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  • Libra woman here,
    I've been talking to a male Scorpio for about 2 1/2 months and its been going great , we work together that's how we met.
    We hangout all the time some times like 4 or 5 days out of the week outside of work and at work, he always tells me how he cares a lot about me, how much he likes spending time with me and he even smothers me when we are together.

    However his first serious relationship of 3 years was kinda rough, they met in college moved in, he said he was madly in love wanted to have kids and all , she ended up cheating on him with his friend , she got married to the friend and had a family.
    This was about 5 years ago.

    Some times he can be distant and some times when we talk he talks about how he really loved how he really was head over heels for her and lost him self, I wonder if he is over her? I also wonder if could ever potentially see anything in me? We currently act like we are dating and do everything a couple does but it has not been confirmed...
    Help! Dam Scorpio has me guessing!!!!

  • A little over a month, what throws me off is that he bought tickets for us last week to go to a concert this Friday...
  • Like 5 times,
    3 times in one day.
  • If it helps I was also having sex with him...
  • Okay so follow up ,
    I was with him last night and I noticed he had a hole in his wall , then I noticed he had a lot of scratches on his arm ... I asked him if he was okay and what happened...
    He said he punched the wall because he was in his feels or whatever .. then I asked him why? He said , he said because he feels bad because verbatim “he can’t give his daughter a family” and as the conversation continued I eventually asked him if he was over his ex then he said “I will be” so I asked him to repeat that and to really listen to him self ... so he said it back and then stayed quite, I told him I was leaving and never coming back wished him good luck and he begged and crude for me to stay , I stayed the night and he thought I was cool with it but when I woke up I told him I was comfortable being on stand by , left and then later that day he asked me “what now” and asked me what I wanted to do so I said “I want things to get better” he said “okay let’s shoot to make things better” I told him he has to fix this he said “I can do better” I said “okay” and he has not said anything all day . Honestly all I needed was a day to be by my self no constant to realize how stupid I was thank you @sagthearcher17! I needed that reality check ! I didn’t send him the request but I don’t need to anymore because I’ve seen how crazy I was acting ! Why do Pisces do this ? Lol like this effect was draining me !! Thank you for your replies !
  • Hello,
    So about a little over a month I met this Pisces man on a online dating site, we totally clicked.
    He talked about how he was last in a relationship 1 yr & 1/2 ago, they got a divorce but they have a child together, that they don't get along and that he doesnt even have her number that she only contacts him on fb but only about the child, anyhow he also said was new to the dating world.

    So after about 1 week of talking on the app we meet up have a great time! and we agree to meet again a couple of days later, we hangout everything is great!

    So 2 1/2 weeks in he invites me to the zoo, he tells me he wants to take his daughter and I say ok. We go have a great time or whatever.
    We kept hanging 2 times a week, however one night I came over he was sooo trashed and while we had sex he said he loved me , I didn't say it back but right after he kept trying to convince me and got upset because I didn't say it back!
    So after that in the morning he was acting normal again, not his crazy drunk self.
    A week later while he is out with friends we are texting and he says it again over a text, I pretend to fall asleep and don't reply till the morning, still i did not say it back.

    So the issue here is that I looked him up on facebook when I initially started talking to him and of course after much research I found his ex. They weren't friends on facebook either.
    So yesterday when I get on facebook I get curious again and look him up, I can see his recently added friends and she is one of them.. and when I look at her page and click on her pictures he "Reacted to them" with a "heart" on a lot of them?????
    I'm confused.. for someone who doesn't really like his ex or has a nasty past with because "she cheated on him when he deployed", it seems like he is still into her ?
    Am I reading too much into this ? Am I letting social media do this to me ? me and him arent friends on facebook, I just got curious.
    We are supposed to see each other this week , but now I'm soooo confused ??
    Please help!!!!
    I'm a Libra woman.