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Taurus Sun, Aries Moon

You're fiery. That's masculine and some women will automatically find that threatening. You're also intense. I say use that fire and intensity to just be yourself and who cares what anyone else thinks. Those who will like you will follow you. Just let it happen.
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Bizarro world seraphlight

That is Seraph? Looks like. I've been MIA for 4 months and this whole place has changed. LoL.
I'm never boring, but I do get in my own way a lot. Often I'll get stuck in a rut that I have difficulty getting myself out of. And, I am terribly hedonistic. And worse, I don't see that as a fault.
They're not afraid to do things independently. They have a great sense of humor. They don't get upset worrying what other people think of them. They're unafraid to plunge into the unknown.
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Everytime I try to go deeper in someone feelings, past, secrets, pains and fears...I get the same response " I dont want something so intense, I want something fun and light "

Venus in the 12th
Opposite Moon and Pluto
Trine Uranus and Neptune

Do these people have a lot of air in their charts? There's nothing wrong with having fun. Playing together can lead to much deeper bonding. No one likes to be probed too deeply. Become friends first and the rest should follow. Not to over simplify the problem. I have a 12th house Venus too, in Pisces so I want to bond right away with someone I like/love but waiting and just having fun has its rewards. Be patient if you can.
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Aries mooners for sure. Taurus can be uber patient, but throw in some Aries, especially an Aries moon and we're impatience personified.
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Taurus is all about the 5 senses... we are the best cooks... not tooting my own horn but... there is a level of flavor when a Taurus touches food that can't be explained. We have that extra "sauce"

Extra lard extra spice exXtra butter

😂😂😂 Just extra 🤣
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Taureans can be awesome cooks. I love to cook and serve and delight others with my culinary preparations. For a Taurus, food not only has to taste good, it has to smell good and look irresistible. But everyone in my family is a good cook and that includes all the zodiacs' signs. LoL. So it could be more of a learned trait than an astrological one, but being a Taurus makes me artistic where food is concerned and sensuous, because eating can be a sensual experience IMO.
I have an Aries moon in the 12th. Mom is a Gem with a Libra moon so our moons are opposite and this has always been hard. She hates any emotional displays and with an Aries moon? That's all I've got to give except a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

Growing up she was absent because she preferred to work rather than raise a family, so my Cap Sun Leo Moon grandmother raised me and it was a lifesaver.

I still have difficulties with my mother, but she's mellower with age and I'm older and smarter and have learned to control my emotions when around her which brings out her nurturing - Crab Venus - side.

I think the houses and signs in which your moons fall might make a big difference. But, yes, a 12th house moon CAN mean an absent mother at least during childhood which is what happened to me.
Taurus is very independent so if anyone finds them boring, they're probably the sign least likely to care what you think.
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As I was having sex with my Aqua man ( Pisces moon) at one stage he asked me to look deeply into his eyes while doing it even though I was facing the front so I had to almost turn around look him in the eyes and kiss at the same time... he went like this * babe look me in the eyes..... show me how much you want me babe * that went for a bit as I struggled to do it... i found it hard to do it.... maybe because I love having my eyes closed to enjoy the moment .... it's not that I'm not into him. I am very much so, I just like to feel the experience rather than see... Pisces moon, what does this tell you about him?oh n it only started to happen after I told him I love him I think he's more willing to open up himself to me ..?

Is his Pisces moon in the 12th house by any chance? I ask because I have a 12th house Venus in Pisces and have always preferred looking into eyes and having them look back at me during intimacy, unless it makes the person uncomfortable, which it does for so many.

IDK. I've always thought of this habit as a Pisces thing.
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It is very turbulent. The expressions frustrate each other and frustration and mars just leads to explosions. This is literally a placement where you both just get in each others way.

It can be passionate but its hard to keep the oil burning when all you feel is anger at a person. Very volatile and hostile

Worse than Mars square Venus?
What do you think? How would you define this aspect of a relationship?
When I checked at Cafe Astrology for the exact minute the sun enters Taurus this year, I got 4:27 pm.on April 19.

4 months
You are as unforgettable as the earth itself and more beautiful than a twilit garden of fragrant magnolias.

Cyber hugs to Taurus from Season.
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Two wands indicates working with someone else to achieve success. IE don't be too selfish or self absorbed. Are U worried about something? How does the 9 swords play into this spread for you?

I don't wanna say but the horrid card with the swords and depressed dude has been my life for years 🐹
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The 9 swords is making yourself sick with worry over a situation. It means you could be letting your imagination run riot, creating demons and threats where there are none. With the 2 wands in the future position this would indicate help from an outside source is coming and you should work with this person. In the meantime, try not to let your mind cause you so much emotional distress. The 9 sw. is about "imagined" trouble which could wreak havoc when coupled with real problems a person faces in everyday life. This is a time when you need to comfort yourself and soothe your own mind. 9 SW. is a situation that is under your control, only it may not feel that way to you. It's time to find a center of calm within yourself.
Two wands indicates working with someone else to achieve success. IE don't be too selfish or self absorbed. Are U worried about something? How does the 9 swords play into this spread for you?
Two wands indicates working with someone else to achieve success. IE don't be too selfish or self absorbed. Are U worried about something? How does the 9 swords play into this spread for you?
Is there a history of how each of the four elements was ascribed to each of the 12 astrological signs? Some of it doesn't make sense to me.

For example: Why is Aries a Fire sign? Rams spend their lives on the ground.

Why is Virgo an Earth sign? What's the Earth got to do with virginity?

Why is AQUArius an Air sign instead of a Water sign. Aqua is Latin for water. Seems like a no-brainer.

And, why is Scorpio a Water sign? Scorpions have nothing to do with water. They don't like it or live in it.

There must be more to this picture. Don't you think so?