I have no words....

Hugs and lots of love. ❤❤
I take a step back and try not to interact with them again. If I have to, they stay at arms length. And, bcuz I don't like to feel that way. Ever!

Gem sun cancer moon.
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@misslissa play with us!

But.... I am making the best chili right now..... lol

No it's not just yet I think in a week we start. Join us ?
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@misslissa play with us!

But.... I am making the best chili right now..... lol

I wouldn't say it's a like or dislike...

Some have a hard time comprehending the airy/watery mix. But, being an airy/watery mix myself... I more than understand.
I so love your curiosity....! I am the wallflower of the world...
I am aware of why others treat me as they do. Wait until the reality of this sinks in... lol
Go to cafeastrology and put in his birth info...

And, anything is possible. I married my aqua!
Snuffleupagus aka Snuffy.
Vacations are peaceful and rejuvenating. P.s. about a month ago... thanks Dazed for the mention! Its appreciated.
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Sun in gemini

What's your view on love? Commitment?

Does your chosen life style relate to who you love and the amount of commitment you put in?

Everyone's view on love and commitment are different. Even, amongst gems...

And, I would say, no. My chosen life style is my chosen life style ... I don't expect them to change life style s for me, nor would I change for them. I don't think the level of commitment has anything to do with my life style ... rather, more to do with how much I love them. The terms of how much love I have is immeasurable, and there is no way to put it in a numbered percentage either.

Expectations are a cookiemonster, aren't they....?

Don't give her ammo and there will not be any dramma.
I'm a gem with gem venus.... I can relate to some of that.
She needs to drop him.... she knows what she wants to do before complaining to you... she just needs a sounding board and assurance. I wouldn't give her the assurance, and as a gem, I wouldn't want you to lie to me... so, tell her like you see it.... let her know that normal ppl wouldn't do this to themselves... be blunt!

Sometimes wee need someone who's blunt in our lives to wake us up from the horrible dream we're living...
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Excellent thread

Would a Gemini instinctively choose security over spontaneity ?

I think it depends on maturity.

In my case, I chose both!
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Where do I bury the body?

What should I eat for breakfast?

What element do you think I need to improve on working with?

Thank you :-)

1. You don't. I don't believe I have any rights taking another person's life.

2. Whatever you want.

3. All of them... ppl are still growing at 90 years of age. Growing never ends until you die.... and possibly even after that.
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am i gemini?

If you want to be.
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Also, what do you think about your opposite signs, Sags?

Me personally I think gems and sags makes the best pairing hands down. It's like we were just meant to be. Friendship wise, they aight. I get along extremely well with sagittarians opposite of my birthday. I don't know why is that. Tho as of late I've been wanting to run away and never come back. But hopefully we can patch things up and be one happy family again.

That's what I think so too

My Gem aunt's best relationship was with a Sag. He seems to treat her much better than the other guys she's been with. I've always shipped them and was so disappointed when she told me that they broke up. She sabotaged it again! Why can't Gems let themselves be happy?
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Not letting ourselves be happy is not a trait we wear well.... Eventually, we will get bored with being unhappy and go seek it out.