in the name of the moon cookiemonster this is a stick up...

Omg this is awesome!
Man the only thing worse than cancer moon are taurus with a saagie moon they are super judgy....
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I just want the truth.

I don't care how ugly it might be.

Lies set me off on a rampage.

They make me feel a certain level of humiliation, regret and betrayal.

I will cut someone off from contact if I catch on to the fact that they are lying, withholding information or trying to protect my feelings with lies.

Tell me facts. Let me decide on how I want to feel about it.

Most of this applies to Scorpio moons too. Although we won't go on a rampage. We simply cut you off without a word.
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I agree except the no rampage part I'm going out in a blaze of glory before I go

Unpopular opinon I think moon is more important than the Venus and sun.. If you see to incompatible signs as loves or even friends most of the time their moon match...
Venus is the way that we show love and the way we want to be show love most of the time I think people can adjust that

I believe the mars is important sexual compatible and how you fight

And merc is the way you communicate

Is any one else nervous
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Can any player PM you multiple times for the same question?

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You really are the only nice person on dxp
when will the challenge start?
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Why is there this concept that a Westerner's life is more valuable than any other being on Earth?

We cry and bemoan when a life is taken savagely, yet we ignore millions of people that suffer, and have died in worse ways, some by our own hands.

As westerners we only tend to care and get involved when a nation invades and kills another people. If they are killing their own we don't gaf. Its treetrunked.

Im talking about Westerners who kill others , why arent'; you crying for iraqis or libyans or anybody else

If you think westerners value life here your delusional. Just look at corporations. Your only as valuable as how much $ $ you can make for the 1% .

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Ooo This one hit me right in the heart..
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99% probability I'll NEVER have to worry about being able to breath in the next 30-40 year remainder of my life due to climate change, ozone, CO2, lack of oxygen, too warm, ect. Fat Al Gore hoax.

But why do you think that? Where are your souces? Where are the facts? I get why our president thinks this is a hoax he is 70 so i could see why he would this wont affect him the next 30 years.. (Spoiler alert he might not be here)
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Climate change = terrorism. LOL I'm so afraid.
It's a hoax, and you bought it, hook, line and sinker.

I hear people say that but what do they gain? What'd the point of the hoax?
Water can now be lit on fire cause of fracking that is a fact.
It is hotter ever year also a fact.
When oil spills happen its bad for the environment thats a fact.
I think of....

Scientists flipping off the general public saying we told you so

And poor people having to pay a butter load for "clean" water

While everybody else's water can be lit on fire or it looks like flint water....
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Plus we are in the beginning stages of WW3, no stoping what the people want.

I really hope not.. But it seems like we inch closer to it more everyday..
This is true sometimes we can't see past our own perception of things...
Pffftt I'm crying for you. 😭😭😭
I'm a cancer

Best have been Pisces/Virgo/and surprise Leo
Cc knows what happening around this joint ...
Got me thinking like