Definitely a scorpio moon cuz they snap at u all of sudden smfh
Very stable relationship full of comfort and sensual life style 😂😂😂 but both of u can be stubborn to death
Omg this guy is so toxic and desrespect u why are u even trying all i can say drop him and run while u can ?!
Hopefully 💔
Why did he told u he doesn't want u?? Did u guys fight???
She likes the sex and don't want commitment maybe....
I totally agree with wildflower, you need to chill

3 months

Here you can find your chart just enter your birthday date then pick "show chart of transits"

Reading both of your charts can be a bit helpful to see how compatible both of you
Good luck op ?
Mind if you post her Chart and your chart??
I have retrograde aries venus and sun in taurus all i can say I have bad luck im relationships ??‍♀️
Everything will go back the way it was just be patient with her trust me.
Leos are so dramatic and annoying definitely Capricorn all the way
Very sweet ,a bit sneaky but still kind hearted people
This is so me lol I've never listened to anyone's advice and never cared, just living my live the way I wanted ?