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    I'm a Sagittarius in western and an earth snake in chinese astrology

    Sagittarius Snake Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

    Elegant, charming, and surprisingly agreeable, members of this sign have little trouble making friends. They tend to be friendly and receptive rather than outgoing, which only adds to their soft-spoken mysteriousness. Keeping a good balance between their social life and their independence is important and can keep a Sagittarius Snake from become too detached and unemotional. Be warned, crossing a Sagittarius Snake is not a good idea. They are capable of plotting the most complex and insidious revenge strategies. Luckily, few people are foolish enough to become the prey of this powerful sign.

    Sagittarius Snakes are typically self-focused, though they are highly aware of those around them. Still, sensitive types will probably not pair well with this sign as Sagittarius Snakes have a tendency to be unemotional and logical. At the same time members of this sign understand what others want from them and can be romantic and even enchanting if they really want to. The challenge in relationships is twofold. Sagittarius Snakes don’t like to be held back from doing what they want to do - independence is highly important. They also get bored easily and if a relationship is not working they have little attachment to sticking around to try to fix it. Eventually most Sagittarius Snakes will find the perfect partner (or rather the perfect partner will find them), and this will allow them to live a fully balanced life.

    Sagittarius Snake Woman
    Sagittarius-Snake woman prone to adventures, is in constant search for adventure. Emotional and passionate nature, to her liking, the activity associated with frequent relocations, gets pleasure from communicating with new people. But the natural wisdom allows it to direct energy in the right direction, responsibly treats any work, persistently achieves the goals. She knows how to cope with internal fears, so she is in complete harmony with herself. Easily finds a common language with men, there are always a lot of fans around her. Attracts them with their positive attitude, love of life. Trying to be soft and supple, of the representatives of this combination of signs usually get good wives.

  • I have the worst chart to be celibate - mars in Leo with pluto and uranus, and venus in Taurus squared. And all of this in water houses - eros in Scorpio. When 13, I said to myself someday I will completely rise above the sex impulse. Why? think I was some sort of Yogi in my past lives.
    This was my last earthly mountain to climb (yes I have some Cap placements).

    I think this was the lifetime for my soul to master this area. Enlightenment is the goal (Jupiter- in 9th conjunct Saturn 8/9 cusp, focus point Yod). In my early 30's I got a Guru and learned meditation techniques which slowly began moving my internal energy subtly away from the lower centers to higher centers. Much work later, I have gained the freedom I so long ago sought - it took a while but I'm free, and no longer a slave. Truly a miracle!
  • The primary force behind a Cap female is prestige whether through herself or in her significant other. The water signs will not interest her, especially Cancer and Pisces. Also, Cap females are emotional deniers. Oddly, when she gets older she may sense that she missed out on something and reconsider the water signs. But generally water = weakness to her. Feelings make her uncomfortable and out of control.
  • ...revealed in this song. 4. And does he think every song George Harrison wrote was to God although his listeners think he is writing to a woman.
  • 1. I'ld ask him where he thinks he is going to when he dies. 2. And what it was like performing "Russians" live in Russia. 3. Why his song "Love is the 7th wave" wasn't a bigger hit - and his Spiritual beliefs as relieved in this song.
  • A cusper, to me, is someone born in the 29 to 1 degree range. Cuspers are more restless (unsettled?). They are usually very talkative. And they can adapt to changes easily (since they were born at a change time). They will take on more of the qualities of the sign there sun is in but will have access to and express the qualities of the leaving or soon to be entering sign, too (but to a lesser amount).
  • How would you describe the essence that makes up an Aries woman? To most men she is attractive. Her straight forwardness is refreshing as compared to most other women. If she likes you she will show and tell you. If she is mad at you she'll probably punch you - so you will know.

    What is their most annoying characteristic? They want to take "the lead" from their man.

    What is their best quality? They will jump into anything right beside you. They forget they are women. Or said in another way, they develop their own independent sense of self.

    What do they look for in a partner? Their partner better be stimulating and have a backbone. Or they'll trample right over them. Usually, they aren't the meek type.

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    You have so many planets in Aqua. If they are all in the 7th, relationship is going to be very important to you - i.e. you might as well be a Libra.

    How do I know what my houses are in?

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    Enter time and place of birth.
  • You have so many planets in Aqua. If they are all in the 7th, relationship is going to be very important to you - i.e. you might as well be a Libra.

  • Saturn in its own sign, Capricorn. It is on the cusp of the 8th/9th and conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius which is in the 9th. My lesson in this lifetime - rising above boundaries (like sexuality) and into enlightenment.

    Progress? Slow but I'm making my way (saturn in cap).
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    Leo Ox.

    Sorry, I lost the site I was getting the info from.
  • Aquarius Dog Woman
    The independent Aquarius-Dog woman is full of ideas and plans. There is no doubt that she will find the strength to achieve the desired result. However, she needs the help of the inner circle. Aspires to be in full view all her life, tries to prove her worth. This is a great original and an inventive, she is too fond of her own fantasies, so she is more suitable for the profession associated with creativity. A spectacular woman enjoys success with men, romances with pleasure, never sets a concrete goal — to marry. It is imposed on the will of fate, if it enters into marriage, rather under the influence of emotions, than deliberately. Over time, she becomes an exemplary housewife, a caring mother. To her children, she gives a lot in terms of development.