TX home town - Virgo sun Aries Moon Sagittarius rising

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Is it valid if i dont know their birth time and use the default clock 12 pm noon?

Might not be valid for them but valid for you and your house overlays

Later i wil put the chart of me and my best bud. I hope you're ready to give some insight 😄
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Oh no I'm asking YOU for insight
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Is it valid if i dont know their birth time and use the default clock 12 pm noon?

Might not be valid for them but valid for you and your house overlays
We do. We tell more than show. Like everyone has mentioned here, we only show said feelings to trusted persons. If we do show our feelings, it's due to other influences in our chart, or we're going crazy.
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I'd look at it as an extreme version of a Pisces moon.

Planets in the 12th house prefer to be hidden away

It's complex. They want to hide but only because they've been discouraged and taught to hide. They really want to be seen but it just feels out of control and painful.

They'll turn any situation into a gain.
Composite suns in their composite houses is are what a couple experience their relationship to be like; I was curious to how that individual person might see the relationship.

For example, my friend and I have Libra sun conjunct venus in composite in the 10th house. That composite libra sun would fall in my 11th house. I do experience her as a friend. That's what she is and is a part of the people I know.

Another friend and I have composite sagittarius sun conjunct pluto and venus in the 10th. The composite sun falls into my 12th house. One of the key themes in our friendship is travel, and that's something I've always wanted but haven't been able to do for various reasons. I feel like I'm truly a free spirit, and this friendship helps me get away and feeds me. It makes me feel really happy.

Another friend and i have composite scorpio sun in the 10th. That composite sun falls into my natal 11th house and conjuncts my Venus. The friendship feels like what I'd want my relationship to be like. I can't help but romanticize our interactions. The composite sun would fall into his 8th house, so I was wondering how that might feel.

Feel free to list your experiences with the composite sun in all your natal houses.
14 from a "friend" that I went on a school date with

26 days
I just want to take time to appreciate Taurus moons. Every Taurus moon I've met has a steady, friendly, and trusting persona that can get along with anyone and can be very endearing. You guys are just so sweet.
3. We both get gifts!
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I'm guessing you're an introvert?

I'm an ambivert
A push over
A man that can't initiate
Dick pics
Hold off 20k for family.
The rest for tuition.
If I had more left over, save in the bank.

Edit: sun virgo moon aries sagittarius rising
Being new to college and the adult world, I'm learning how important it is to network. Thing is, I'm having a hard time connecting with people or making them stay... I've always had similar types of friends growing up but I want to have friends from different places in life for professional and growth reasons. Professional networking scares me. It's different than being buddy buddy. You can't tell them everything like a friend, go to them necessarily for emotional support, but it's important to maintain a long term relationship. One of the people I know is friends with a couple of nurses and I notice that he talks a little more formal with them than he does his regular friends. Reaching out and establishing and maintaining a connection scares me. It seems intimidating and I feel like I'd embarrassed myself by saying the wrong thing.
What about stripes made out of black elastic and skin?
Just found out someone that mutually ghosted is going to LAN with me. This makes me want to work out and diet. Can't have him see me looking pudgy
ðŸŽķI don't wanna touch you, I don't wanna be
Just another ex-love you don’t wanna see
I don’t wanna miss you (I don't wanna miss you)
Like the other girls do
I don’t wanna hurt you, I just wanna be
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Masculine moons keep their emotions in check.
Feminine moons shows their emotions.

I think the difference between these two moons is that feminine moons are caring, nuturers and givers. They are the types to lend you their shirts off their backs if you need it.

Masculine moons are I kinda wanna say weak in the emotional era. I'm not too familiar with this kind of moon even tho I'm one with a masculine moon. Maybe someone else with my moon can answer this one.

I don't have much experience with air moons but masculine moons aren't necessarily "weak" emotionally, but more expressive of themselves, especially fire moons. Fire moons I guess you can say are more selfish, like you make ME feel like this, so I respond like this. They're less cooperative and receptive unlike water and earth moons.

Water moons flow and earth moons receive emotions and respond accordingly in a calm manner, taking your feelings into consideration. Fire moons respond based off of how they feel regardless of how you might feel. Air moons, not enough experience to describe them.
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Me for example,

Mars in Gemini 1st house
My daddy is indepedent, work with his hands, has manual dexterity, good at sports, very active, smart, communicative, flirty and etc...

My GF's
Mars in Leo 8th house
Her father made his life by taboo ways, looked at life as a game where the main goal was to have fun. Gambling, partying, drinking, having fun were all themes of his life. He was abusive, manipulative and egocentric too

My friend has mars in leo in the 8th and her dad is insanely wealthy, able to support a house wife and 4 daughters. Has multiple degrees, owns a business, owns several restaurants, and can live a middle-upper class life. He's essentially the one paying for everyone and hosts several get togethers with the community. He has a good image but behind closed doors, he was abusive to his daughters and wife. He would beat them, call them names, and he's very traditional and controlling towards her. For example, at the age of 20 she wasn't allowed to work, would prefill her gas tank to restrict how much she could travel, wouldn't be allowed to have men as friends, would check her class schedule to see what times she would legitimately be out, got angry and degrading when she said she was moving out, and would always ask for proof when she was doing something.
Mars in Scorpio 12th

When I was younger he would just pick me up and invade my privacy against my will. I would tell him to leave or to stop and he wouldn't listen. When I was at my most vulnerable and crying, trying to hide away from him and with my doors locked to keep him out, he would just unlock the door with a screwdriver and come up to my embarrassed crying face and interrogate me. My dad's leo mars is in my 8th so he does go through my things and invade my privacy. He never let me have secrets or go against him so I guess I've gotten internally resentful and learned to do things behind his back. He also has sun conjunct pluto and can be a real forceful dick sometimes. It annoys me. But he's also weak in a way..