TX home town - Virgo sun Aries Moon Sagittarius rising

He has his sun, moon, mercury, venus, and pluto in scorp.
Before. I'm still here.
Just met a guy with 5 planets in Scorp
His friends are everything to him.
Lol thank you you're so sweet.
How were the water moons that you've known?
I think water moons just want someone who can feel what they feel and understand what they're going through. Not necessarily intimacy in a romantic way

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I have Chiron in Scorpio conjunct my Venus in Scorpio.

No I am not gender fluid and I am straight.

Just for your future reference (not meant to offend you)

Gender identity =/= sexuality.

Just in case you might come across someone else who is straight but gender fluid.
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Thanks for the heads up, but I meant I identify as cisgender (identify as female, born female) and my orientation is heterosexual.
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I have Chiron in Scorpio conjunct my Venus in Scorpio.

No I am not gender fluid and I am straight.

Are you a feminist or do you stand for the gender minorties?

This is a research thread and would like any inputs

There are other interpretations to Venus-Chiron but I don't wanna get into it...
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I believe in equality for both sexes and do accept people who are not straight.

I believe that men and women should have equal power in relationships and the work place. Each should do their part to uphold society and the relationship. I do accept chivalry from a man just because it's respectful, I don't look down on a woman who would rather do her own thing.
And I'd accept and befriend anyone who's LGBT. The way I see it, they're just people. People need friendships/relationships and although I would not get into a romantic relationship with them, I'd accept them friendship wise.
I have Chiron in Scorpio conjunct my Venus in Scorpio.

No I am not gender fluid and I am straight.
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I have been so treetrunking horny last 2 weeks, Im about to go full retard - mad.

I know scorpios are very sexual. ( I have scorpio moon, venus and pluto )

What is going on?! Is this normal?
To masturbate 5 times in a day like I am 14yo

Everything is sexual suddenly, I can't stop thinking about intimacy and making love to someone

I'd hate to jump in looking like an outsider, but astrologically, it's probably pluto retrograde.
I hate flakiness, when someone can't stand up to whatever value we hold as a couple (ex: the majority thinks it's shameful for people to live together before marriage, we live together, person jokes willingly to fit in and appease others) (I know, very specific), a wandering eye, a big mouth.
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Perhaps it's because Virgos are real hard to change, unlike many other signs,
they see through your bs, understand your manipulations and bla bla bla.

And very picky socially.
Most people don't like to be looked over if they're not selected.
Leave that cookiemonster. She does not represent us Venus in Scorpios.
Have women matched men in terms of cheating? I think nowadays, it's become easier to act based off of being human rather than based off your gender.
Women are just as skillful as men. Women can do the same things as men.
Women and men are equally capable of cheating on their partners.

As for trusting this generation of women, I think it all depends on finding the right one. There's good and bad apples everywhere and the same thing goes for the dating market. I know women who like to do whatever they want and I know women who are very polite, reserved in public, and saving themselves for marriage.

I think there is more cheating among women because of how society now accepts and empowers us now, and because how with more prevalence, you hear more bad stories, but there's good and bad with everything. Empowering women created stronger women and more contributions to society, so the good overall is greater than the bad.
Loved the video. I watched a few other videos by him and now I'm subscribed.
Wow. Very detailed observation. Much admired.