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  • lol now I'm scared to.
  • There's something about him. Just like any other man my age, or my ex who was also a bit older. There's an attraction and I want to get to know him but... there seems to be a but... I'm mature enough to not let personal and professional affect each other in anyway. But I understand he may not see it that way.

  • he's old enough to know better about you and the work thing

    What does this mean?
  • To add, we will no longer be in the same work place soon as I am leaving. He is kind of up the rank in the company. I just don't know if I should attempt to ask him out again outside of work.
  • Can someone tell me wtf is wrong with Virgo men, maybe not all men. Completely imitates what I do. People say all these things about them, but the mental exhaustion is real. Why not just be upfront.
  • Posted by El_toro_loco
    Has anyone seen a successful happy Virgo Leo couple? I've been a round a few and it just seems like they get along as friends, but not much else. Some even get violent with each other.

    No. Don't waste your time. Leos are angry jealous types.
  • Posted by Ravishing
    Scorpio likes truth, honesty and rawness.

    Most Aries are fake, loud and annoying.

    Thus the problems.

    Scorpios are backstabbing selfish envious jealous cookiemonsteres with an ego below their capabilities lol based on experiences with 7 Scorpios.

    I'm actually quiet. Not fake but brutally honest.
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    my friend with the virgo sun, scorpio moon, virgo venus and virgo mars is the biggest and most consistent cheater of them all...

    sometimes i have to look at her like "what the treetrunk are you doing?"
    but it's crazy because none of us (my other friends) can pin point as to why she's doing it. she's like a serial cheater for no apparent reason...

    my thing is, why even bother to get involved in a relationship when you know damn well you can't stay committed? or why not just be honest with your partner or yourself for that matter?

    I find it hilarious how all the virgos on youtube say how devoted and kind they are. except their loyalty flows with the wind and treetrunk everyt chance they get.

  • I used to know this guy who was very high on pride adn ego and even though it was his choice he would walk away from a person unless it was on his terms. Is this a Virgo thing or insecurity? He was manipulative and cheating.. like i dont get the "loyal" Virgo. I think like any other sign or person we all come with good and bad terms.
  • How do you deal with an insecure Virgo who so easily sways between people.
  • I was with a Virgo, who would ignore only to teach me a lesson. So that's why it's sometimes confusing. Because I don't know why messaging and responding is ok, but can't say that it's over. IS it another lesson? Who knows.
  • Posted by ConfusedAquarius
    Hi all,

    Need help figuring out my Virgo "friend". We work together and over the past year and a half, we've developed a close friendship. He had someone in his life for a bit (of whom he NEVER spoke to me about) so we kept the relationship strictly "work-friends", but I could tell it might be a bit more.

    Throughout his whole relationship with this other person, he would do the push-pull thing with me sporadically and I thought it might mean he was conflicted about how he felt about me. We play flirted a lot.

    Three months ago, they broke it off. We had been getting closer and closer since then and we had even made a date for the weekend. He was to come over to my place for supper... And then out of the blue, he pushes me away. Says that it's purely physical and he wants us to remain friends. I could accept that, however he also says that he really likes spending time with me and that whenever he's around me all he wants to do is take me in his arms and kiss me. He says he can't have a strictly business relationship with me and that when I'm standing too close to him it drives him crazy. He also gets jealous when other guys show an interest in me. He says all this and in the same breath tells me he wouldn't fall in love with me and that I deserve better.

    This makes no sense to me. If you enjoy spending time with someone and you desire them, what more do you need to give it a try? If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. Also, I'll be moving to another office building in December, so if it doesn't work, we won't be in each other's faces every day anymore.

    What pisses me off is he is using the excuse that he thinks he knows what's good for me. He's made the decision for me.

    Any Virgo men out there with any insight into this?

    I was with a Virgo guy a long time, years. Known him as a friend, then together. I'll tell you honestly, forget him. Actually tell him to go back to his ex. This will never end. The pull and push at some point will drive you crazy. Maybe he's thinking he will be back with the other girl and just needs a sexual partner in the mean time. And to be honest, when he tells you he just wants friendship, that's all he wants. If he didn't answer you, maybe he's not sure. But he's sure. The other "jealousy" stuff, means nothing, believe me. NOTHING. People get jealous over friends. It's possessiveness. That's ALL! Trust me. They don't attach emotionally. #1, don't read into anything. He didn't make a decision for you. He knows what he's doing. That's how he makes sure you don't sleep with other people during the time he's sleeping with you. You know, diseases are everywhere and Virgos are clean ppl. And when he says he wouldn't fall in love. He won't. The end. smile