" .......... DyarStra?e / dyrstr8z .......... Middle-aged Virgo man. Southern gentleman. Country bumpkin. Enlightened rogue. Short-term pessimist. Long-term optimist. .......................................
.......... DyarStra?e / dyrstr8z ..........

Middle-aged Virgo man. Southern gentleman. Country bumpkin.
Enlightened rogue. Short-term pessimist. Long-term optimist.


We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.

-- Robert Frost (March 26th Aries)

You have learned something.
That always feels at first as if you had lost something.

-- H.G. Wells (September 21st Virgo)

Seek freedom and become captive of your desires.
Seek discipline and find your liberty.

-- Frank Herbert (October 8th Libra)

We are stardust, we are golden,
We are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

-- Joni Mitchell (November 7th Scorpio)

Scorpio believes that when life deals them lemons, it's reasonable to squeeze the juice into the eyes of their friends so they too can enjoy the bitterness.

-- tollbooth (DXP Virgo)"

I watched one of the coauthors, Patrick J. Michaels, on CSPAN. He used the IPCCs own data to neutralize the current global warming climate models. As a bonus (for me!), he systematically blasted many of Al Gore's outright lies - both public, and in his nonsensical book, An Inconvenient Truth...

Liberal. Deception.

"If global warming is not such a big problem, then why are we constantly being warned of (scared by) predictions of climate Armageddon? Asserting that non-problems lead to non-funding could be viewed as sour grapes if Michaels and Bolling stopped at assertion.

They don't. In the final chapters they look at the data on publication patterns to back up the serious charge of academic bias in favor of exaggerating the case for impending and dire climate changes.

Actual climatologists with Ph.D.s and published research, Michaels and Balling examine the data and make a strong case for non-hysteria on the climate front. While the data, detail, charts and figures make the read a bit wonkish at times, it is very interesting and well worth the effort if you are at all interested in the climate debate."

[Book review by David Kreutzer, at Amazon.com -- http://www.amazon.com/Climate-Extremes-Global-Warming-Science/dp/1933995238]

About Global Warming... read the new book, Climate of Extremes.

"What are climate skeptics skeptical about? Patrick Michaels and Robert Balling, Jr. do not doubt that manmade global warming is occurring, in fact, they are skeptical about claims that the global warming of the past 50 years is entirely or predominantly due to natural cycles. Early in their new book, Climate of Extremes, they counter these claims with evidence that the observed warming, while not entirely manmade, has the fingerprints of manmade global warming.

But, they are very clear that there are natural cycles--local, regional and global--and that the hysterical predictions of imminent climate catastrophe are based on either the confusion of natural variability with anthropogenic causes, or are based on faulty and biased computer models. Following the theme of Michaels' earlier book, Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media, they examine the record of the climate and of climatologists.

Both records argue for much more calm than many media, politicians and scientists exhibit. Michaels and Balling debunk the signs of climate doom. The arctic ice cap melting is not unprecedented. The much-hyped melting of Greenland's ice sheet is .008% per year, which would lead to a sea-level rise of two inches per century--not the 20 feet projected in An Inconvenient Truth--and even that is overlooking the actual net accumulation of ice that occurs inland. Increasing and increasingly deadly hurricanes, disappearing glaciers, droughts, floods, killing heat waves and more are shown to be misrepresented, misdiagnosed, or wildly exaggerated."

P-Angel: They are treetrunk buddies .... and she's hoping he will fall if she keeps stroking his dick.

There you have it.

The vibe I get from GEM women in RL is that they'd be cool with uncommitted treetrunking - no strings attached thrills.

Virgo Men are men - we like sex!

Show him you'll open those thighs freely, and he's gonna take the free ride -- that's a Practical Thing to do...

I'm a big fan of his music, and I'm not gonna trash my collection if it is ever proven that he was a pedophile...

Meanwhile, the biggest thing that disturbed me was in his interview with Bashir after the case, he still insisted on letting children sleep with him. That kind of compulsion IS common among sex addicts / abusers - the "I can't stop myself" attitude...

Still doesn't prove him guilty, but it doesn't look good, either...

It is almost as if MJ is guilty until proven innocent opposed to innocent until proven guilty.

That's pretty common in sexual abuse cases - especially when the accused is a man.

FYI: Many cases aren't brought to trial because the prosecutor doesn't have a strong enough case to win... which still doesn't mean a crime wasn't committed...

Check the stats: For every 1 woman who takes a man to court for rape, how many go unreported / adjudicated??

Sex abuse cases are difficult to prove without DNA evidence, objective witnesses, and/or video of the abuse.

MJ could have been a pedophile, or a harmless weirdo... we may never know for sure.


MJ was tried and acquitted.

A jury looked at far more evidence than we'll probably ever be privy to, and decided it was insufficient for a guilty verdict...

But even that doesn't prove he wasn't a pedophile.

You know, some people still believe that NASA faked the Apollo moon landings...

natural25: Furthermore, non of the cases even went to the court. It strikes me a bit odd that the parents of these boys who accused MJ of molesting them all settled out of court.


"The People v. Jackson trial (2005) began in Santa Maria, California, two years after Jackson was originally charged. During this period the singer became dependent on morphine and Demerol, a dependency which he subsequently overcame. He also suffered from stress-related illnesses and severe weight loss, that would alter his appearance. The trial lasted five months, until the end of May 2005, he was acquitted on all counts [DY's underline].[124][125][126] Jackson then relocated to the Persian Gulf island of Bahrain as a guest of Sheikh Abdullah.[127]"


Cappy: Stalking charge? hahaha, calm down, it wasn't a charge against you, it was a statement -- this isn't a trial dear

By that logic, RP's opening post is just a statement about Michael Jackson...

RainingPeanuts is not the first person to accuse Michael Jackson of pedophilia - nor will she be the last.

I don't see her opinion as "throwing him under the bus" when he was tried - and exonerated - in a court of law; same as OJ Simpson, and yet lots of adults still think he murdered two people... Are they throwing OJ under the bus, too??

I just become more capricorn when I feel someone is being thrown to the wolves.

Everyone except DY, right? You didn't address the "stalking" charge you made against me...


Virgos are more possessive than jealous.

Uh some people don't get jealous. It's called trust.

I would agree in that the kernel of jealousy is suspicion. Virgos aren't overly suspicious of their lovers (like Scorpios), so they tend to not get as jealous as others...

But, cause a trust issue, and we can get jealous.

Yeah, we're tight-lipped about it, but you'll see it in our behaviors - I get lock-jawed & very quiet when I'm upset...

I got jealous once with Debra, and really showed my butt - she set me straight (and will pick at me about it years later).

Cappy: Anyway, like most of the users here have said, "adults" need to learn how to let butter go.

Indeed. So, why do you feel compelled to flag a thread you find "distasteful" when other adults on DXP have a different opinion of it??

Wouldn't it be more mature to let the thread stand - or should only the voices you agree with be heard??

Ahhhhh.... Typical. Capricorn. Definitely not a mutable Sign!

Cappy: on a serious note DY -- if you take pleasure in stalking me, then don't fret, I completely understand your position.


Responding to your posts on the Virgo Board IS NOT stalking you.

Saving threads that I spend my valuable time commenting on is also not stalking you - or anyone else.

Why create a thread to later delete it?

THAT'S the real question...

So, let me get this straight [yep, meant that one!]: We're supposed to butter for joy because an egotistical homosexual found God, entered the priesthood, volunteers with ex-convicts, and has a new boyfriend??

What about the women deceived, the children bereft of a father, and the man (or, men!) sexually harassed and/or smeared by the press because of one man's secret life??

Oh! And lest we forget, he's preparing to enter the priesthood, too -- even though homosexuality is a sin, and like adultery, should disqualify anyone from leading a flock in the name of Jesus...

His current "good works" do not change who he is, and they certainly don't qualify him to be a pastor in a Christian church. Even if they did, his homosexuality is completely incompatible with 2000 years of Christian doctrine and tradition. He is de facto outside the communion, so how can he aspire to the clergy?

How any denomination can ordain him is beyond me....

What's next for him -- sainthood?

In other words, to pursue his career in politics, he had to act like most of us - heterosexual - and found it necessary to marry women and father children to keep up appearances. Naturally, he didn't tell the women the truth...

McGreevey has a daughter Morag from his first marriage (1991-1997) to Canadian Karen Joan Schutz. He has another daughter, Jacqueline, from his second marriage to Portuguese-born Dina Matos McGreevey.

In her memoirs, Matos wrote that she would never have married McGreevey if she had known he was gay, nor would she have chosen to have a gay man to father her child.


Andrew Sullivan blogs: "I got to know the former governor of New Jersey as he reached out to people during his period of turmoil. Whatever your view of his past actions, I always found Jim to be a deeply spiritual person whose repression of his homosexuality drew him away from God and his own true calling. He is studying for the Episcopal priesthood now."

"We are so quick to condemn past flaws, and so slow to acknowledge new beginnings. It is God's work Jim now does - and his open orientation, God's help and a strong relationship have made all the difference."


As Church Lady on SNL used to say, "Well, isn't that special?"

As for McGreevey's "past flaws"...

Let's see: Gov McGreevey "came out" because another man, Golan Cipel, threatened him with a sexual harassment lawsuit. According to Cipel, the press had distorted his history, transforming him from a naval officer into a "sailor", and from someone who had self-published a book of poetry at age sixteen into a "poet." He claims such distortions supported the story that McGreevey allegedly created and the press eagerly covered.

In his own words, Cipel claims he was one of many victims of McGreevey's sexual harassment, that he had "no romantic affair" with the governor, but rather was taken advantage of.[10] He also describes the former governor's behavior as egotistical, unprofessional, immoral and immature.


Before Cipel, McGreevey had no intention of disclosing his homosexuality: "As glorious and meaningful as it would have been to have a loving and sound sexual experience with another man, I knew I'd have to undo my happiness step by step as I began chasing my dream of a public career and the kind of 'acceptable' life that went with it. So, instead, I settled for the detached anonymity of bookstores and rest stops ??? a compromise, but one that was wholly unfulfilling and morally unsatisfactory."


I love this observation from the movie, Men In Black...

Agent K: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it.

... including Cappy's own "10 Inches - that's how big he is" thread...

Yeah, which is why some of us save these threads, before they get deleted...

For the woman who wants a Virgo Man: What the hell are you thinking?!! We are about the most difficult guys to meet, let alone date, and we'll probably wear your patience down to a nub before you finally throw in the towel! I've written tons of butter on how to attract, date, and marry a Virgo: Be Yourself. Don't send mixed signals, hoping to hit a note that sounds good to him. All you'll do is confuse him, and make him think you're a faker...

If you sense mutual attraction, similar interests, and agreeable temperaments between you, let him know it. You don't have to ask him out, but he does need to know that you are an achievable goal. This guy who seems so poised and mature is riddled with self-doubt, and he needs that extra boost that Big Boys don't (they're full enough of themselves already!)...

Finally (!): Yes, some men will always look but not touch - they'll never take the plunge and have a real relationship with a real woman - call them what you will. BUT: If you've been talking to a Virgo Man for more than six months beyond the simply casual, and he hasn't asked you out, HE'S NOT GOING TO!! For whatever reason, it ain't gonna happen. If you have to know to save your own sanity, then ask him out, and see what happens. But honestly, if you're at that point, it's time to move on...