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The work place represents the part of you that's serious, structured, it's like your work persona, or how you might be sometimes on dxp. What it means is, a part of your personailty will die, you will give it up, it's a time of new beginnings, you're going to present yourself differently.

Legs represent how you move forward in your life so maybe that part is negative, someone stupid, on the internet, has probably worn you out in some way, and you're less thorough. It's just a dream tho, you'll have many others, it's not a life sentence.

Its kind of make sense, Im really in a " reborn " moment in my life, having new insights and having a new perspective of life but Its rare for me to have clear dreams like this.

thanks for your interpretation
Last night I had a dream that a co-worker was commiting suicide. We work at the 10th floor and in dream he just opened the window and said " Hey guys, nice to meet y'all but im tired of this " and jumped with a sarcarstic smile in his face, I saw him hitting the floor and his legs breaking then a few people coming to check.

What does it mean?

I've never had a predictive dream or something like that, just crazy random dreams.

I have Venus in Taurus in the 12th house (House of dreams).
Attraction is a matter of compability between charts but overall and simplifying...

Women: Venus aspects
Men: Mars aspects
Sun in the 7th - Shining through partnerships/social influence
Venus in the 7th - Pleasure through partnerships/social influence
Jupiter in the 7th - Expansion and Joy through partnerships/social influence
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I have this.

It expands the ego and the leo qualities without rubbing people the wrong way. You could also get away with a lot.

Does it seems like you are luckier than the average person?

I read about this placement and astrologers say this could make the person lead a very fortunate and joyful life.

I have Scorpio Moon and Jupiter in Leo in the 3rd

So I deliver my Scorpio moon sense of humor in a Leo/Sagg manner
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I like your threads but I guess its more complex than that.

Of course, transits are important but every person will few them in a different way.

Maybe someone mature before the Saturn's return or after that.

You didnt even read the whole question, it's not even about Saturn! You donkey 😂
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Of course I did, I was using Saturn as an example because it's the most relevant transit.
I like your threads but I guess its more complex than that.

Of course, transits are important but every person will few them in a different way.

Maybe someone mature before the Saturn's return or after that.
Mutable signs, of course.

Gemini is the #1, nothing is " too far " for those pals.
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opposite Jupiter in the natal chart brings out the extremes of Jupiter in the life and personality. There may be an internal struggle to control Jupiter’s expansive nature which can show as an inflated ego, over exuberance, and excesses in pleasure-seeking.

Ups and down in life are possible in relation to wealth, happiness and relationships. During these growing pains it may be difficult to remain happy and content. You may feel unfulfilled and even unlucky.

Once integration is found, then the generosity, optimism, good cheer and prosperity become strong points. Popularity and even fame can result. As with all Sun Jupiter aspects, the energy can often be best expressed through philosophy, religion and spirituality, travel, studies, and involvement in social causes.

-------- here's why you're're having these fluctuations due to Jupiter opp, and you're trying to integrate these 2 energies, and once you make it, you'll be generous and optimistic. Take your time....these are the 2 most positive, you will get there.

Yeah but here is the tricky part...Its the persona chart of my Midheaven still part of me but not my natal chart.

I have a Pisces MC in my natal chart and the Mercury and Sun are in the 10th house in my MC's chart.
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Uranus dominants - which basically means they can be any sun sign, except that they're Uranus dominant.

Nice, this is exactly what I've meant
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Kerouac had Mars in Sag conjunct the IC,


And the Beat generation was Pluto in Cancer.

Mars in Sag conj the IC would make a great writer who he is but I guess he isn't talk about himself in this.
Just in case, where I found this, It was related to Aquarius but makes sense about Sag too. Im not so sure about Gemini because of the rebel part.