"Born Aug 24....Leo/Virgo Cusp....Aquarius Moon....Sagittarius Rising I don't take drugs : I am drugs. - Salvador Dali
"Born Aug 24....Leo/Virgo Cusp....Aquarius Moon....Sagittarius Rising

I don't take drugs : I am drugs. - Salvador Dali

Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it. - Salvador Dali

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Well came back just to see this thread a year later,
Hello Justasag

well that's good news that the ex isn't in the picture, the Leo/Virgo cusps share certain traits but we all don't act the same, since we all have different things happing in life and levels of experience. But based on the Aug 24th perspective (from me and my other co-worker) once the trust is established and we are very loyal. But once the trust is gone, we tend to step back and not give so much

but sure no problem,
that's interesting she has Moon in Gemini, those people love to talk your ear off, and the fact that she doesn't seem to want to talk to you, well that's not good

also another ex in the picture too, so who knows maybe she's confused right now, needs time alone, she probably won't say what she's feeling maybe you should ask her next time you talk to her, get her to talk to you. She shouldn't be that closed off, if she still interested in you

well hope it goes well with her

Hey Justsag,

that's a good sign she's intiating contact, that a hard thing to do lol! if you don't mind me asking what is her moon sign?, because moon sign in a female is big on how she handles emotions. But with the Leo/Virgo Cusps it's hard to show emotions but I def find it difficult for Aug 24th people in general but once you get in ours hearts, we are very loyal and will show you we care.

I had a ex break up with me and me with him , because he didn't think I loved him ( which was the opposite) I would think of him often, call him, buy him clothes but I guess the me not saying it often but showing it was making him feel insecure/unloved. Apparently he's still thinks of me (so I was told), this was about 12 years ago! guess I made an impression! I don't like drama, it's a big no no! I will be running for the exit quick, I like chill, honest,funny people.
got cut off

You don't have to help her, you have a choice in the matter. Hey it may make you look like a cookiemonster but hey I rather that than having people using me (hey it's my time and effort). Most people unless they are best friends or family members will not go out of there way to help you.

I'm very helpful(Virgo Sun)but only to those people that matter in my life and even then I don't expect anything in return. They rarely return the favor, but I do it, cause I wanted to help.
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Okay, okay. I'll stop being petty.

OP, did you come right out and ask for help? Gotta let people know you need it, can't sit back and expect them to just notice and offer because it usually isn't going to happen. Must be direct and make it known you need help.

This is something I've been working on because I HATE asking for help and would rather eat dirt than ask. Then, I, too get disappointed no one offers, But I figure, how they gonna know unless I tell them? I'm trying to speak up more and have realized I'm much happier.

If you did ask and they wouldn't help, then that's not a good friend right there. Whatever they had to do instead better be damn well important.

i helped finish her project..literally sat down, make editions. rewrite. add my own points..for 3-4 days. cz her deadline fr submission was reached. i was even sleepy n exhausted, still i dint refuse. she even lashed out on me once out of her irritability due to pressure..but i understood n still continued to do it. (though she did mention later that she felt bad abt being rude to me)

what i asked her was not even a return. yes i outright asked her, and requested it more than once. it was a very minor thing. not something on the same level as i did.

and this is not the first time it has happened.

and i have learnt my lesson. thats one reason i hardly ask fr help.
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I don't think this is about her being a Virgo Sun, cause I meet people like this and they come in all Sun signs. You have to be a judge of good character because people will use you and not care about you, just about what they can get from you (sorry but this is the truth - even from friends and family) trust me, I learned the hard way.

You have to decided who is worth giving your time to, if not then your going to waste your energy on people that will use you to get you to do things for them at their convenience . Yeah she doesn't sound like a good friend, I would just treat her like an acquaintance . If you asked her for help and she didn't help you, then she's not your friend and you can't except anything from people like that. I say if she ever asks you for help again, just say you got important things to do and let her figure it out on her own. You don't have to

Hey Justsag, don't worry it ok

Well to me the fact she let you back into her life, says something, because once I cut someone off, it's over but maybe she has a soft spot for you. Well just take it slow and don't overwhelm her. Just listen to her and hear what she has to say and let her know you care about her, if she's like me, emotions might not be her strong suit but she'll show you her love instead. just have patience with her, she's still talking to you, so she must be feeling something

but if you want more insight go here, this is a great site


"Do you ever feel like you have a wide variety of moods? As in, you can be extremely extroverted sometimes, and then extremely introverted others? Something I've noticed."

Actually yeah, for me I can be confident and social and enjoy meeting new people like it's nothing, then other times I can be quiet and chill and soft spoken. Or sometimes I don't want to be noticed and just want to be alone. I think I can confuse my family, friends, I feel my motivations are hard for people to understand. But generally my disposition is happy and content.
I have question, Has anyone ever accused you of being cold hearted? when knowing that is not even close to the truth. This is a tough placement for the Moon to be in. I like to think of it as a
Cadbury Creme Egg, hard thick shell on the outside but soft on the inside!

although, I do love Cancer Moons, I just have a really good friendships with cancer moons but maybe it's My Venus in Cancer

Actually yes, but I always thought that was me just being detached. I like people, but I like to see what's going on in alot of people lives, but I don't actually want to be apart of there lives. I don't know if that makes sense. I love to care for people, help them, talk to them. But then I have to get away and just have alone time. I have my friends who listen when I want to talk about problems, but there are only a few people that I trust like that. I feel not alot of people are going to be honest with me and tell me the truth, not matter how ugly it is. So for me it is kinda hard to really have real relationships even real friendships with people.
Wow lots of great comments and insight in this thread!

Do you find it hard for people to understand you?

I know I often give off a muted first impression then when I get to know you, I change and will reveal more about myself. I often get, your are so chill, and have a nice demeanor. Then they say, I thought you different when I first met you. I find it difficult for people to get a grasp on me
I'd say I'm pretty independent, detached, and pretty social. I like to talk and meet new people. I can also be quiet and reserved. I love my alone time, it gives me time to myself to recharge.
Aug24th born Virgo here,..to me personally the Sept Virgos are complicated and too serious. But I have noticed a dry sense of humor. People say I'm chill, funny , laid back but I sometimes worry too much..but I think all virgos do that

I have a question

Do you find Leo/Virgo Cusp to be humble people?
Yes! that would be me as well! Too much thinking, but def eccentric, or so I've been told. I'm really independent, I don't like to follow the herd, just because. I like to think for myself, do for myself and be myself.

I'm a Virgo/Leo cusp Sun, Aqua Moon and Sag Rising with Venus in Cancer and Mars in Libra....

"WE tend to get along with everyone."

I have to agree with this....I can get along with just about anyone
I feel I could possibly learn something important from someone, not matter who they are. So I have no reason to try to relate and get to know them

then again I also have an Aqua Moon and Sag Rising

Happy Birthday!! to the Leo/Virgo Cusp!!
Yes! def what you see is not what you get! .....like night and day!

Have you seen this site


this place is really good for birthdate and then you choose your year as well
very nice site!
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Something else I find very eerie is the whole thing about Leo-Virgo being alternatively secretive and open. I couldn't identify more to this. I'm usually very aware of the fact that I'm being secretive, I just don't see why I should share certain things and this can drive people crazy sometimes trying to figure me out. On the other hand I can be open to a fault and will be freely discussing the most taboo and personal subjects and even make people blush. I've also been told by friends that I often appear as a social butterfly but that deep down I'm a very complex individual and that somehow it's hard to put a finger on the kind of person I really am, sort of like a chameleon type of personality.
Last, the freedom thing..I totally agree with starblues. I also love my freedom and don't like feeling confined by social expectations. This is something that can be tough to live with if you have a SO.
Waow, not easy being a Leo-Virgo but what a ride!

""I'm a very complex individual and that somehow it's hard to put a finger on the kind of person I really am, sort of like a chameleon type of personality.""

Yup this hit the nail on the head for me!!, I'm def this way....I feel sorry for my future partner....cause I don't even know what I want sometimes....they are going to have lots of patience lol...I also have Neptune Conjunct ASC..so people project on me....so they perceive me a certain way....and that is not the case, so they are shocked when they see a new part of my personality emerge. I also feel my inner world is quite different from what people see or what is expressed outwardly, since I don't share everything with everyone. Actually people see me as not experienced in life ...if they only knew...what I have seen/lived.
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Apparently - people born on these days are great for marriage for us Leo/Virgo Cuspers

Cancer II - July 3-10
Libra III - October 11-1 8
Sagittarius I - November 25 - Dec 2
Aquarius III - Feburary 8 -15
Pisces II - March 3-10

I have met four people born on these days
but some are family members , love interest and a person I know

the Aqua is the one who I have this very intense attraction to.......we seem to get along very well......but who know who this will end up

Leo/Virgo cusper here too. I have that same intense attraction with Aqua IIIs. They are the sweetest.
Another I've found that isn't on that list is the Sag/Cap cuspers. They are very kind, understanding. I get along with them really well too.
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Hahha funny you should say that!....my very good friend is a Sag/Cap Cusper and we get along like two peas in a pod