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    lol ...nije nikad pre rano ili kasno za nas ribe 😻 ok ok i can smell ze coffee ...but only if i may play on my little violin 😂😂 too cute that pic 😻

    now we need some bait for @Deezie 😹😹😹 where is that cheeky monkey?

    If the proverb "there is no rest for the wicked" holds true even in the slightest, my alter ego must be riding a souped-up broom down the Galaxy Lane! Good grief...treci dan no sleep!

    Jebem ti dijetu i sve.... ugh! Energy galore but no off button. lol Plus I switched over from my iPhone to the laptop and its totally doing a number on me. Where are my emojis?! How in the world am I supposed to express myself now... ;/

    Anyhoo...'nough of my venting! I'm waiting with baited breath here on your "little viola" performance, you know!

    I notice our fav. monkey remains silent. Perhaps third time calling upon her will be charmed.... Mz @Deezie cometh forth for we misseth you very much!

    Za tebe, luče... 😘

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    Miss you both too!! ❤️
  • Stay tuned, he has tons more to come!

    Funny anecdotes and beautiful art. Check it out, maybe.
  • Happy birthday special lady!! smile Hope you are well!
  • I would never call myself sneaky. Curious absolutely. And i will usually follow my curiosity but never with malintent. Moreso because i like to know things. All of the things!

    I also think we suffer from fun and games syndrome, trying to keep life light. So i would say if I've done something bad to hurt someone for instance, i don't realize it, and didn't intend it. I actually do my best to be straight up and keep other people's feelings in mind.

    Pisces Monkey
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    I'm a Monkey and 2016 started going downhill for me after March. As soon as one issue got resolved a few more would pop up.

    The thing is, these were things I could not prevent or foresee. I thought as a Monkey the year of the Monkey would've been a great year. Boy was I wrong.

    This is kind of how my year went. Hindsight will likely give me a better view on all that happened, but it was victories through crawling in the mud seemingly.

    Thanks to all who responded!

  • So. Safe to say you outted her to her bf, trying to make them break up, because you think she will be thankful and desirous of you for betraying her and jump to being your girl once he leaves her?

    Oh to be a door prize.
  • Any other monkeys had a kind of rubbish year so far? I'm not really sure if your animal year should bestow anything good, but I can confirm mine has not been great.

    Do share.
  • In my youth, I recall crying a lot. Too much.

    Something happened at some point, and tgose gates closed. Now, I'm more apt to cry from happy or positive feelings. Not for sadness.
  • Don't get me wrong. Im trying to be encouraging.

    My point being, he may be another cap, but is not the same guy. You may repeat your behaviour, and he may call you on it.

    But then he might carry forth and work with you on it. You don't know. So don't write doomsday before it happens. Take care not to repeat mistakes, but don't enter with expectations of treetrunking up, as if that's all you are capable of.
  • Also. Most, or all humans are emotionally retarded. So stop putting that on just yourself!!

    Everyone has their butter.
  • Haha I'm just saying that the more you feel you have to be something other than yourself, you are putting expectations on you, and also on what you are guessing the other person is like/values/wants.

    If you approach it as a learning experience and take information in, process, assimilate as necessary, it gives less stress on the situation.

    Men pick up on expectations from women, when women don't even realize they have expectations. And just from the op, that's the vibe i was getting. Im not going into backstory with her, as i don't know it.

    Even your response capri-sun, had expectation in it.
  • My advice to any woman, you included, is to stop writing the story ahead of time.

    The longer you are able to stave off expectations, the better you will be.
  • Fix the masses or none at all!!
  • 1. You can't speed up the process of getting to know someone. You can. But chances are, forcing your hand in this matter may not give you an accurate impression of someone in the first place. If someone is private, and you demand they share and bare their soul. You are tracking yourself into a way of perceiving them. So, the only thing you have identified early - as a sign, is that this guy isn't an impulsive sharer. Personally, I think his response was in tact. Especially as someone with a public life, he only gets afforded so much privacy. I mean you have an opinion on his ex wife already for God's sake.

    2. Disclosure among humans is reciprocal, and goes through stages. Trying to get to step 5, before doing 1,2,3, and 4 is what I attempted to describe as a pitfall above.

    3. You are casting him off as overly guarded. When you look at your own actions, you are doing the same thing in trying to guard yourself based on past experiences and vetting him way prematurely. And that's fine, absolutely! So long as your self awareness is in check to see that what you accuse others of, may in fact be your own undoing.
  • I think the only way to get better in this situation is to pick up on the direction of people's intentions more quickly and beat them to the punch. So you take care of it before they have a confession spill out of them. That's tough though. Depending on how left field the confession is going to be.

    You handled it as well as you could have sir
  • @Nemilicious

    Pokey poke poke smile
  • Haha ok! Just wanted to make sure i came across correctly. Sometimes i get all worked up about my own ability to communicate clearly. Daily struggle.
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    @deezie @AriesLove

    Like I just commented, some people need closure and some do not.. b/c even though I'm asking for advice.. I still have to type the letter... I still have to proof-read the letter, I still have to decide on what I want/ do not want in the letter.....

    I'm not going to COPY & PASTE... Like are you kidding me.. I wouldn't "stretch" the truth... b/c only him and I know what we've been through... I gave a general explanation of the letter... So you don't know all I have to say.. Plus as I said in my earlier response... I'm asking for help w/ the end.. Which is the (Yes you did hurt me, but I forgave you a long time ago. And I wish you well)

    Definitely not jumping around the truth... Being direct but not in a harsh way..
    Harsh meaning like this ( Yea you treetrunked up and you were a piece of butter. Plus you was wrong for doing this and doing that.. But I forgave you for the treetrunked up butter you did)
    B/c that's exactly how I want to write it, but that's not giving him closure.. That's going to give him space to respond and start a "back-and-forth" effect... So if I say it in a polite way.. He'll only have to accept the polite "goodbye, farewell"

    To be clear.... I was on your side on this.