Run girl run virgos are not relationship type they are good treetrunks nothing more or friends move on he's going to continue to be that way , in his mind your better in the dark he kept his distant just in case he saw someone he might wanna get to know on a more personal level . Trust me I know virgos to well Run
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Based on my experience, they are able to pick up your energy/feelings (e.g. if you still have feelings for an ex, are you thinking positively or negatively about a situation, etc.), but the predictions are usually off (e.g. he will contact you in 3 months). I have tried a few. Some of them were good at describing my current situations.

That's crazy because I just wanna know what's real and what's not. And I keep getting these readings that's not correct . Can you refer me to the ones you went too
Plus why when you ask for them to give more details on the future they can't !!! Like why you can only see this guy I'm not even thinking about. What about this new guy? Or work or anything else. Or what about spell workers who lie because that stuff doesn't work it's a waste of money !!
That's true I do believe that because one reader was dead on with my past and things going on with my daughter health But when it came to my ex relationship she was on and off with a lot of things and some things didn't make sense she also told me his mom was paying someone to do work on me because she doesn't like me . She kept saying my ex was a vampire she kept saying she see a guy with the first letter M that he and I were going to be married with kids and that guy and I don't even talk , so A lot of things didn't make sense so I was confused . She did tarot and read my hand. But she kept pressuring me to get a spiritual cleaning . And kept wanting more money. I stop talking to her because she was doing to much

Then the other lady she had told me something's that came true but I don't like that she calls someone for her readings she made me right down questions and then told me what the person told her , her readings were some what true and then it was parts I was waiting to happen but didn't. She told me that he loved me but he just isn't any good . She said that he'll never be in our daughters life and when he does it's not going to be consistent she also said he mother paid someone to do voodoo to break us up

The I went to this other lady and she did tarot cards she spoke of my ex as well and she said if I wait then he will change but as of right now he wants it to be over she explained what kind of guy he was and how are relationship was she was to expensive and not long enough to go into detail

The last lady said told me a lot of things like how I'm getting over my ex How he loved me and he's hurt about our relationship and how it ended she told me that we don't see eye to eye and he doesn't want the responsibility of something right now ( I knew she was talking about our daughter ) she asked if we had kids I said yes she said as of right now we are out of sight out of mind to him she said it was a lot of pain in this relationship and one of us was really hurt . Then that was it . I called her again months later and she said that it's a guy that coming into my life and he's going to not be what I think he is meaning he's not truthful about how he feels she said she sees a new love interest it isn't anybody I know or talk too she said I'm going to really like him and we are going to be happy together but don't let this guy that isn't being truthful fool you I didn't think anything of it so I asked to get spell work done she said okay but when I told her my ex name And she started the work she told me that it was my ex that going to come back because of a current relationship that's going to fail he's coming back soon and don't trust him he hasn't changed. The relationship is going to be the same

They all told me that my ex was no good only one told me he will change but it won't be anytime soon.

My thing is how do they keep seeing him or bringing him up . How do they know it's really him we don't talk at all which person is telling the truth
Don't give it your all until you know they are there to stay.
Ok so I've been going to psyhics for awhile now and I've been getting readings now they all tell me something different but they always some how refer to this guy ( they keep saying it's my ex) they keep saying he's coming back he isn't going to change don't trust him . But I don't talk to my ex at all . I have gotten work done and none of the work I paid for worked . But they swear they are good at doing work for people . I've had some good psychic tell me something's that no one would know but I swear I still need to know when I have found a good reader.
Ok so I've been going to psyhics for awhile now and I've been getting readings now they all tell me something different but they always some how refer to this guy ( they keep saying it's my ex) they keep saying he's coming back he isn't going to change don't trust him . But I don't talk to my ex at all . I have gotten work done and none of the work I paid for worked . But they swear they are good at doing work for people . I've had some good psychic tell me something's that no one would know but I swear I still need to know when I have found a good reader.
Yeah i don't think it's true. Libras will pretend if it's something benefiting them
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Libra Women are my weakness, a lot of people in the Libra forum have read about my post with my ex GF who was a Libra.
I'll say this much, in my own opinion I hope to marry a Libra woman one day, at their peak they will love you to no end. But you better not only show her you appreciate it but reciprocate it.
Every Libra I've dated or have been friends with it was always a special connection between us, I know for a fact we can work out with them.
They have to mature and we have to let them be themselves in order for things to be successful. It took me a long time to learn that.
Libras and Virgos are the best thing. Who cares what the "experts" and love matches say. Take it from me, I'll always believe in Virgo and Libras

I think the guy has to be grown and mature in order for us to work out, because we hate drama and we need attention from our mate. Because we are great women and we our loyal and we love hard. But games can't be played. And we can't have y'all trying to control us we hate that p
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I actually get Virgos and Libras in real life mixed up sometimes. I think they're more alike than they think they are.

We our so much alike that's why we bumped heads and he couldn't put anything past me
He began to tell me how this girl he was seeing was so much better than me and he was going to treat her right because she deserved it and I didn't he was telling me how he wasn't in love with me never was he had love for me but wasn't in love oh and the worst part was how he didn't our daughter was his and he not taking the parenenity test no time soon and he's not going to be around his daughter until I get over him , it was crazy because I just wanted to co parent nothing else at that time , I even told him we can go threw each other's parents. He wasn't feeling it , he was like I would never mess with you again and you broke my game and computer you called the cops on me . My mom told me to leave you alone I hate you right now !!! I was lost because just a few days ago you were trying to kick my door down because you thought I had male company just the day before you were saying you were still in love . I think I hurt him by putting him out changing my number and saying I was done on top of seeing that someone had proposed to me. I haven't seen or talked to him since our daughter was 4months she is 1 now. We don't have each other's number or social media sites . And we have a child.
I put him because I was pregnant and he was staying out real late and he didn't have any respect for our house , I would have dinner made and things and he wouldn't be their to eat he was still messaging girls on Facebook and having girls come see him . Then when I went into labor he worked the whole time I was in the hospital I felt alone and I just couldn't take the stuff he was doing . So I broke his game and he package all his stuff and left . After a week being gone i posted a picture of me going out he wouldn't stop callin and texting me. So one day I let him come over and we had sex . After that I said I didn't want to do the back and fourth anymore and this was the last time doing this. He said that he still loved me and he didn't understand why I was doing this. Mind you he had a whole other phone and I didn't have his number. And he didn't have any plans on giving me the number. I made him leave when I would call him too hey the baby something he would be mad and wanna argue. So one day he text and said he was coming over it was late and I said no I had company , my mom and brother was over and she hates him so I told him no . He came over trying to kick the door talking I had a man around his daughter. My mom freaked out and called the police😩. He didn't go to jail but that pissed him off even more . The next day I called him and I said what is his purpose of doing the things he does because he wasn't around his own daughter and why did he come over doing that crazy stuff when we don't talk. He simply said your not going to have another man around my daughter. I don't care if we don't talk or not. I told him I was dating and so was he if he got serious with someone who am I to tell him he can't have that person around my child and it should be the same vice versa . Y'all he lost it after that
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My old boss has been with her Virgo man for 13 years and they still act like best buds

I wonder how they made it work . Maybe it has something to do with the person and not just signs. Because me and my Virgo we're unbreakable . We had been through a lot but we never gave up. But it's like he said that no matter what he did to change nothing would be good enough for me, and I felt like he wasn't changing he was just slowing down on the things I wanted him to stop . I feel like when I put him out I should of let things dye down but I changed my number. Did that make him feel like I didn't care anymore ? He knows where I stay why hasn't he came over 😫. Left a note or something lol😔. Maybe we needed this break so we can be better parents and not fight about our relationship we had. I'm lost on this situation 🤔
That's not true virgos lie a lot on top of play a lot of mind games so that would cause a libra to be unsure of the relationship not wish washy
Yes it's something because he is doing to much like where did this come from. Then he is always lying about a lot of stuff and I know he is . And it's just annoying to even deal with him. It hasn't even been that long and your claiming to love me already
I'm just curious have their been any successful libra women Virgo male relationships because it's been a year and I have yet to get over my ex . It was a horrible fun crazy weird relationship . But the sex was everything . I'm starting to think that virgos are only goood for sex not relationships . Is it just me or what?
So I've been dating a Gemini. For 3 weeks no sex one date and two kisses and he tells me he is in love with me . Like how ? It's too soon . Who does that? He's trying to run game on me right ?
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Ignore the stupid bleep. She's 21 years old and has no idea what she wants.

They're stupid chickenteases by nature. She gets off on the attention you give her no matter what she does to you. Immature Libras are attention whoring users. They're insecure treetrunks who seek attention and will do some treetrunked up, shady butter to get it.

Either way, you need to drop her. Entirely. No more answering her texts. You look like a pathetic loser when you continue to respond to her.

You need to spend your time and efforts on someone more deserving, not some lame cookiemonster who needs a swift kick to the ovaries.

THIS ISNT TRUE WE DONT SEEK ATTENTION ONLY FROM OUR MATE OR WHO EVER WE ARE IN LOBE WITH . I do believe she's young and we don't just act this way for just any reason maybe your missing something or you aren't doing something that she like. Doesn't mean she doesn't want him it just means he's missing something Virgo and libra are compatiable so it's something more to this story