Not today
Sun in Scorpio
Venus in Virgo
Ascendant in Aries

I finally called her out. Even though that's something I wouldn't do... I feel much better now. Every person has a limit.
Has anyone watched Perfect Blue?? It's amazing yet so confusing lol....
That sounds great 😁 gonna try
I feel like painting so much but I have no idea what to draw 🙄

4 months
The only gifts I am getting these days is sling bags 😶
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Like always wishing they were better at this and that

Yes and they say it on your face... The point is you are not supposed to follow that if you keep changing according to them they loose interest.. if you stand your ground they will complain but at the end love you.
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Anybody have an experience with this combo?

Yes what do you want to know?
At the end the most unexpected people stay....
Sag sun, Gem sun ,Taurus moon, Leo moon
Mine- Scorpio sun taurus moon.
Power of understanding everything.... Everything
I am attracted to silent and smart guys and I attract loud and outgoing guys 😔
I keep running into my piscean ex.. I feel like laughing about it with him every time it happens but his face is all grim after that.. it's weird.
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Lol fixed signs are generally stubborn... But aquas are more rebellious to accept anything.

that may be, but they are not as ego driven as leos to refuse to accept they are error-prone. nor as obsessively insane as scorpio who won't have it any other way. nor as dumb as bricks as taurus is.

im not even stubborn, i just don't listen to other people because i know whats best for myself
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Lol I am not talking about you it's about the aquas that I have met irl. Tbh except Scorpio and aquas, none were stubborn at all. I think it changes with maturity.
Saggs are always absorbed in many things at once.. I mean there is always something they are up to. Everyone has a different way of caring.... She may be caring in her own way ? Talk about it and DONT pin her down for anything.
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Aquas were the most stubborn of all that I have met.

Try an Aqua with a Taurus moon. Oh, boy...
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No thanks lol