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My friends great grandfather was a free mason for over 50 years. He died a few months ago and they came to his funeral and did a ritual or something for him.
My friend and a couple of her friends once messed with an oujia when they were young like 13 or 14. The guys were acting dumb...giggling and started putting statues of mary and jesus on the board. They were in Catholic school at the time.

it kept spelling out stop stop stop! then the board flipped over by itself. They all ran but my friend couldn't move she kept yelling wait for me please...she felt paralyzed...when she yelled out.....her voice came out deep like a man a scary voice. more reason for no one to turn back.
Forgot to mention we were in Queens......it was in Manhattan first then over us within seconds.
My friends and I saw a Ufo on the 4th of July. We were on her roof watching the fireworks from Manhattan....and other areas. We saw a red object still; in the sky for a long time near the Empire state building. Within seconds it was over us flying past her building. That's how we knew it was a ufo. It was gliding very slowly yet quick at the same time. It had a red color that I have never seen on even a plane. Freaky part was it was the shape of a cross. We saw it clearly over us. A lot of people on the roof that day stared at it in shock. We even got kind of scared. It seemed to know we were watching becqause it would turn off the light...then turn it on again.

It would go straight up disappear then come down again. Then it flew towards citi field and disappeared in the blink of an eye. 30 mins later it came back again. and headed towards Manhattan.
I think the ancient people confused beings from the sky with Gods.
I read about some new tablets discovered the other day in Iraq by American soldiers.

Read and see video here:


Don't mess with it. You'll open up something....and it's not always good.

Growing up my cousins and I always messed with ouijas. We even had a game called psychic circle that is sort of like the ouija.

We had many bad experiences. Scary ones. We once stayed up praying the whole night and slept together because we invited something in the house and we felt it everywhere touching us. We once left it on the table and when we got back it was under the bed. no one had been home. None of us ever moved it. We were use to it. it would move without any of us touching it also. We were very young.

Another time we were playing again and we asked who it was.

It spelled out D E V and we ran for our lives. Never messed with it again.

They are beautiful aren't they?

I do the same at times. We only answer if we feel like blabbing
I would have slapped that bastard.

Well if it hurts you that bad, just tell the police he beat you, so then he'll probably go to jail, and he wont be able to see that other girl Problem solved LOL!

LOL I know a crazy taurus cookiemonster who did this. She was living in Ny and her boyfriend had moved to Washington D.C. She suspected something so one day she went to his house without telling him and found him with another girl. She beat the crap out of them both then called the cops and said they beat her and had them both arrested LMFAOOO.
Cheney is such a stupid old treetrunk. I always thought he was evil................and ugly.
Oh please. The government was behind 9/11.
Qbone you are wrong.

I'm not

Who cares.

Bush, Obama..........they are all the same crap.

Anyone who follows them is just stupid.