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  • I am a cancer (July 21) and my boyfriend is an Aries (March 24). We started as fwb (at least I did), but he was serious from the start and wanted more. He didn't want to scare me, so he was wooing me wisely smile We get along well, I just don't like that he is spontaneous, cause i love planning ahead, but i talked about that, and he tries to search for compromise now.
    I agree that Aries men are babies. My man always wants to be taken care of. As a cancer i am very careful, i like to make him feel good, and he really likes that. But he still has big ego and wants to be the Man.
    As i noticed, appearance and sexuality are very important to him, as well as intelligence. He also cares how ohers see him and his women, so he wants his woman to be at her best all the time.
    He also is very serious about our relationship, he talks about future, weddings, kids, I know Aries men tend to get bored easily, so i am still cautious, cause i still think he might change his mind quicklysmile
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    Is this it?

    My Virgo is Leo-dominant so I'm not sure how much help this book would be for me. But, as a Virgo mooner, I find that I haven't needed any help so far. Putty in my hands.
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    I think it is not the book itself, just an introduction link.
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  • Sorry if this topic was created already. But maybe somebody has a book "Virgo man secrets" by Anna Kovach in PDF or might share a link for reading it online?
    Thank you.
  • We know each other for 3 months, we met online and from the first date we felt mutual attraction and interest. After couple of dates we became intimate and decided to be friends with benefits. Despite that, our dates always include more than sex - we go for a walk, for dinner, watch movies. He even started introducing me to his friends and took me for a weekend trip with his friends. He said he hadn't done that for a very long time and his friends were really surprised he took a girl with him.
    Moreover, he always jokes about us being together, even getting married and having kids. I guess this is him teasing me cause I said I am cautious and I do not start serious relationship easily and I do not have a goal to get married. He also is very open with me, always tells me how special I am, that he feels different around me, talks about his childhood, dreams, texts me a lot and so on.
    I know aries men love freedom, they are independent and are more into casual stuff. Moreover, we decided to be only friends with benefits, but does his behavior show that he might want more? I have never dated an aries so don't have any experience in this casesmile
  • I am a cancer girl and oh yes I am jealousBig Grin Just don't like sharing, but I never show my jealousysmile)
  • I am a cancer and i am currently seeing an aries guy. From the very beginning he was very open, talkative, straight forwarded and touchy. He texts me non stop, sends me pics, asks me out (we live in different cities but he always comes to see me even if it takes him 2h to drive). He is very direct about how he feels and keeps telling me that he likes me, that he is having fun with me, that i am smart etc. Sexual attraction plays a big role as well. I think sex is very very important to aries guy. Comparing to other zodiac signs (taurus or virgo), aries is easy to understand - he is direct, open and you don't have to be guessing if he likes you or not.
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    You know he's really obviously into you but the distance maybe kinda bothers him but I think you're overanalyzing this.

    What's your sun sign?


    I am a cancer, well overanalyzing is what I do often Big Grin Maybe the key is that I expected his help when he said he could help, without any questions, cause I would help him no matter the distance.
  • I know this taurus man for about 1,5 year. I know he likes me, but I am still wondering whether he sees me only as a good friend, or more - he never initiated sexual contact except hugging, touching my back or hand. He says he respects me and trusts me a lot, he texts, calls, asks me out, even asked on a trip for 4 days, we always spend one on one time, he gives me small trinkets, pays for lunch, goes extra mile to see me (we live in different cities), asks for my opinion, his mom knows me and etc.
    I know that he is slow in everything and he said he doesn't see the point in rushing to get committed with somebody and that he is very cautious about letting people into his life.
    I appreciate what he does for me and the way he treats me, I really value his trust, but yesterday I was a little surprised. I said that I bought a new bed and asked if he knew a company that could help me with delivery in my hometown. He said he didn't knew any and that he could help me himself, but I live so far from him (250km). I told him that I could pay for his trip as we both understand that everything costs (I know he is not in the best financial situation right now).
    He said it's a bullbutter, as he doesn't like when money pops out in the friendship and that he wouldn't like to take money from me. I made a joke and said I would give lots of food instead. We laughed and I said we'll see, cause maybe I'll find somebody to help me from my city. Then I changed a topic.
    My question is why did he offer to help me (several times in that conversation), and that started talking about me living to far and giving a hint that distance would be a problem.
    If I knew that I wouldn't be able to come and help somebody because of the distance, I wouldn't offer my help at all. We both do not like counting money in every step we take like buying coffee for each other or sth. He pays for me most of the time, but this time I didn't get the point - he offers to help but then says that I live so far away and gives a hint it is an obstacle.
    Does he look at us so formally? Or am I really just a casual friend and nothing more? If he needed help I would never pop out a question about distance or any other obstacle.
    Any opinions?
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    Mine does Both...

    If a Taurus man is into you will know without a shadow of a doubt..

    Agree but you have to know that from something. So my question was from what? Actions or words? ?
  • Is it true that taurus men tend to show their feelings through actions, rather than words? How to know that taurus man is not just being friendly, but wants more?
    What are main "actions" showing that a woman is special?
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    @Yupvirgoo I thought that too but he has told me point blank that he thinks about me all the time. We knew each other in high school but never got together life had other plans. flash forward more than 10 years later life may have planned right. He's told me he thinks about me all the time and hasn't gotten over me from HS and that he wants to be with me. So I'm just confused when the words and actions don't match especially with what I've been reading with Virgos.

    @Kikyy I am also a cancer woman so I know all too well about needing openness and expressiveness (will be my downfall lol). For you when did the hot and cold stop or how did you get it to stop? Did you ever do the hot and cold act with him? Trying to decide if I should pull all the way back again or be the one to take most of the lead. We've gone through this a few times and he comes back all the time.

    My virgo used to say that i was perfect, smart, unique, that he wanted to be with me, bla bla..and then after a small disagreement he became distant. The more i tried to understand what was wrong, the more he ran away. Finally he ended everything with his silence. Their words usually never match their actions (i knew several virgo men in my life). Virgos are mutual and they live for the moment, when they say they love you they mean it, but the next minute they can get critical and start hesitating about their "love" and distract in order to sort things out. Virgo men are smart, loyal, caring but very difficult to deal with as they are always scared of their feelings...
  • I am a cancer woman, and I had a relantionship with a virgo man. He used to be hot & cold. Unlike cancers, virgo men have problems expressing their feelings. He always got distant when feelings got involved.
    Virgo men understand everything on a rational level but they get lost when it comes to feelings and emotions. As I am cancer, i need to be open and I think I used to scare my virgo man with being too emotional Big Grin
  • I am a cancer, so I don't find it difficult to open up and talk about my emotions. I just taurus taurus man is not that way, he is reserved and cautious and takes his time to decide. I accept that as I do not want to rush with him.
    He once told me directly that he respects me as a woman which I really appreciate. I agree that I will probably have to be the one to make a move, cause we've been friends for 1,5 year and he might be scared to loose me as a friend and might not be sure about the way I feel.
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    About 1,5 year

    I hate you guys
    Jk secretly true lol
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    What to hate for?
  • I don't know..we both are in a kinda friendzone. But we both understand we enjoy spending time togethersmile) we actually never talked "about us". I just know he is really serious about commitment, relationship and etc
  • About 1,5 year
  • Taurus men are know to be very sensual and sexual and they really have lots of sexual energy. They are also slow to let a women into their life. If a taurus man is showing signs of affection, investing his time and money in a girl for a long time, but doesn't initiate sexual contact, does this mean he values her and sees her as more than just a lover? Taurus men don't waste time, money and energy on just somebody, so what are your opinions?
  • I am a cancer girl, and i totally agree it's soo hard to let your ex go. I also tend to think a lot after break up, I feel the desire to call and text him,'s not good.
    personally i think the best thing to move on and forget your ex it's to find a new object of admiration, so that you could 100% concentrate on him
  • It's a typical virgo man. Virgo men are rational, practical, but when feelings are involved they get lost. They are scared of emotions as hell. I had two virgo guys in my life so I know virgo men traits really well. They are careful and slow to commit, they always search for "perfect". They are very contradictory, as they want to love and to be loved, but they are afraid of that at the same time. As soon as serious feelings get involved, they tend to pull back and to "understand" what is going on on a rational level, as they can't handle their feelings well. They have to distract and to sort the things out, to see if it fits their perfect blueprint.
    Even though I've been hurt by virgo men in the past, I can admit that virgo man is good catch and he can make you feel the happiest girl in the world, but he can hurt you the most too. My main advice is to not live his life and never build your life around him cause you will be doing that for ever. Be yourself, have your goals, yet be domestic and caring, don't be overwhelming. Never show a virgo man how much you want him and need him, play it cool, simple as if nothing serious is going on and he will not feel so scared of feelings, he won't feel pressured. The more YOU pull away, there more he will want to chase you smile
    But know, that even in serious relationship, virgo man will never become emotional smile He will always live on mental level more, than on emotional.
    Good luck