Do you like the world around you? Are you ready to behave?

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I would take my rifle and start shootin up. If I go to jail I just go to jail. At least I'll get some sleep in jail.

If your half as pretty as you claim you won't get ANY sleep in jail. Your pretty ass will be passed around.

LadyNeptune I may be a pretty boy and that's no claiming and not half pretty I'm a country squire at heart. Who's gonna treetrunk with that?

Just get there and let us know!
I am pretty sure there is a plug for every hole!
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Tell me everything about it

Flirtatious when in love
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With a Cancer sun, they secretly love attention from a s.o.
Cancer moon men tend to be difficult to deal with.

Pisces moon men - they're OK but sometimes annoying.

Scorpio moon men - we agree to disagree, whenever that happens.
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Also, tell a lie often enough and soon it becomes your truth.

That is not truth though. Its delusion.

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That's why it starts out as a lie. And why I say "your" and not "the".

Also, tell a lie often enough and soon it becomes your truth.

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You are ridiculous, by the way

i know and im totally okay with that
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Dude stop.


You're cracking me up over here 😂😂😂😂
this is one of my all time favourites from her

Remember to record it on video when that happens.
They're spamming butter to the wrong people lol

I'll swap your Russians with my Asians.
Seeing ads on single asian women waiting for my message, I'm like
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Is there a botanical garden in your city? Grab dinner after.

Yes there is, but I think he might want to see the Gardens By the Bay - that place wasn't in existence when he left 11 years ago, and the place looks great both in the day and at night.

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A concert maybe??

Too hot to do anything in the day, and no worthwhile concerts coming town for this week or the next.

I'll probably do the usual and meet him for dinner or something over the weekend.