My fire is bright, My air is calm, My water is deep and I stay grounded

Sorry but this is your fault- You have been "over it" for as long as I have been on this forum. You are under obligation to respond to him. The only reason you two interact is because you choose to do so. If you are/ were done with him, then nothing he does (short of violence/ verbal abuse) should warrant a reaction from you. In short; stop feeding the troll.
Wow. This thread actually happened. This should be interesting!


Oye, yo lei el primer pagina solamente. Que hicisite ahora mamita? Esepero que todo bien ahora.
It depends on the person, but it takes time. Could be 6 months, could be a year or more
Never had a problem with this. I prefer physical affection/ touch to talking.
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Why do cap males not answer the f***ing questions?!?!???

I want my money back!!!

When a capricorn is ignored by another capricorn and they know how much we dislike being ignored

😂 I can't with you Daron76

Wait!'re the black one, I'm the brown one right?

Thanks for the laugh
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lol yes. and you're welcome
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so who is capricorn favorite sign?

For me it goes like this; 1 Scorpio, 2 Cancer, 3 Taurus. I wish I had met a virgo to see what they are like ( I hear they are awesome) but it hasn't happened yet.

Awwww. I'm number 1

P.S. virgos r nasty manipulative and cold assed. Oh and cookiemonsteres. They r cookiemonsteres.

Soo I wanna know... why cappy men r so serious all the time? It looks like they can't just chillax and have a good time.
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Why are we so serious? That is really subjective but, generally, we like to work hard. When the work is done, then we play hard.
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Why do cap males not answer the f***ing questions?!?!???

I want my money back!!!

When a capricorn is ignored by another capricorn and they know how much we dislike being ignored

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Mars in Sag

Nah uh boo boo you need to be more detailed. Why?
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It is a placement that tends to make one afraid/ less inclined to commit (absent stronger influences to balance this out). In my experience, it also makes the person unable/ unwilling to partake in self-reflection and thereby inhibits self-awareness- -making these individual less likely to be able to deal with difficult personal situations. It doesn't make them bad people- just difficult to connect with and rely on for something long-term (romantically speaking).
I agree with @Hare . Is he being insecure? probably. He will have to deal with that. But you offered up the information that you have been accused of this in the past. That leads to a couple of conclusions, either; a) you date insecure men and the prior accusers were insecure or, b) your behavior has played apart in you being accused of improper behavior.

Since you can't fix his insecurities, better for you to focus on something you actually can change, your behavior. Maybe you are doing something wrong, maybe you aren't but, on the evidence you provided, an examination of your behavior is warranted. Besides, taking stock of what and how you are doing things will only serve to make you a better person in the long run.
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Caps do much better with Taurus. There's no respek 😤 On the Virgos name.

Couldn't be me tho 🤷🏽‍♀️

I disagree. My sister law is a Virgo and she is amazing. Would love to date one if I could find one. The whole Cap / Taurus thing is a myth... imho of course
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Why do cap keep in contact with an ex , even tho they make it clear there won't be any second chances to the relationship ?

Do they mean their I love you when they say ( the first time they say it ) ?

Why are they so stuck into their ego , and by this I mean they could want something soo bad but they just don't go for it cause their ego get in the way

What your thought on Virgo women ?

1) Maybe they aren't sure? Maybe he is having trouble letting go?

2) Yes.

3) That seems rather illogical to me. If I want something my ego would drive me to go get it.

4) Never had one, they seem cool though.
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If anyone wants me to answer to their questions, they'll have to smear honey on my nipples and suck 'em hard...

You should demand the honey be organic... cause you're concerned for their health of course
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Things always end on good terms with a Cap. From my personal observation.

The evidence on the Cap board (at least for males) begs to differ lol

I have more stuff to pick your brain about.
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Calling in the re-reinforcements, my apologies to anyone I forgot

@capslock, @Gob_buttere, @ParisianCappy, @Capricorn91, @sirXavier, @DividedWeCapricorn,
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Think Asteroids, Comets, Volcano rubble, etc. Flaming rock exists. All I can see is, it would make them a lot more driven and initiating.

Double Cardinal is always a perpetual motion being tbh. Libra Libra is still my fav because nothing slows them down lmao

Can you elaborate?

Well. The thing with having mismatches in modality between Sun and Moon. Usually creates friction or complication, and the modalities can very easily conflict when you use your mind VS heart.

For instance I have Libra Sun Pisces Moon. Okay so Cardinal with Mutable. Luckily those 2 modalities aren't too conflicting. Initating/Journeying sun, with a Changing/Processesing moon.

The main "friction" comes when my Moon runs out of emotional energy. Then I come to a halt and rest. Once my Moon is charged and rested up. Then my sun can get back to initating and journeying. But only once the moon is in tandem.

Now let's say you have Double Cardinal. Then no matter what. Whether you're rational or emotional, ego or intimate, etc. You'll be initating and in motion and in fact the motion from both will carry the other forward.

Most people slow down or get stagnant because the Sun and Moon aren't on the same page. Sun is Ego and the Mind. Normally how things work is, your Ego/Mind only has so much of its own energy. You can exhaust the mind without exhausting the heart. The heart/soul has its own energy.

So whether you get drained cerebrally or emotionally. The other will be slowed down as it waits for the drained one to get up to speed. Cardinals don't have to stop and rest unto themselves. Only Mutables and Fixed signs really end up at a resting point.

So give someone Double Cardinal and basically how it will work is:

Their mind is constantly in motion. Once that exhausts it switches over to their heart, which is ALSO constantly in motion. They are bound to switch off just like with anyone else. But the thing is that they are switching off, to the same modality. So from constantly moving to constantly moving.

This is especially true for double of the same Cardinal. Because for instance a Libra Libra goes from Libra Mind to Libra Heart. All Libra, always.

In this case of your inquiry. Even if the person exhausts their Cap Sun, they'll just switch over to Cardinal Fire. Vice versa if they exhausted their emotions first.
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As a double Cardinal (with sun and moon in opposition) Cap Sun/ Cancer moon- I agree. That it explains it well. My only saving grace is that earth and water compliment each other.
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I'm Aries rising which really confuses people cause I appear to be impulsive and, when my inhibitions are low, I often am. Day to day, I just feel like it makes be quick on my feet. There rest doesn't seem to show up until I'm buzzed/ drunk.

How does your rising have an affect when it comes to expressing emotions? Are you more expressive or do you remain under the cap sun?
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Emotions are.... complicated! Cap sun is the filter. Cancer moon runs pretty deep emotion wise. Aries is my outward personality. So if the Cap filter goes away (when buzzed or drunk) things tend to surface very quickly.
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Mine has never been big on PDA...but last week when he dropped me off at the airport and I went in for our regular peck goodbye.....he came back with a full on lick to my face.

I almost died.

That damn aqua venus...I never know what's coming.

We don't either, it is often a surprise to us too haha