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Taurus Sun, Aries Moon

Only twice, by younger boys who wanted to go out with me. It was their way of getting my attention I guess. They needed to work on their technique LoL.
I always wished I had an Earth Venus, but mine is in Pisces. BF has a crab Venus. It works and everything said about it is true for me.

Water Venuses do feel everything deeply and emotionally, are super empathetic and are great to have around if you're hurting emotionally. I guess I'm used to water Venues in my family because so many members have them. When you grow up surrounded by it, you just get it. There are pros and cons, but I try to focus on what I like best about it. The comfort and the love.
You look fine. Overdrawn lips are awesome,IMO. No fillers needed.
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I notice this more with Gem Moons and Gem Mercury.

Gem Mars are super athletic though, I noticed. And very quick.
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We have excellent hand/eye coordination.

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I know it's in the 2nd.. But I am not exactly sure how it effects me :/

Second house is the house of money and material possessions - what you own and how you relate to it and keep it. It would be helpful to know what sign rules your second, but having Neptune there may cause difficulties. Maybe you'd be best off using creativity in your work to achieve success. How Neptune to relates to what you own could be confusing. You may have delusions about what you think is yours and do not set up proper boundaries with others about it. Are you too giving??
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Thank you all! I've heard once that people who have this aspect have challenging romantic relationships, or they are not able to form solid and long lasting relationships or marriages. Any thoughts on that?

An ex bf of mine had moon sq. Venus. His moon in Cancer and Venus in Aries. He's still unmarried. I think he has trouble committing which I used to think was just the Aries Venus until I learned it squared his moon as well. Double trouble.
Interesting. I don't "test" people. That's just the honest truth. Taurus is usually a very straightforward sign. No game playing. If I needed to ask a question, I would just ask.
I'm a double Taurus (sun& asc) and I really don't care if people think I'm stubborn. Lol. I just don't. I see it as their problem, not mine. Don't let what others think weigh you down if you're happy being you.
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Well that makes sense. Not only are you Aries sun, but you have Aquarius venus AND mars. You have a natural tendency to push people away. Both of your venus and mars are square your Pluto right? That means you will naturally feel and inclination that men will use you for sex. A natural instinct to push men away because they come at you full force and ‘sexually’ driven. But you probably don’t realize that you are exuding a very sexual aura and men pick up on that.

I’d say that you probably would do well with a Leo sun, Aqua sun, or Gemini sun. They provide a challenge for you all while keeping things fun.

Also she's got a Cap moon.
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My brother (Taurus) and his girlfriend (Pisces). Been together 4 years and building a house together currently.

can you tell me more details about their relationship? how they are together?

It's better when the man is the Taurus.
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Definitely. Pisces men are too unmotivated. IMHO and experience.
Many Virgos are really nice people, loyal, helpful, practical, etc. In this they share some of Taurus's qualities. I like Virgo persuasion. They can get me to do something I may not want to do or am afraid to try, but once I trust them, I have the confidence to go for it. And they're right. They seem to know me, to connect with me and to care. Virgos can be incredibly gentle which can be attractive to the bull. They have a tender sensitive side I find disarming.

My worst love relationship was also with a Virgo guy. He was a Virgo sun and moon and lots of Libra and Sag. He was selfish, sarcastic, unfaithful, duplicitous and just plain evil. When I finally told him where to go he actually acted shocked. So I guess he was stupid too.
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Is Saturn part of your stellium? Does your sun Conjunct your Jupiter? You didn't say.

No, Saturn isn't part of my stellium. Jupiter trines my sun, not conjunct.
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Sun Trine Jupiter is auspicious.
Where are your Moons? And what are your Venus positions?

Taurus and Leo can work.
Is Saturn part of your stellium? Does your sun Conjunct your Jupiter? You didn't say.
You're fiery. That's masculine and some women will automatically find that threatening. You're also intense. I say use that fire and intensity to just be yourself and who cares what anyone else thinks. Those who will like you will follow you. Just let it happen.
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Bizarro world seraphlight

That is Seraph? Looks like. I've been MIA for 4 months and this whole place has changed. LoL.
I'm never boring, but I do get in my own way a lot. Often I'll get stuck in a rut that I have difficulty getting myself out of. And, I am terribly hedonistic. And worse, I don't see that as a fault.
They're not afraid to do things independently. They have a great sense of humor. They don't get upset worrying what other people think of them. They're unafraid to plunge into the unknown.