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Focus more on his Venus, I say. It has worked wonders for me.

his venus is in Libra
Boyfriend's birthday is coming and I want to make it a great night for him in and out of bed
He says he doesn't want me to be stressed out over it. But I enjoy baking and I want to
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Absolutely. Its tough being a lair and letting others run through me.
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hahah that funny!
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I am very very very sensitive
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I am also very very sensitive!
But get to fl over yourself!
No one cares!!!
Shove it! Up your ass...!!!
I am very very very sensitive
My Virgo does this sometimes, he will get all lovely dovey for a while and then boom cold, quiet to himself. I am no expert on Virgos but it is something they do when they go through something personal or need time to think
I am a Pisces Sun, Pisces rising, Pisces Moon, Cancer in Mars, Uranus Pisces, Jupiter Libra, Venus Aries,
yeah I just get nervous
ugh can anyone help me? I want to get advice and not seem like a crazy lil fish to my virgo love. On Monday night I sent him a sexy message and he said "ok", then we went on to explain how its sexy but he's focusing on work (He works grave yard). we chatted and then said goodnight. Tuesday came along and I said "I see a little bit of myself in you (nothing), then i sent a picture of something he liked (nothing) then later wished him a good day at work and he said "thanks". We did talk abit till I went to bed. Yesterday I said "I'm looking forward to the baseball game with you " and he said " me too" then after that nothing. So what should I do? I dont want to freak out, we had a great weekend and I can tell that he loves me. He keeps saying that he is tired from working and looks down this past week. Im remaining cool because again I dont want to seem out of control
after you tell somebody something, do you feel the tears well up in your eyes ?