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My moon persona has a 2nd house scorpio moon and 8th house taurus mars. I grew up aware of the power of money and how it could change your life and I used to steal thousands worth of items that I've always wanted.
I've found that talking it out and expressing vulnerability helps. It helps seeing the source of your problem and actively working to change it, even if it might be scary. For me, I bottle up my feelings and don't give them enough validation, that's why a   Read more
I hate whenever I have an 8th house Cancer moment. Hate the sudden overwhelming stress crying.

Lady was being messy smh
Masculinity is so much associated with its negative traits nowadays that liberalism aims to tear it down
Brown henna >> red henna
If you ever get a belly ring, I think these are perfect for you
Not all the time. Different people affect others in different ways.
You might have Virgo mercury, so you think you are a Libra, but since your sun is in Libra, you want things to be fair. It underlines your entire being.
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Im not stupid ofcourse I know this is not gonna work out. Of course I know he won't leave his wife.

But I can't help that Im attracked to him, his charmes and his talk.
Even if I ignore him to death he still seeks contact.

I've always been drawn to virgo's there's this magnetic thing whenever Im close to one or something idk...

You need to tell him off. You passively ignoring him won't make him stop coming to you. You need to make it clear that he shouldn't flirt with him.
This kid

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Mine & my honeys is in Scorp. 8th

You must share a lot of things with each other
Jupiter in aquarius retrograde in the 2nd.

I was upset I couldn't find a specific dress that I wanted to wear so I did some digging and found some old clothes that were brand new. I ended up finding 2 things that I wanted to wear.

I'm also very aquarius in my beliefs. I believe in reason and facts. Basic human kindness is an essence. I believe in tolerating different cultural ideas and ways of life and see those people as individuals with thoughts and feelings just like us, just surrounded by different circumstances. People are people, regardless of where they're from.
Why do you have a twin flame in the first place if you're with the Virgo guy?

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Sounds like a commitment phobe
Seems like everyone's going on vacation
Are y'all dating
Virgo in the 9th house