Just your regular homeless homewrecker and basic hoe..

Used to do it. But developed a preference for FWBs.

Over the last couple of years, however, both have become pointless for me.
Damn your VinV lol
Hmmm...contemplating watching this...
OP is allergic to punctuations...
You got more important things in real life to see to.
Posted by Mimi24
My Scorpio moon

Helps me see through people's intention, émotion and soul.

I like my Libra Venus, Leo mercury & Gemini Mars. A weird combo of talktative, listening to others. Always rooting for what's right & my goofy Side that brings out my adventure side alot;

That pizza was just in my pants.

Sorry bro...
Crabsticks and nutella lol
Soft ice cream and fries.

Because life isn't fair.

There is a story behind my choice of an avatar - and it doesn't involve screaming. lol


Posted by CloudyUnplugged
some Taurus can act extremely mutable

This is true also. Some also can be very cardinal.