DXP's Town Drunk
I am Solarian/Fire/Leo Dominant dude with Leo Sun, Leo Moon and Aries Rising. Don't like it. Take your hate and go treetrunk yourself with it.

treetrunk, who needs sleep?

I find Libra and Aries ladies the most sexy. But that is my own opinion.
Cronos - Capricorn
Ares - Aries
Aphrodite - Taurus
Hermes - Virgo
Ganymede - Aquarius
Zeus - Sagittarius
Posiedon - Pisces
Helios - Leo
It makes you strong. It shows that you are above those who harm or attempt to harm.
I have one aqua in my family and she is my little girl. Even if she is 15 now.
The story of my life.
As fire signs. You may see fire signs get along and also lose their temper at each other, but it doesn't mean we hate each other.
Leo here but I can relate to Leo and Aries on here.
It's a drug.
What really grinds your gears?
Good crab with lemon butter.
You cannot deny that ass and them hips too.

Tell them to hurry the treetrunk up. I did that before and the cap dude snapped at me.
I wouldn't. IRS has the means and power to treetrunk you up.