Cap Sun, Aries Ascend, Cancer Moon, Venus Aqua

treetrunk= Aqua
Marry= Scorpio
Kill= Gemini
Gemini. They only have two operating modes: annoying and very treetrunking annoying
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If it helps, you are our first choice for Virgos

As the cycle goes...

Caps want Virgos
Virgos want Tauruses
Tauruses want Caps

Such is life.

Nah, Caps tend to take Virgos for granted. They would have to have a water moon or a significant water placement. Or a fire moon possibly. Otherwise, the traits are redundant. Caps like their partner to excite them. Virgo stereotypically lacks personality.

Caps will go for water all day every day over Earth..and for someone like me (with a lot of air and fire in my chart), I'd take fire over either as well.

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Yeah totally agree with this as far as water is concerned
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Yea, it doesn't work.. LOL!

You can do it.. Just gives him space.. They actually prefer space.. You'll go back and he'll act as if time never went by..

Reach out at your own free will.. don't base it on him..

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Do cap men ever play the field when they are dating or do they only date one person at a time? If they date other girls, do they kiss multiple girls?? About how many dates does it take to be exclusive???

This guy says he's looking for something serious. But I met him online and lets face it, so many guys on there date multiple girls at once.

That is really a matter of preference. I prefer to play the field until or unless I have met someone worth dropping everyone else for. Yes, of course you kid wind up kissing all of them.. not really a big deal to me. How many dates until exclusive? Depends on how special you are.
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How do you know if a cap man really cares about you?

I think that really depends on his venus placement. But the most common things would be; we do practical stuff for you and we let you near our family.
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do you ever change your mind after you dump someone?

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Hello cappies! Can I lend your ear and advice, there is a capricorn man thats into me, flirty, and I think he may ask me on a date. I would like to tell this other capricorn man that although I adore him, Im already in a relationship. Will he become angry and cold with me?

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Capricorn said he just wanted to be friends do I ever have a chance to be more? He is an amazing guy, we still hang out and we have never been intimate? I'm a Cancer, he is very special to me

hard to say. what is his venus?
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My cap man has never posted pics of his girlfriends. He says he will once he is married. We've already been together for a year, but it really bothers me. He talks about marrying me, but doesnt talk about me to many people or anything. I just wanna see him treat me how he would if we were married so i can decide if its worth it. I wont be with someone who wants to hide me for the rest of his life. He also has a lot of girl friends that he texts (and sometimes answers their calls) when we are on dates and sometimes even more than he talks to me. I doubt that half of them even know i exist in his life. I've tried to understand it or just ask him to respect our time when we find time together, but he just gets super defensive. Do you think he is hiding me to keep his options open? Thats what it feels like. It makes me wanna do all these things to him, but i know the result would be terrible so i dont.

I don't care what anyone says... he low key has hoes. proceed with caution.
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You have questions, we'll try to have answers. No question is too strange or taboo.

What style clothing do you prefer on women?
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Elegant in public. Subtle but sexy in private.
As an aqua venus, how I show love is a random surprise+ doing practical stuff for you. Its a coin toss between the two everyday.
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My bad... i'm just now seeing this thread. 😂

I wasn't the biggest fan of my Aqua venus, but i'm liking it more and more everyday. could be worse, could've ended up with an over the top emotional venus and have it treetrunk my whole life up. lol
so yea, i'm grateful.

My sag sun, rising, mercury, uranus & neptune speak the same language as my venus. so i'm good.

Same I heard such negative things in the past but I like it. I'm none judgmental, I can get on with all people from all backgrounds. I read this and it describes me pretty well

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Nice link. I'm sold on this placement (not that I have a choice lol). It is always fun to see the surprise in her face when I do something random. Yet, what she doesn't know is that I am just a surprised as she is. I honestly have no idea where these ideas come from but eh, keeps things interesting.
Sorry but this is your fault- You have been "over it" for as long as I have been on this forum. You are under obligation to respond to him. The only reason you two interact is because you choose to do so. If you are/ were done with him, then nothing he does (short of violence/ verbal abuse) should warrant a reaction from you. In short; stop feeding the troll.
Wow. This thread actually happened. This should be interesting!


Oye, yo lei el primer pagina solamente. Que hicisite ahora mamita? Esepero que todo bien ahora.
It depends on the person, but it takes time. Could be 6 months, could be a year or more
Never had a problem with this. I prefer physical affection/ touch to talking.
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Why do cap males not answer the f***ing questions?!?!???

I want my money back!!!

When a capricorn is ignored by another capricorn and they know how much we dislike being ignored

😂 I can't with you Daron76

Wait!'re the black one, I'm the brown one right?

Thanks for the laugh
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lol yes. and you're welcome