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  • It sounds like she is unhappy with herself. She is holding on to that negativity and probably doesn't even realize the depth of what she has going on emotionally. Unfortunately it seems like she hasn't dealt with her issues and it's projected into her relationships with everyone in her life. She has to face what's making her unhappy and do something about it for things to really change. She has the desire to be that loving Leo that she knows she is capable of but right now she is blocked imo.
  • @Earlong16 how long have you guys been dating? Maybe she isn't sure how you feel. Maybe sitting down and openly communicating will help. Have you tried that?
  • @LuckyLioness you hit the nail on the head. The man that I'm feeling does this push pull thing and I've read that cancer men are notorious for this. Being a Leo Sun woman with a Venus Virgo creates this dynamic where I'm used to going after I want when it comes to every aspect in my life except in love due to fear of what you mentioned above. So when he pulls me close, it's great but when he pushes away, I find myself analyzing everything. I care about him and I always will but I have to have consistency.
  • Meanwhile I'm shifting my focus on my life so I'm not just focusing on him. I find that he seems more comfortable when I'm more distant with him which I don't understand...I think he is operating from a place of pain from the past and fear if it repeating itself. I'm not out to hurt or use him...I actually care about him as a person. At the same time I'm not trying to be hurt either.
  • @Seleukos That's exactly what I'm going to do. I need to for my own sake. We don't mean any harm by being "annoying" lol. I don't think it's even something we realize we do.
  • @one day You understand where I am then lol. Sometimes I think forget this but then something happens that makes me stick around. I just don't want to be played with and I feel like he plays games sometimes.
  • @MoonshineLeo I definitely see a shift in my own outlook and feelings. I'm interested to see how things are going to change.
  • @Gemitati My name on here isn't a reflection of the way in which I see myself based on my ego. It's more about what I would like to become more than anything. Every Leo isn't too full of themselves to be considerate, loving, and kind. Life has a way of humbling everyone if a person decides to pay attention to the lessons and evolve.
  • Yes too much generosity isn't good. That's a mistake I don't want to keep making. It opens the door for being taken advantage of. Cap moon placement seems to impact work ethic. We work hard for what we want in life but when it comes to love that quality seems flawed. Working for someone's love seems to be the wrong approach. They should be inspired to give it. For a very long time I refused to ponder all these things and I've learned the hard way that delaying emotional maturity cost the most expensive thing we have which is time. I've learned that the only thing I can work on is myself.
  • He doesn't talk about her at all. They have a kid together so no matter what they always will have to be in each other's lives. I did ask him if he wanted to be with her and he said if that's what he wanted that s where he would be...not really believing that. I'm willing to bet she is why they aren't together. I know he loves her and admitted to wanting to marry her at one time. You don't get over that easily. I had a man I wanted to marry way back. Loved him with everything in me. 10 years pass we reconnect only to discover we won't ever be able to be together. That's when I finally moved on. Things don't work out for a reason. My friend has one more try left in him for his ex I believe. He and I have had sex and it's 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥...but I don't want to be FWB only. That's why I've decided to stop being physical with him, date around and see what's best for me. I'm making myself do this though so I'm not giving myself to someone that takes me forgranted
  • My Venus is in Virgo so I have the desire to loudly express myself but that rational Venus that analyzes everything is like: is it logical? What is the endgame? Risk analysis, benefit analysis, all kinds of things get in the way if that lol. In this situation, I'm glad I didn't because I feel it would have ended in my feelings being hurt. My cancer friend is still hurt...and hurt people HURT people. It's hard to love someone and want to give them what they aren't ready for. Timing has always been an issue with us. Neither one of us is with anyone but we aren't at the same place emotionally. There's always been this attraction there but at this time, I'm stepping back.
  • I am trying to get over my involvement with a cancer man. He is not over his past, maybe even wants his ex back and that's why he doesn't want a relationship. I'm afraid that if I stick around in limbo with him, when he is ready for more, he will find someone else because he will think I was cool with casual. I'm not. I hear a lot of people say Leo Women are just like mes but not this one. I've always wanted to be in a relationship with just one man and share life, grow and build together. At the same time, we give each other space for our own interests and friends as well. My cancer man does this getting close and pushing away thing too. I feel like he is trying to test me by playing games and I don't like it. My heart isn't a piece I'm willing to bargain with.
  • I want to be free to be that way with someone. I'm affectionate and loving but only if I'm sure that is what my partner wants and deserves. I have found myself in relationships where I'm not getting that love back. I leave and the men always come back regretful. It's frustrating to always be someone's life lesson. I've heard so many times...oh I should have done this or I'm sorry I did that. Meanwhile they are stuck in these unhappy unfulfilling relationships or marriages that they can't seem to leave. It makes me wonder at what point am I supposed to stop serving as a man's "the one that got away"
  • Yes high thick walls. When I try to get rid of them, something happens which validates their existence. I am very loyal and I will hold on even when I shouldn't. I'm exhausted from those type of situations. I'm trying to get to a place where I am with a man that values and loves me. I know I'm a good woman and I know what I have to offer the right man. I don't want to be too jaded when he comes and inadvertently push him away. That would be tragic!
  • It is hard to trust your own judgement after going through tough relationships. It's true that being able to discern so clearly is a good and bad thing as well and it makes sense that it would cause me to hold back. I guess that it takes knowing what you can live with and without when it comes to partnerships realizing that no one is perfect sigh...its hard to realize that you are the reason you don't have what you want.
  • I really identify with bring afraid of intimacy because it requires being vulunerable. It does require you to lose control and I realized that a while ago. I guess I never thought about the way it is projected in my interactions. Being a fire sun sign helps me to have that passion he spoke of...there's a lot of that but emotionally I realize I have some work to do. Thanks for this video. It confirms what I've been going over in my mind.
  • Venus in Virgo
    Mars in Cancer
    Moon in Capricorn
    Rising sign on Aquarius

    I am like a lot of you all that love hard and don't mind showing it to my mate...whats odd is that I seem to attract emotionally unavailable men. Trying to understand why that happens so I can stop it.
  • Yes it is hard. I understand having issues to work through. I have been there and done that. I'm going to give him space and let him know I'm still his friend. Meanwhile, I'm going to take this time to get my emotions under control. We have both been through a lot and agreed that we don't want to destroy our friendship. It's hard to stay away though because we have chemistry. I sense that he doesn't want to get too close because of his issues.
  • That could be it. I have so much love to give. I gave been told I am intimidating as well and I don't understand that either.
  • No matter what jacked up relationships I've had, I still want love and a committed relationship. Why does it seem so hard for that to happen? Has any other Leos had this problem? Then when you look at women like JLo and Hallie Berry who are Leos, it just makes me wonder what's up. Any Leos that overcame this and how?