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The cancer guy you described him perfectly.. the guy i was talking to lied and blocked me to change his profile to another city to meet girls and i wouldn't find out!
hard to trust cancers.. and I didn't even sleep with him lmao
Do you live in Canada? Sounds A LOT like the cancer male I was dealing with.. who i met online.. who's 28 lol. @taurusrose
I'm so lonely ... so so lonely.
I feel like I am cursed.
Thanks for leaving, and being like everyone else that has ever come and gone.
I don't trust anyone.
I guess I am hard to love.
treetrunk, me too
Posted by yupvirgoo

Will my wife agree to having 3 more kids?

Will I have a daughter?

You usually get what you want so I feel with a bit more of a push you may not get 3 but DEFF one more at least. I would need to see a pic of you to know for sure but my gut is usually right.

1 year