TX home town

Must be fun with all your Sag
I want mines done

Can you guess my sun and rising too?
Just bought a new $ 350 Samsung edge!
This is cute!!
Vera Bradley, Chanel, Kate Spade, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo, Givenchy
I was into a cap in high school but he was gay. Regardless, we got along very well and have this harmony between us. I would have made a move on him if he was straight.. He was attractive. Very much a normal person yet hard worker, makes the most out of situations, procrastinates yet manages to get things done correctly before the due date, and always up to date. Very much a people person, popular, knows many, his connections alone take him places and that's not including his own efforts. I respected him.
I like people who have some sort of depth to them. It makes them more interesting and more of a real person.
You can do this!
Scorpio moons are religious fanatics
The man in the middle is sexy
Libra - Taurus - Scorpio - Leo
in that order
It's gorgeous!

Lmfao I just woke up.
Tier 2 it's 5 pm not 6 FML 😳
The Aquarius mercury here is strong lol
My favorite is Scorpio Aries ^^