To be honest it's kind of pathetic seeing you so deep in denial, trying so hard to convince yourself and grab onto hope that he "will come back to you". Regardless of sign, everyone is different. Some Pisces will return, and some won't. If you really want to be with him, you can fight for it, but if he's not trying to make it work just as much as you are, the imbalance will probably result in failure. If his problems are rooted from something in his personal life, don't be his savior. So many people want to "save" their S/O, and I find those relationships the most unhealthy and destructive. See, you don't actually want to save your significant other. You want to feel needed by them, and "helping" them gives you some sort of unhealthy self-validation. If you really want to help him, let him figure it out for himself.

I'm a Leo woman currently involved with a Pisces male who had been my good friend for two years prior to anything romantic happening between the two of us (mostly because I didn't realize I liked him until very recently). In those two years I've seen him go through a lot of personal and mental struggle--with unhealthy relationships and drug abuse, and through all of it I've stayed in the background, not trying to actively help him, because sometimes, fish especially, really need to learn how to lean on only themselves. And he learned it. And now he's in a really good place right now and ready to cultivate a relationship without negative emotional baggage. And it makes me so happy that he was able to achieve that harmonious state of mind with just himself and nobody else to lean on.
Pisces can be hard to read unless you know how to enter their "world" where they're always swimming. And many people don't have that capability. I'm not a Pisces, but I have so many Piscean friends (and my current crush is a Pisces male) who can definitely give off the impression that they don't mean to portray. I love you fish, though. They look at life with such wonder.
i have two is a taurus. the other is an aquarius. the aquarius hurt me way more than the taurus ever could, but i would still date another aqua because i get along with them so well, being opposite sun signs. staying the eff away from the bulls though. the guy i dated had a taurus sun, aries moon. i'm a leo sun, cap moon. abort mission!!! or maybe what i should stay away from are aries moons...all the people i've met with that placement can get on my nerves so quickly.
I'm a Leo Sun/Capricorn Moon. He is an Aqua Sun/Leo Moon.

I broke it off with him because I found out he was two-timing. And I was the other woman the entire time. We dated for five months.

I cut it off two months ago, and he's still trying to reach out to me telling me he misses me and all this other BS. Sigh.
I think you should break up with your boyfriend.
Definitely. It's a struggle. My natal chart is only Fire and Earth.
My sign: Leo sun, Leo asc, Cap moon

Taurus sun, Aries moon--
Lost my virginity to this dude. Wasn't interesting or passionate at all for me. Way too timid. Wouldn't do again. Decent kisser. Overall meh.

Aquarius sun, Leo moon--
Sex god. Fireworks. Very sexually compatible. Such a good kisser--I can get super turned on just from his kissing. Keeps things interesting. Very open with sexual communication.

I'm 21 and have only slept with two people, lmao.
Posted by Mixtape
Really though, are Leo women.. promiscuous?
Going off that alone.
I guess it's partially a dumb question seeing as regardless of sign, everyone has needs.

This is just based on my own experience, but in terms of promiscuity, I act classy and flirty, and maybe feign promiscuity, but I am not a publicly promiscuous person. Now, when I'm in bed with the right person, on the other hand, I'm open to being all kinds of kinky. ;P
Posted by Metoo
A.) Dont plan the next step, just relax & day by day
B.) Kiss him again
C.) Tell us about the kiss, were there fireworks? Was it yummy?

Quoted for emphasis. Definitely kiss him again, and don't be afraid to just go for the kill now that the barriers have been broken down! Contrary to what us women think, men like/want it just as much when we take the initiative.

My Aqua can be kind of shy sometimes when it comes to showing affection, especially when we are in public. But he definitely likes it when I'm feisty and make the move. ;P

And yes, tell us about the kiss! Was it chaste or a legit make-out sesh?
I'm a Cap.
With me personally it goes.. "Cuddle?" - That's what I want. "Sex?" - That's what I want. "Walk around?" - That's what I want. If I'm detached, I'm just thinking, let me think lol. Ain't nothing difficult when you put effort into it to see what's going on.

Cap Sun/Virgo Rising/Taurus Moon.

Haha, I easily overthink things when what you've said is probably the case. I need to learn how to appreciate that! Thank you (:

I'm a Leo Sun/Leo Rising/Cap Moon, so I'm a kinda of needy-but-tries-really-hard-to-be-cool-and-not-show-it type.

Hmmm, we sound similar, I myself am Virgo Venus, my Cap has Aqua Venus...
You are not alone =) I think you are going to have to learn how to enjoy jumping off that cliff.
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Yes, yes I must! Hopefully it gets easier along the way. It already has, now that I think about it. Even if it's just by a small amount, I gotta respect the progress!
I didn't say you guys were difficult...

But the compatibility between an Aqua Venus and a Virgo Venus is what I find to be difficult. I'm trying my hardest to be patient and understanding, even if it makes me feel like I'm jumping off of a cliff. I think I just have issues with my insecurities and anxieties aside from the sign aspect altogether. Haha...

I don't mean to offend any Aquas. I love Aquas! They got dat knowledge *_*
I need advice on how to better understand an Aquarius with a Venus in Aquarius. My Venus is in Virgo. I become insecure very easily, and this is tough when Aquas need their space and independence. The last thing I want is to take away his freedom, but I'm finding it difficult to reassure myself. When we are together it isn't a problem. It's mostly during the time we are apart. Why is zis so difficult >.>
I've been with a Taurus and I am currently seeing an Aquarius.

I love Air signs though
Hey OP! I'm happy for you. It's hard to find that "thing" that will shatter the pedestal we place people on. Hope is a double-edged sword. I'm glad you feel liberated from his clutches.
Wow, congratulations! Wish you two the utmost happiness!!!

The Aqua aloofness is so hard to deal with, especially with Leo placements who need a lot of nurturing and care. >w
Posted by VirgoHero
Your Rising Sign is Leo:

Strong- minded, kind and vain. Besides, demanding in all spheres of life, including job. Your vanity is the result of ruling yourself. You reach your objectives fiercely and once you get them, you possess them. You boast about personal and professional achievements. You are characterized by a passionate, willing and determined thinking. Generous, frank, comprehensive and reliable. You give joy and enthusiasm. You love good things of life and life pleasures. When you fly into a rage, it??s better to leave you alone. Excessively jealous and possessive. You like to put everyone on your toes. You enjoy social events and love to call everyone??s attention. If you can??t make it, you will feel frustrated, showing yourself distressed and cynical to others. You are a passionate, honest, ardent and loyal lover. At the same time, there is a risk that you can be too presumptuous and demanding. You can be cruel and egocentric to insensitiveness, leading to big disappointments. Your greatest weakness is the necessity to be admired. Due to this quality, you can be the target of flattering. You like money: neither are they stingy nor wasteful. You don??t like associations but working individually. You love to receive friends, invite people and be surrounded by luxury, comfort and well- being. Your home or workplace should be a comfortable and nice place. You are not vengeful nor resentful, but thankful in return.

Spot-on for me. I also have a Leo Sun.
I'm a Leo Sun, Leo Asc, and Cappy Moon...the remainder of my birth chart is either Fire or Earth.

That being said, I'm currently dating an Aqua I have an affinity to them right now.
I'm dating a guy 3 years younger than me...and that is already proving to be somewhat of a struggle. Not any real issues, but I can just definitely see where we are different in levels of maturity. But that's part of what I like about him. Then again, we are also at that pivotal age of young adulthood, haha, so we're both still trying to become mature...
Every time I say "goodbye" to the person that I'm crushing on, I immediately get anxious that it might be the last time I ever see them. It's very bittersweet. Wahhh. Now I miss my Aqua