better. 😊
That's exactly what happen to me with my virgo. But after 3 weeks, he come back again and said sorry and will make things better and promise will not leave me again and sorry I didn't believe what he said and he text me like crazy . You should move on if you want to, or you wait for him if you want to. I read a lot here, seems virgo man are like that. Lucky that he told you after five months. Mine told me after 4 months and we had such a great moment and no argue.
That's how he was before we broke up @
P- Angel .That's why I wonder if he really want to try again will do the same thing or not. Can I trust all he sind or not.
Thanks for ur advice @pisces1803. He is exactly what u mentioned hard working person, push and pull whenever he wants.. doesnt make effort in a relationship, i'm the one who make the effort. As soon he has lots of work he dissapear even text me if i text him but it's cold text. and when he doesn't have lots of thing to do, he is busy to find me. Seems like I'm the women when he feel lonely. I told him abt it . And I hate it at the beginning and than I realise.. that's him, I can't change it. He was had a realationship before for 10 years and got married for 2 years with the same person and than divorced. That's what I think, he will never be ready to give what I want and I don't want to waste my time. It's the first time I have experience with virgo. Difficult to deal with this person. Seems like gemini is not compatible with virgo
After 4 months we get to know each other, he said he is not ready in relationship. He contact me again after 3 weeks and I met him 3 tines now and last night he was another person. He told me everything about his family and why he broke upp with the before relationship that I never heard before. He wants to try again and he knows that we both like each other. He doesn't have kids and he is 54 and I have 2 kids. He told me he wants to meet my kids and he said he feel safe to be a father for my kids,as they lost their father . & he need my support as the before relationship he has, her ex children keep a distance with him and he doesn't feel comfortable with that and feels that they don't like him. My kids is 14 and 12 years. Does he really mean it want to try again?.. I told him we need a better communication. What ever how he feel, be open and talk. He told me I was smart compare to other women that he met. I have a brain, and it's not only that, I'm beautiful and sexy and we both have the same view about sexual relation. I'm gemini by the way. I told him to think about it seriously as I don't want to waste my time as I know what I want. I had a very strong chemistry with him that's why I wanna try again but a bit worried if he said again he is not ready. Do virgo comeback forever or just for short time as he feel lonely? Thank you for any answer from all virgo in this forum.