Well I am a cancer woman, if I keep distant, that is probably because I do not trust you, maybe you did something, maybe you said something. We cancers both male and female, are very sensitive and we take deeply everything that happens around us. Also, we may stay friendly with you, we may talk to you, but on a deeper level we can feel hurt. It is difficult to explain but I guess cancers will understand that. If you want your friend back, be understanding, trustworthy and supportive, we also appreciate straight talk about the issue. Good luck
I understand I was too judgmental at that moment, and could have been more understanding, and I would like to talk to him about everything. I think it means something that he eventually reappeared, I hope he still cares about me. The main task for now is to get back in contact and to make him talk..so that's my question - how to act to not scare him again..
We were spending time together and he said he would like to leave for a couple of hours to meet somebody (concerning) his hobby and I said I would like him to stay, as it would be disrespectful to leave me and that I hadn't seen him for a long time so I think he should give his full attention to me that day. He stayed but later said there was a huge fight inside him as he didn't see nothing bad in this. That's why he later said he is hard to deal with, and that he sees the world in a "ubnormal way" sometime
Typical virgo man
Two months ago me (cancer) and a virgo man had a small disagreement, which obviously seemed as a huge deal to him. Before that everything was perfect, we were not officially committed, but were keeping in touch for a long time, as at that time he was living abroad. We had seen each other, never had sex, he used to say that I am perfect, smart, unique and I felt that he likes me sooo much. He shared his deepest secrets with me and admitted he never felt like this before.
During the last date he was soo into me, but then after the disagreement he changed, turned cold, distant and vanished. I tried to talk to him, to solve the problem, but he said I should find a better one as he is so much trouble, and it is hard to understand him.
Now he reappeared, we had a short conversation, he even asked if I would like to see him again, said he was thinking about me all this time.
How best to act in this case? Pretend nothing happened, be cool, or be initiative?
He is worth a second chance, and I wouldn't like to loose him for ever. Thanx
Taurus and cancer usually get along very well, I am a cancer woman and I have a taurus male friend, so I feel a deep connection with him, I trust him, and probably his trustworthiness is one of the main traits I value most. On the other hand, both taurus and cancer people are reserved, and don't trust easily, so we both took some time to gain each others trust, but we were quite open from the start.
So if she instantly opened up to you that means she really trusts you, so just show to that girl that you are worth that trust, be reliable and always keep your promises
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i think when taurus guy liked me as a friend, he was more relaxed and easygoing. cracking lots of jokes
when he liked me as more than a friend, he was more careful about what he showed and what he said. he got quieter, stared more and appeared guarded at times. so his energy changed. but he asked more questions about what i was up to and who i was with. just not wanting to be obvious about it.lol.
and when he started doing practical things to make my life easier, i saw it's how he shows he cares and the more effort he puts into doing things for me and with me, because giving me his time is a biggie, then the more he is in it. we have always been independent and like our freedom. it was funny to see him show up time and again and be casual about it because he had no reason to be there except to see me, ie. my aunt's house, and he would also call for no reason and then tell me that i was the one who called him.
just silly things.

Yeah i think if they give you their time and help it means a lot, cause they wouldn't do that for just somebody
From my own experience i can say that, taurus men are friendly by nature, but if they like you in a romantic way, they will treat you differently - compliment you, give you gifts, take you out to dinner or cook for you (they love to feed the ones they like), they will spend his money on you, as they are materialistic, they will help you and always be around, and most important, if a taurus man is serious about you, he will be persistent - they hate to give up
Ohh and a taurus guy that likes you more than a friend, will definitely try to touch you in a gentle way
From my own experience I can say that taurus people are very stubborn and they do things their way entire life, so it is really hard to change them. The more you push them, the less they care. I have a good male friend who is a taurus, so the only way to try to change their mind is to gently and carefully tell them your opinion and arguments. Then..MAYBE..they will think about it, but still, taurus people change their mind only if THEY decide it's necessary
Virgo men are weird and very hard to deal with...
Me and my virgo guy were in "getting to know each other" stage a year ago. The first time he disappeared was after 2 months, when he decided that our relationship was not going to work because of the distance as he was living in another city at that time - no talking, no explanation, nothing. I moved on as I had no feelings for him at that time.
After 5 months I checked his account on a dating site, he wrote me, said he couldn't forget me (but did nothing during these months) and we started all over again and it was awesome. Future plans, compliments, he opened up to me, said I was perfect bla bla, we were talking about everything (he was still living abroad at that time), and everything seemed sooo well, same interests, same points of view, same goals, everything was perfect, he even planned moving to live together but..he came back, we had a great date and spent amazing time after which he became distant and disappeared again This time because I "didn't understand" him in one situation during our date..whatever..I tried to talk, tried to make things clear, but he decided I needed a better one, all his beautiful words suddenly vanished, all his mind set changed and here I am still waiting for him to reappear
Virgos are this way. They create their picture and if something goes not their way they run away. They always run away from problems and never solve them. They just shut down. You may even not realize there was something wrong. The best thing is to move on. If you are special to him, he might come back, but..
Anyway, he is a taurus, he is very slooow So, it looks as if I have to take control over this deal
I am a cancer, well it seems that he likes me, but sometimes it's confusing if is it "more than a friend" stuff, or is he just being friendly.
I know this Taurus guy for more than a year. We have never been intimate, he hadn't even kiss me. We don't meet often as we now live in different cities, but we text every day, he calls me, makes plans in advance to see me, offers to help me around the house or do the shopping, compliments me, brings me small gifts and always keeps his promises.
I was wondering, why isn't he initiating intimate contact? He compliments my outfit, even sometimes makes sexual jokes about us.
I know his attitude - he said that he is not into casual relationship, and doesn't like one night stands, though he is very sexual (I don't know maybe he has many lovers, but he never talks about other girls with me), he said he may have many female friends, but if he ever lets a women into his world, she will be special and for the rest of his life.
I know taurus males are very sexual and sex plays a very important role in their lives, so why doesn't he make a move to take us out of the "friendzone"?

My personal opinion is that this man has deep inside problems and low self esteem, it seems as if you can't relax being with him. Anyway, I have a very close male friend who is a sag so what he really likes is concreteness and he values efforts to please him. But it looks as if you are doing all this and you give him lots of attention, so again, I think you do everything right and it's his problems coming from his past which he has to deal himself
Nice to hear that as I hope he likes me more he is coming back from his studies in a couple of weeks, so he is constantly talking about taking me to one or another place..mostly related to food and eating😀😀 taureans are always hungry😀 Also offering me to help do my shopping
I know this Taurus man for over a year. We have never crossed "friendzone" boundary and there was nothing intimate between us. But we text every day, he calls me often, we go out when he is back home, as he now studies abroad. He is also very nice and helpful, he compliments me, he says he respects me as a women a lot and trusts me, he says he misses me. Recently I started getting small gifts from him. Once he brought me sweets, the other time I he sent me home small trinkets. I was wondering is this a sign of romantic interest or is he just being friendly? Do taurus men behave like that with "just a friend"?
I am a typical cancer Well, he is very nice, smart, handsome and we have sooo many things in common, so I wouldn't mind him being more than a friend, especially now, when he is moving back from abroad. According to said above, I think there might be a possibility he likes me as more than a friend, maybe he is not sure about my feelings. Anyway, I feel he likes me, he said he likes spending time with me, he brings me small gifts, tells about his everyday stuff and even his past, compliments me, keeps in touch every day, offers to help and etc, so maybe there he likes me as a girl He is a taurus, you can never know what's on his mind
Thanx for your opinion, just curious, do you think he might like me more than just a friend?
I know this taurus guy for more than a year. He lives abroad now but we keep in touch every day, we had met several times, even had a 4 day trip together. But all this time we never stepped the "friendzone" boundary. He texts me a lot, he calls me, he is gentle, he makes plans for us for the time ha comes back back, he even said he missed me so much and misses spending a good time with me, said he would like to travel together again, he said I can call him anytime if i needed help etc. Well, he seems really nice to me, he trusts me, but he never tried to make an "intimate" move, neither did I. I don't know, maybe it is because we know each other's opinion about relationship - we both know we are ok being single and if we had somebody, he/she would be perfect and for the long haul. He also said, he would never go for the less, and will better stay alone, anyway, he is a taurus and he needs a princess) He compliments me often, says I look great when I send him a pic, says I am smart, funny, and jokes that he would marry me one day. He is also curious about other guys texting me, curious about where I go, who is with me etc.
Lately, I found out he has a facebook account, though he used to say he doesn't have one, as soon as he found out I know his account, he quickly made some pics private and left public only some. I only noticed there were some comments under these hidden pics from other girls. I didn't ask him to be friends on fb, neither did he, and I said nothing about this situation, I even didn't say I saw those pics, but I don't understand, if we are friends, if he is ok being single and we are not in a relationship, why did he hide these pics? And he did it soooo quickly, like minutes after he found out I know his account. Thanx for your opinion guys