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Posted by shakedown
Here's what we have so far:

DreamyBoy: 2/25
Aju: 3/2
Jayc3on: 3/3
fire_underwater: 3/5
Adreamuponwaking: 3/6
ValleysofNeptune: 3/7
RedemptionSong: 3/8
Fisk & :pisceanloves: 3/15
LadyNeptune: 3/18

Mine is 3/14 ❤
I'd rather talk about Pence. I bet he's circumcised.
I don't really understand how she's a model. She's ugly.
Currently thinking of birthday gift ideas for someone I don't like. I'm bored and feeling catty.
I lurk there sometimes LOL! I'm pretty sure it's a site for just black women, but whatever. I remember being bored and randomly reading a thread about how gang members were threatening to shoot Cardi B. at her upcoming club appearance, and I found myself wondering if that was such a bad thing.

Posted by Gemitati
Just got the link to a hook up place from a male friend whom I haven’t seen forever.
We just hear about each other from mutual friends.
He is married for over 15 years. Seemingly happily.

He tells me he had a date with another man. I am like for business? He says yes. I am asking how did it go...like if I cared...I thought maybe he is looking for partner in me or whatever I was thinking.

So after long time he said they’ve met for sex!!! I was drunk so I said cool!
How was it? He said awesome and they went all the way and the other one also married and they are so happy with each other. He is 34. I was like...can I watch? Lmao

I think I’ve sobered up! And he sent me this link...where married forever men looking for discreet fun with other men.

There are like over 1 million members all over the world!

Am I the only one who didn’t know?

I said what if your wife found out? He said she would be dead because we having awesome sex all the time but it’s different...

I haven’t replied. But still thinking...specially after reading Men touch thread...

Live. Learn. Die stupid! All I can think of! 🧐

I hope Lisabeth's husband isn't on there.
There's alot of married bi men. I've had my fair share LOL!
I probably am, mentally.
God Bless Bath & Body Works.
I love Jane Fonda ❤
I wouldn't have to deal with this for obvious reasons, but I'd probably pick home schooling. I don't think I'd want my child to be around a bunch of feral children LOL!