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I was reading an article where the autor said that people with Venus/Neptune placements have a glamorous image...What does it mean?

Can you explain this a little? We all have Venus and Neptune placements in our charts so it must be more than that.
Sun & Merc in Taurus 12th house but both conjunct Asc. I have the gift of gab. LoL.

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Eros in your Chart is Placed in Taurus

Dominated by the goddess of love, Venus, Taurus is steeped in beauty, amorousness and a daydreaming. When your Eros is placed in Taurus, it's a real turn-on for passion and love. Getting intimate and finding some way to express your wildest ideas is the main driving force behind you. When aroused, you can be as romantic as the god of love. But your sexual desire is tinged with a strong wish to control your partner. You make one of the most possessive partners on earth and your partner may feel stifled. Simple and straight forward in matters of love, you are shorn of any kind of complication or superficial intricacy. Stick to a steady partner for optimum happiness in life.

Errrrm well this explains a heck of a lot...

Sounds hot to me 😍😉

Haha thanks

Welcome😏 Mine is in Aries...

f you have Eros in the sign Aries then you’ll experience love and sex as a war waiting to be won. You love nothing more than the chase and conquest associated with love and you seldom wait long before a relationship turns sexual. With Eros in Aries you tend to be more turned on by a prospective love partner who says “no” to your initial advances. This is like foreplay for you since the thrill of the chase is your doorway to experiencing complete sexual ecstasy. Hearing your lover proclaim that you’re the best sex he or she has ever had once you’ve made your conquest will feel like music to your soul. Eros in Aries must have plenty of physical sex in order to experience love. If the sex life of Eros in Aries dries up, it will not remain with a partner for long. Eros in Aries has a passionate sexual appetite. It must be fed.

LMAO yours sounds fun.

I must find an Aries Eros... they can handle my errr needs lol.

Actually i wonder if there are others that have this need for "passion"

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IDK I have Eros and Psyche in Aries and I don't find men who say no at first more exciting, I don't view sex and love as a war to be won or lost either. Also I'm not aggressive sexually really. I prefer to take time and savour a relationship.
This could be because my placements are in the 12th house?

1 day
There's a solar eclipse in Pisces tomorrow with the sun and moon, of course, in Pisces. Where will you be affected?

Pisces is my 11th and 12th house, so friendships will be effected and my magickal side - 12th house, as well, not to mention my Venus is here too.

But people are actually behaving more warmly to me today which is a surprise. My meta physical self always does pretty well and I feel ok there. I'm going to do a yoga routine now, but just wanted to post this quick. I'm just going to chill through this. It will be fine.

So how will this eclipse effect you and how do you plan to handle it?
People who are rude. There's never an excuse for that. No matter what else you are or are not.
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taurus for sure

Not to shamelessly self promote but I agree. Taureans can be very charming in a way you will never forget, and they're sincere too, not smarmy like some can be.

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taurus for sure

Not to shamelessly self promote but I agree. Taureans can be very charming in a way you will never forget, and they're sincere too, not smarmy like some can be.

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I do believe so.

Yes, I've seen this happen to people after a devastating loss, or even the fear of such a loss. There is such a thing as the will to live and thrive. The brain controls the body and will tell it to get sick and even to die in an effort to escape the unendurable.
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They don't easily change their ideas. We're in the MC, it's the career, solid, stable, it's like the culmination of fixed signs. People often confuse cappies with scorpios, and cappies and leos are often rivals.
I think the high point of the zodiac sees a breakdown of the modalities. Sags dont seem like mutables to me, they're jokers, like Aries, they're sociable like Libra, l think they're more cardinal.

Aquarius, to me they're not fixed, they're mutable. All that brain activity, it's the culmination of the mutables, and of the air signs.

I agree about Caps. My Cap family members are really consistent like a fixed sign.
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...in Gemini at 0 degrees.. in 11th house.

It's opposite pluto.

What does it mean?

Luck with friends of Gemini skilled traits, like logicians, and writers, maybe. Having Tyche opposite your Pluto would be the same as having Jupiter opposite Pluto. So just pretend your Tyche in Gem is actually Jupiter and you'll understand the meaning more easily.

Gemini skills huh hmm, my best friend is a Gemini, all my friends are mostly air suns too..

I'll read up on Jupter opp Pluto, thanks :-)
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That's the best advice I can think of because Tyche is considered superfluous. It's just another "Jupiter". But it's interesting because it can be in a different sign and house from your natal Jupiter and it still will bring luck and fortune to that house as well. I notice this with my Tyche in the 12th.
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This is exactly why I feel so much better now after you realize some of my most bitter rivals on dxpnet are a conglomerate of manlets, uggos, fatties, FA's and hairhatted hooligans. all single. by choice of course

you can sense their bitterness.

it's best to just laugh.

bask in the glory of aesthetics. being born good looking is like being gifted by God at birth. enjoy =)

WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Asc is Taurus, Venus ruled feminine sign. I'm uber feminine and always glam it up. I put on earrings even if I'm just getting the mail. I have Fortune conjuncting my Asc and everything in my 1st house so I'm comfortable with this. It's just me and I accept it. It can really irritate down to earth people, especially women, who don't see the need for it.
I think you've got way too much fire for a Taurus to handle successfully.
Aphrodite, because everyone who sees her will fall in love with her like you did.

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Astrologers always say that a 12th house placement is really powerful as this relates to some kind of gift from the heaven to the chart owner but this house is said to be related to hidden things and the subconscious so how can someone unfold these gifts?

For example, I have Venus in the 12th house and in most of the articles I read astrologers say that someone with this placement would find great joy through meditation or even receive messages.

Is this true?

Yes, I meditate and even teach it to others. I do yoga too. I find all of that an awakening, a tapping into a power that others call the zone, where you feel you understand the hidden and can do the impossible.

This is a great placement for healers and self healers. Time spent alone is never wasted if you're trying to understand your 12th house placements more fully. Just be open to what the universe may be telling you. Your insight and intuition will usually be right. I don't mean we're all psychics, but we just operate on a different plane from everyone else a great deal of the time. It's actually better for us to be so. It's what we were born to do.

I get a lot of messages from my dreams all the time.

all my dreams usually include the closest people to me, my son, my husband and my mother in law, and to some degree, my sisters, and their children. my mom and my dad too. sometimes my grandparents (but they died) and also from my husband's grandparents too, (everyone I love dearly is connected to me even by his family)
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Yes, dreams can be relevant with 12th house placements IMO.
My Taurus exes, there were more than one all suffered from very bad taste otherwise they would have married me. Right? I had so must in common with one especially as we were born a few days apart. But, I figure it's his loss and no hard feelings. He was the most romantic devil I ever met.
I don't have a packed 1st house but i do have Fortune there conjuncting a bunch of major planets so, yes, I do appear very confident in life and this attracts a lot of people, but I'm not world famous or anything. LoL. But the attention is helpful.

What do you feel about it, raad?
I have major placements in water but never think of myself as lost. Searching perhaps, but lost? Never. Interesting theory though.