in the name of the moon cookiemonster this is a stick up...

What's your favorite thing about Africa?
Compatible is hard because like the other said it's not just sun sign

But from my experience

Water sign men are who I feel most comfortable with ... And probably willing to let my gaurd down with... (Which says a lot cause I dont give out personal info about myself) I found myself spilling secrets to Pisces, being vulnerable with Scorpio, and telling cancer every hope and dream for the future and disappointment from the past

Fire sign men... I feel most attracted to something about them just scream "man" and they make me feel like a woman (whatever that means) I'm not even sure I like it lol

Earth sign men make me feel safe and protected ...most are quiet making them seem noble and wise... And it makes me want to know more about them and who they are and what they stand for

Air sign are like a puzzle... That you don't have all the pieces too.. I start out very interested but then don't seem to recieve any interest back so I give up and then they do become interested... It's like I can't ever get on the same wave length

I can't stand pespi

I'm kidding pespi fine.... If you have had enough coke

Is she kidding... Is she not... You'll never know

I'm treetrunking kidding....
Never has a perky song sounded so evil
yes I do ...I use humor to deal with things ...that old saying "I have to laugh to keep from crying" has been very true through out my life ...I'm not sure if its healthy or not

Cancer: The protector who makes sure you’re safe.

cancer: motivational. a cancer will push you to get things done and will never let you give up. a cancer will tie the knot for you when you’re at the end of your rope.
Kiss and Make Up: Cancer
How Cancer and Aries make up: They check up on each other or have a deep emotional one-on-one talk.

How Cancer and Taurus make up: Time, patience, emotions boil over to where they need to talk, and affection or making up for lost time.

How Cancer and Gemini make up: One or both says sorry and they act pleasantly to each other.

How two Cancers make up: Hugging, crying, emotional expression; but only after time has gone by and they do it on their own terms.

How Cancer and Leo make up: Plenty of hugs, they admit they just want everything to be okay again, and they save each other face.

How Cancer and Virgo make up: Both have to voice that they accept and forgive each other.

How Cancer and Libra make up: They awkwardly try to talk to each other again.

How Cancer and Scorpio make up: With mutual understanding, possibly make up sex, and having an emotional experience or trauma together.

How Cancer and Sagittarius makes up: Sagittarius- “are we good?”, Cancer- “I guess so”.

How Cancer and Capricorn make up: With cuddling and long talks.

How Cancer and Aquarius make up: With a smile, a joke, and general niceness.

How Cancer and Pisces make up: Plenty of affection, there could be some apologies, and they try to fix the issue or work on insecurities.
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A leader who is intimated by none, but knows when to humble herself. A down to earth Goddess of All things reality and dream related. And one of the few signs capable of turning their dreams to reality. A real go getter when they focus on it!

yes cancer is a leader! we lead thru strength and love

Cancer: a wipe your tears it’ll be okay kind of love
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I love sailor moon she is my favorite super hero goofy, funny, courageous

plus she's a cancer
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The best part

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I love sailor moon she is my favorite super hero goofy, funny, courageous
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I may feel a hundred different things a day. But at least I feel ...and at least what i feel is real...and 90% if the time it's from a good place. I will help you up off your knees and on your feet again. I won't go to your party though...

feeling everything is one of the best parts of our sign in my opinion

It's makes compassionate, loving and strong....

Make Cancer’s day by showing a sign of appreciation.

She’s made of sugar, spice and everything nice. She’s sweetness, a darling. She’s so caring and kind. When you think of love, you think of her. Romance and happily ever after, that’s her life. A lady in all her right, she’s oh so very nice. She smiles, and has a pretty laugh. She’s perfect, a dream. And a lady, liker her, deserves a gentleman. Someone who gives her a dozen roses because she’s lovely and a box of chocolates because she deserves it. She deserves a happily ever after, a fairy tale. But maybe her dreams don’t revolve around prince charming. Maybe she wants power, and glory. Maybe she wants respect and success. Maybe she wants to be a leader, a ruling queen. Because she’s made of sugar, spice and everything nice.

Cancer and the Chakras
Strongest to Weakest Chakras:

Base - our most basic primal instincts, survival issues, foundation of physical energy, allows us courage and resourcefulness.

Heart - our ability to love, our joy and inner peace, sense of caring and compassion, allows us to realize that we are part of something larger than ourselves.

Sacral - our ability to accept others and new experiences, sense of abundance and sexuality, passion and pleasure center, center of physical feeling and sensuality, allows you to live in the present.

Solar Plexus - our self-worth and self-confidence, ability to be in control of our lives, our center of willpower, self-discipline and personal power, allows you to meet life’s challenges, perseverance and responsibility.

Third Eye - our ability to focus and see the big picture, our intuition and imagination, spiritual reflection and contemplation, our ability to internalize the outer world and externalize our inner world, access to our inner guidance, developing an objective wisdom.

Throat - our ability to communicate, self-expression and feelings of truth, accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice, allows you to stand up for what you believe in.

* Crown chakra not included as it is technically unattainable until a human being has reached full enlightenment.
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A Cancer's life.

I love love this quote! M.I.A is good representation for us

Cancer-Aries: The Integrous
Cancer-Taurus: The Complainer
Cancer-Gemini: The Manic
Cancer-Cancer: The Sensitive
Cancer-Leo: The Inflexible
Cancer-Virgo: The Pushover
Cancer-Libra: The Acceptance Seeker
Cancer-Scorpio: The Intuitive
Cancer-Sagittarius: The Contemplater
Cancer-Capricorn: The Unfaithful
Cancer-Aquarius: The Therapist
Cancer-Pisces: The Despondent
The Cancer woman wants to be the whole package for her partner. She can be a freak in the bed as well as the homemaker. She is adaptable but does not want to be controlled, she can provide for herself and her partner, and most Cancer’s are good with money and are very practical.

your art, classic with a modern twist ...beautiful -cancer woman