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  • They will gold dig the butter outcha if they don't really like you like that otherwise they are giving lol
  • letters, pictures, cards, old phones because I've never loss any only upgraded and I have text from my cousin that passed away 9 years ago and from my best friend that died 3 years ago.

  • get over it and realize everyone isn't the same. Know that by holding on to your pass, is giving too much power to the person that hurt you and blocking you from giving someone else a real chance.

    Do you really want them having that much power over your life and your happiness?
  • Oh gosh those virgo's are not for everybody they do stupid butter to prove they can be tough when it really makes them look dumb.

    To this day I cuss my virgo friend out because of his way of thinking when it comes to relationships is so treetrunking stupid. He's a good friend tho lol I just feel sorry for anyone that wants him he's a cornball in that area.

    I am glad you got rid of him and you learned what you simply won't tolerate!
  • I overlook it, there's no point in small talk when you are not interested.
  • I love Aries, my son's and Aries, my moms one and they are really caring and really good but I've heard stories about my mom that made me Thank God I came to her when she changed her life.

    Also I know some Aries that are rude snobbish and possessive so I can see why ppl don't like them I can also see why they are loved too.
  • I even have dreams from childhood I don't forget, reoccurring ones too. Crazy but I feel like our minds just keep going and going lol I day dream I dream every time I close my eyes and my oldest memory was of me in the crib with a bottle of juice red to be exact. I thought it was a dream but my brother confirmed he would sneak juice in my bottle because he taste the milk and thought I didn't like it.

    My mother swiftly came in, "you are the reason she wouldn't drink milk as a baby," lol
  • One thing I cannot stand though is when someone lends out money and the person doesn't have it. Yes their wrong for not having it etc. but if your life depended on them having what they owed you, you deserve to die that's treetrunking dumb as butter.
  • I don't lend money I can't afford to lose so I won't be sitting around with it at the top of my mind. My mother always told me never give what you don't have and never depend on what you don't have.

    Once its out your hands you don't have it, don't look or it unless it's big money and you signed a contract.

    Don't lend it again if you don't get it back or have to ask for it. Sometimes I won't ask sometimes I will but I don't beg for nothing I let you borrow I look at is as a small price to pay to cut off a leach.

  • Can't remember the name but I remember the profile picture. I try not to address anyone disrespectfully because that's not what I am here for. So when someone even tries me they get blocked, it's like what's the point in allowing myself to get that angry at some nobody in a forum.
  • Your man should come scare life out them!
  • I hate when ppl sneak brag in the form of a complaint, what will you ask next why do you get dirty looks from black women when you are with your black man?

    It's all in your head lady get over yourself a compliment is just that, please don't flatter yourself too much.

    I am a black women, I look at myself everyday and feel beautiful compliments to myself.

    Also a lot of BLACK PPL have no problem with recognizing the beauty in others and accepting it. It's you other mutha treetrunkas that don't (hints slavery) ugh you made me cringe with this damn post.
  • For starters you need to report the theft and tampering of your mail to the Post Office it is a federal offense. You have more than enough proof of it happening and who is doing it so that's open and shut.

    Also you need to meet with your landlord to discuss every single issue you have been having, or send him/her an email copy & paste this. He/she should be aware of his tenants behavior and how it is impacting a long term tenant.

    I'd even go as far as to act scared and get a restraining order. They both seem a bit mentally handicap.

  • sensitive yet their attitudes can be extremely over the top. Demanding, blunt damn near disrespectful. Every Aries I know only deals with ppl they can push around.
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    I only have one semi racist questions I want to ask every single white person I encounter and get an honest response from them,

    Are you racist?

    No. I’ve dated a variety of different races. My parents views are mixed. My mother isn’t racist at all (she is Inupiaq), neither is my real dad (he is white) and he had a child with an African American/Black woman after my parents separated, and then there’s my stepdad who is Mexican....he is racist and he is also sexist. Straight Face
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    I really like your answer smile and the fact that you mentioned your step dad as being the racist one. I have a story to that.

    I am half Cape Verdean, cape Verdeans are African however some feel they are not due to ignorance. There is Amber Rose the famous stripper whose mom is also Cape Verdean and her father is White. She married Wiz Khalif who is black and half her family did not attend the wedding because he was black. The sad part is everyone just assumed it was her dads family because they were white and it actually was her ignorant ass mothers family. Being half cape Verdean I've been called black from my own damn family like it's a bad thing. My dad is straight from Africa, Eritrea to be exact so yes I am black more importantly I am actually mostly all African and proud of it. So I like your story because it just shows that being prejudice is not okay regardless of stereo-type and I my friend am guilty of being prejudice assuming all white ppl may be racist.

    I'll work on that ignorant way of thinking!

  • I only have one semi racist questions I want to ask every single white person I encounter and get an honest response from them,

    Are you racist?

  • I can't think of one ex outside of my kids dad who's wedding I would actually go to if I got the invite. I just can't see me being that cool with my ex I've never dumped a dude and still wanted much to do with him after.
  • These two things are different
  • Clingy is when you act like somebody has to be up under you every free moment they get and if they aren't up under you, you get mad.

    Needy is the type of person that is self absorb and depends on everyone for everything.
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    Now we're giving ho's a class and pass lol

    The thing is, even if they know, doesn't always mean they are being malicious thots.
    After all how many times do we have threads here where she is talking about...

    "He's still married but is separated from his wife even though they still live together for the sake of the kids..."

    "He is on a break from his gf..."

    "He is separated but can't get a divorce because the financial fall-out would be too great"

    In these cases the side ho knows about the gf/wife but has been led to believe that their relationship with him has ended. By the time they find out the truth they are emotionally involved and delude themselves into believing his empty promises and stick it out cause 'one day' they will be together...
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    To feel like you have to dive into a situation with anyone that has any of those circumstances going on is desperate. Makes them look worst if you ask me like what, they think pretending they don't know the obvious would solidify a relationship with someone that's already in one? Maybe she'll never find out and one day he will lose interest in his relationship and rebound with them sounds to me like a homewrecker but that's just my opinion it's really hard for me to be convince there is some type of excuse when knowing.