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I am Solarian/Fire/Leo Dominant dude with Leo Sun, Leo Moon and Aries Rising. Don't like it. Take your hate and go treetrunk yourself with it.

Not a problem in my book. She can listen to a whale fart and it wouldn't bother me.
And another
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So you'd ignore?

I wouldn't know what to tell her.

Ah so I can think of him as speechless
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You could say that.
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I live in town and my neighbor has a roaster that goes ham all day. Idk how they get away with owning one, must live right on city limits.

Personally I wish I could own an owl more then anything. You need a special bird permit to own them though.

I think it would be awesome to own a tame crow/raven also

Raven would be cool.

Id would like a wolf or a fox.
Its quite obvious. If I wanted you, I'd go all out to be with you and invite you to places with me.
Anybody keep exotic pets, reptile/amphibians, fish, birds, weird animals, wild animals or what not that is not a dog or cat? Or what is the most exotic pet you have seen?
Congrats. Enjoy your freedom, drink up. Cheers.
Damn this thread has more wrinkles than a sharpei.
I prefer face to face, it's more meaningful to say it rather than reading it.
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Pop the blister.

Wouldn't that scar? I'm not educated on these things because these things don't happen to me LOL!

Scars are manly.

So that's a yes? You were really going to have me out here popping a blister and potentially being scarred for life?
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Who gonna notice a few scars on the fingers?