I'm a taurus girl through and through. I like to laugh and be silly i'm a kid at heart. I am a good mix of playful yet serious. My weakness is chips and salsa. I'm addicted to Cinnamon Bears. If you want to win my heart give me a back rub. I'm easly amuse

I prefer to cook, I really don't go out to eat that much. I enjoy cooking, nothing better then making dinner with a nice glass of wine and good music playing. Plus I like actually knowing what is in my food. One of the girls that use to work in my office had a side gig working at Cheese Cake Factory, she told me don't ever order a salad at a restaurant the salad dressing has more calories then most of the dinner entrees, like 2000 calories per serving! That is insane!! I make everything and love BBQing, summer is my favorite cause I'm on the grill like 3-4 times a week. The only food I really like going out for is breakfast, cause I hate making and cleaning up a big mess in the morning and baked goods, I just really don't enjoy baking, I'm not a real big sweets person.
I just ordered from them for the first time, 3 pairs of sandals, and was very happy with the price and how quickly they came! I will defiantly be ordering from them again and I'm not even a fan of online shopping.
Awww she is soooo cute! I like Aura
I'm a scorp moon if that counts. I've been single for 4 months...getting ready to go off my birth control cause I will probably be single for awhile since I don't meet many men that I am attracted to and sex just isn't fun if it isn't with the one you love...so I kinda figure whats the point and am going to give my body a brake from it.
My ex and I broke up 4 months ago and I still live were we lived together. I just prayed through the house after and redecorated to make it more my own place. I've been fine and not felt any bad energy.
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VDay doesn't have to be sad if you are single. This year I will be single on it and I am making dinner with my mom, bro and sis and the pups. We are gonna make a tri-tip and bacon wrapped scallops and I am going to make the pups buffalo burgers and salmon and buy them a new toy. Then hang out and watch a movie. Just spend it with some people you love!

I feel like sulking in melancholy that day.

Not trying to be negative but... in another foreign country where your parents are not here and you don't really have loved ones?
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I'm sorry you have no loved ones there to spend it with...friends maybe?? You can sulk but at least making something yummy for dinner! Good food always helps...but I'm a Taurus so...
VDay doesn't have to be sad if you are single. This year I will be single on it and I am making dinner with my mom, bro and sis and the pups. We are gonna make a tri-tip and bacon wrapped scallops and I am going to make the pups buffalo burgers and salmon and buy them a new toy. Then hang out and watch a movie. Just spend it with some people you love!

Scorpio Moon
Gemini Venus
Pisces Mars
I don't think the Taurus part played into that, it played into the chemistry they felt right from the get go. I'm a Taurus and I would never cheat even with my Gemini Venus, have never would never. I don't have any of her other placements.
Taurus and Virgo's are great together...best relationships for me (with the two I had) and my oh my the chemistry was off the charts!! Looking back they were the only two that could keep up with me...in bed.
I believe you VirgoGent. And there was nothing wrong with what you did...I'm pretty sure most of us here have been consumed by lust before and jumped into bed with someone that quickly. I know I have and I'm not one to do that as a norm. It sucks that everything happened the way it did but the up side is that you found out the type of person she was before your feeling grew to something more for her. I feel bad for her fiance but at the same time I think he got really lucky and dodged a bullet. If it wasn't you then she would have eventually done it and then he would have been married to her and it would have made everything worse for all parties involved.

Personally I think that she was already having cold feet and doesn't really love the guy. I think she used you as her out. The whole wedding dress thing makes me think that she is more in love with the idea of getting married then with the guy she was going to marry. I think that happens a lot to girls her age...their friends are getting married and they want that so the guy that comes along and asks is the one they say ok too.
Life in Pieces is funny...even got my mom hooked. Its only on season 2 though so you probably won't be able to watch it on repeat like friends.
I just got some, its one by MYM, this week. It says it has 30% Copper-3-Peptide, 14% Apple Stem Cells and 5% Argireline. So far I have used it 2 times and was doing further research and came across this thing saying it can give you the uglies. :/ I don't like the sound of that! Any one her use them and what was/has been your experience?
Ok Scorp moon here. What do you mean by sensitive?

I am sensitive in the way that I will laugh with you and I will cry with you....and those stupid ASPCA commercials get me teary eyes every time! I am very sensitive to the spiritual real and the energy that comes off of people. But as far as being sensitive and getting my feeling hurt easily I am not. I don't get offended easily and nothing really shocks me anymore. And if my feelings are hurt I get over it really quick and let it go (the longest I am usually mad is a day)...I don't hold grudges.
aquarius_beauty what is your Venus...I'm curious.
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My moon in Gemini and my Mars is in Taurus.

I am extremely sensual as well as playful. I combine sensuality, sexuality, with lots and lots of teasing.

^^ This. I'd also like to add that I'm very slow and diligent in adoring my lovers body. I'm in no rush.

Gem Moon, Scorpio Mars

Yes!! I'm exactly that way too. I love exploring his body. Working my way to the bottom and then from the bottom up. I like to take control sometimes and go slow. Then my Gemini moon will take over and season it with lots of teaseful banter as well as 'moves' lol I use to make my exes so sexually frustrated with all of it, they couldn't take it, they had to turn me over and take over hahaha

I enjoy teasing and getting them so horny that they can't lay still and begin to squirm all over the bed begging me for it.
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All of the above...I am a very playful and sensual lover and teasing is a must. I like to start that in the morning with some fun playful texts with sexual innuendos...maybe followed by a picture or two. The build up is where it all begins and is a turn on to me. Then the fun happens when we see each other and actually get to touch and taste one another.

Scorp Moon/Pisces Mars/Gemini Venus
Pisces Mars
When in a relationship I think about it all the time and want it all the time, I have a very high sex drive…I can very easily go 3-4 times a day every day and still want more. My interactions will be very playful and I like to do it a verity of ways, not wanting it the same way every day. One day I will want it ruff, raw and primal with some bondage added in and the next it might be slow, loving and tender. I think this might go along with my Gemini Venus needing verity and stimulation. I also love to play dress up…I’m the kind of girl that if you’re sick I’ll bring you chicken soup in a sexy little nurses outfit.

When not in one I can control myself and I go pretty dormant…this I learned and tamed with age. I have tried the whole FWB thing but that and one night stands just leave me feeling empty so I have learned that outside of a relationship I have to control myself. I also do not find myself interested in that many people (lucky if I meet one guy a year that I have that attraction and connection with) so if I have sex and it’s not with someone I really have a connection with it just leaves me hungry for more and unsatisfied…which is not fun so I just turn it off now.

If you need me I’ll be over in that not getting any section with VirgoGent and Capri-sun…at least I’ll have good company. And hopefully VirgoGent is good looking so me and Capri-sun have some eye candy while we are there! 
No I did not wrong him. He wants me back and after seeing his true character I won't get back with him. So he thinks I have wronged him because I am not saying his behavior is ok and running back. Plus he hasn't been doing that great and I think he is upset that I am happy and moving on with my life. In the beginning he was trying ever angle to reconnect but I am not willing to do that. It is sad how you really see a person's true color when a relationship ends. I have been nice, even let him keep some of his stuff in storage and kept him on the cell phone plan because I knew he uses it for work and his work was slow. This month he said that he doesn't think he would have to pay the his share of the bill and we should just call it even because he thought I kept some can food that was his, which I didn't. When he was told no he needs to pay his part he got mean and the threats came again and he said "I'll pay it when I pay it." I gave him till the end of today and then it is being shot off tomorrow. That is why I am putting up the security camera's...cause he is gonna be pissed and I'm worried about his rage. Another thing that I never saw till after we moved in together.

The funny part is that when he moved out he took a whole bunch of stuff that we both went in on when we were together. I could have made a big deal out of it but I didn't because I am just not that person. And he makes a big deal over canned food. I don't think when a relationship ends it needs to be some big drama filled fest but I guess some people do.
I love the ones walmart makes. They aren't frozen though, they make them daily and then you pop them in the oven when you get home. I love getting the pepperoni one and putting extra cheese and pineapple on it. I just did that with a bacon one (first time having that one) last night and it was to die for!! So yummy!