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Absolute musical genius who United people from all over the world. We didn't deserve him. R.I.P.
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Why does it turn you off when a guy honestly tells you that he is into beautiful women?

It's kind of weird knowing that you spend lots of money and efforts to look good but you still end up saying "I don't like men like that; I want men who are not into pretty women but are looking for women with good attitude."

I think it's more along the lines of when an ugly man says it. Like, we feel you aren't seeing yourself clearly. The nerve to try and couple up beyond your tier! *eyebrow raise*
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ok I'll try to pay attention but most of the time I think woman are just being nice.

I think that's better than being the type of dude who thinks they're all hitting on him tbh.
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That + that scruffy, tortured soul look?

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How do you flirt? what things you do or say to get a guys attention? lol some already know about the tall glass of coffee compliment that went completely over my head. Any advise is appreciated.


Naw, man, whoever said that to you is ahead of the game. @_@ Betta wife her
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Please stop with what you think you know of me. You have said many nasty things towards me about me being transgender. You say false things that I do not tell the guys I talk to about me.

You don't know me. For my safety and as an advocate to stop violence against transgenders, I am always open about who I am to all.

I'm just sick of the nasty behavior towards everyone on here... All you do is comment your negative opinions, instead of actually reply to people's questions they post about. All what you do here is spread HATE. Whats wrong with you? Were you never loved by anyone? I think you need love in your life, something to make you happy again. I know there is good inside of you, and I hope that one day you tap into that.

Sending love and happiness your way.


She really isn't worth any of your energy. You will never get from her the answers you seek. Continue to love your life and do your thang. THAT'S how to love those who hate. *^___^*
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Kind of a weird forum to put a P-Angel love thread.

Her comments are harsh, but they are usually based on truth.

Block her if you can't take the heat


You agree not to post, email, or otherwise make available Content:

c) that harasses, degrades, intimidates or is hateful toward an individual or
group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation,
race, ethnicity, age, or disability;
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We live in a time when cruelty is mistaken for strength and honesty. There IS such a thing as integrity and kindness in honesty.
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No .I don't have it. .Yes I know someone who has it. Or I knew her well for two years. It was a difficult friendship.

She was a vampire.

It got to the point with her ex where he was spoon feeding her literally in bed when she was fully able. He cooked for her.

She would be sexually inappropriate with teen guys. She was older than me. In her late thirties.

She came from a terrible back ground.

I had to tell her I didn't want anymore. She came back from a mutual friend's house i got a call from the friend saying that she did not want her in her house anymore she had been sexually inappropriate with a teen neighbor.

I confronted her ...to give her a chance ..she went into how she had fancied young guys etc ..

I told her i couldn't have anything to do with her.

She left voice messages of screaming on my phone. ..Just screaming.

That is not to say all people with BPD are like this.

It's not simply jumping from one mood to another. Most self injure ...cutting ..etc...she did too.

She was not self diagnosed but diagnosed by three psychiatrists.

Was she always like that? Or did she just spiral out of control? Was she not getting therapy?
Posted by Shadowcat
I know 2 people that have it.

Did they confide in you that they have it? What are they like?
Posted by Ram416

I don't have it, but was interested in someone who did.

What was the person like? And is that what changed your mind?
Posted by Scorpio84
My mother might have it.

What makes you suspect she has it?
Anyone have it or know anyone who has it?
He'll to the YES you will! 🤗
You're awesome for going for it!

Find someone else you like, and do it all over again. 👊🏽
My Sea-Goat sneakily dropped off one of his hand-picked, unique bouquets of flowers. I needed to get beautiful photos of them as I always do, so I took them outside and was attacked and stung by a wasp. My elbow is swollen, but so is my heart. WORTH IT. h   Read more
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Constantly talking about babies belonging to friends, relatives, work colleagues...

When around babies and baby clothes, my ovaries begin to ache. They burst when he's interacting with babies and little children.
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ZOMG!!!!!! *cancles lyfe to binge-watch show*


go go go!!!

i forgot to put SPOILERS a bit on my posts. they're tidbits but you'll see!!
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Hahaha, no worries

I just saw this thread was bumped (I had completely forgot about it!), so I clicked, saw "ALOHA" written multiple times, and scrolled down to ask if the episodes are up.


ZOMG!!!!!! *cancles lyfe to binge-watch show*