Maybe the tower really WAS phallic....(not a very big one, clearly)
Welp...just thought I would provide everyone with a fun and (pretty hilarious) update!

So we went on a date Saturday...everything was going good and we have had a lot of sexual build up. We go back to his place to hook up and....BOOM....he literally has the tiniest penis I have ever seen.

Needless to say, my attraction and interest has quickly faded.

I am just being honest! I guess tarot was right. Hahaha. Pretty funny stuff!

(my real question did tarot know I would lose interest after I saw his penis??? Too funny)

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So like a short-lived passionate affair type thing?

Yes I don't feel much stability in those cards

Are you still seeing this guy?
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Yes, I am. But that can all change very quickly. The physical attraction/passion is very strong but I havent totally lost my wits about me, yet. I am still guarding my heart and will let the relationship go as soon as things start to go haywire....which is sounds like they will!

He ended a 6 year relationship (married 1 year) last June. I ended a 6 year relationship last year. Soo we both have been very apprehensive I think about jumping into something....that is how I feel at least.
So like a short-lived passionate affair type thing?
I guess I am wondering if the tower can also be sexual. The reason I ask is...well.....yesterday we literally were sexting the ENTIRE day from 11AM to 11PM which is extremely intense sexual attraction and passion and I sincerely have never had passion sustain that long via texting my entire life!

Could tower also be sexual?

It seems like things between us are extremely sexual/passionate nature. But isnt passion also a strong feeling?

When we are alone we cant keep our hands off of each other.
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I have just been getting a TON of negative feed back on these cards telling me to run for the hills and that they are a very bad combination!

You really gonna let 4 cards decide your relationship?
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No, you're right. I actually would not do that hahaha
I have just been getting a TON of negative feed back on these cards telling me to run for the hills and that they are a very bad combination!
Gemini Moon.

Love the sociability, never-ending curiosity and quick wit....a way with words

Hate the shallowness, over analyzing feelings and general restlessness
Yes, I am a cancer actually.

I wasn't sure if these cards were possibly negative though. Because Moon can be about confusion and deceit etc. and I know Tower can also be negative...and Wheel of Fortune can be indecision....

Are those possibilities?

the moon, death and wheel of fortune are the cards I pulled when I ask "how does he feel about me"

these can all be interpreted so many different ways so I asked for a clarifying card and pulled..

the tower.


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I once watched my dog take a big messy butter, then turn around and start eating it.

It was far more entertaining and less cringe-worthy than Girls.

hahahahaha. Broad City is what I hoped GIRLS would be. I am not a fan of GIRLS, myself...just to be clear. This is solely an observation of Adam Driver.
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Hah justawhatwhat, not every Stinger man is as you described them to be.

If we were to use actors as examples, Ryan Reynolds, Mads Mikkelsen, Leonardo Dicaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Ethan Hawke, Joaquin Phoenix, Stanley Tucci, Gerard Butler, Mark Ruffalo, Seth MacFarlane, Owen Wilson, David Schwimmer, Kevin Kline, Josh Duhamel, and Ryan Gosling ... etc.

They are all fine Stinger specimen in their own way but vastly different in life style and personalities.

No you are right. Totally true. I only meant he is what I conjure up when I think of a that total "stereotypical" male Scorpio.
^^^ yeah no he isn't conventionally hot by any means, I agree. But he has a unique hotness. Either you're into it or not. Like most scorpios. Repelled or intrigued.
Also....KILLER BODY. Those shoulders and chest..Ugh. Hot. a Scorpio.

DOES THIS SURPRISE ANYONE? (assuming you've seen the show GIRLS).

He is literally the type of person I imagine when I think of a Scorpio man. Intense, sexually deviant, powerful, depth..

Anyone else see it?

I feel like a LOT of people from all signs do helps you MOVE ON. Not always. But it can help.

But is there like a chickeniness to it? Like he is just trying to conquer me like I'm a type of conquest? Or it depends...?

We havent "hooked up" yet but we both have made is very clear were attracted to each other. But we still havent made a move yet. (sexually or otherwise)....

Should I be very cautious?
How would you interpret 6 of wands as someone's feelings towards you?

It's already been established that were attracted to one another etc.

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My Aries I've been seeing for about 6 months (a little on and off in the beginning) said this to me last night and I have no idea how to take it.

He has me meeting his family, tells me he loves me, has been hesitant to put a title on things which is fine with me, I don't require a label on our relationship, but I do wonder if that means anything for him that he isn't keen on it...anyway he says all these things but then still has concerns about us I guess because things were a bit rocky in the beginning as we got to know each other's communication style s, which we eventually figured out and adapted to.

Now he says he has concerns and I take that as him not being sure about me/us, but then why does he continue having me meet his family and acting like there's a future?

I feel like he just means that he thinks there may just be some things you'll still need to work through but he is willing to do that because he wants to be with you forever. When aries say things like that, they generally mean it. Very committed once they find a love they truly want.