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  • This question is more for the guys.
    I don't understand why most of you say you want a serious girl but still have eyes for the slutty ones.
    On social media, for example when a girl is half naked she gets thousands of compliments from men saying stuff like: "you're gorgeous, beautiful, MARRY ME! 😳
    A serious girl, on the other hand, that looks good but descent never receives a bold compliment from a guy. It's so sad!!! So how come you say you want a serious girl when you go out of your way to compliment an easy girl?
    The last thing I saw was an older woman in her 40s posting a picture in a super short dress that showed her panties. Of course she had millions of comments from men. She had an ugly face but it didn't seem to matter as long as she showed her panties!!!
    Men, what's up with this? Sorry but I don't get it
  • I don't know what's wrong with me but I consider myself super jealous even with guys I like.
    For example, I like this guy and I know he's into shy and quiet girls. I consider myself shy but I do like to talk and I have a personality. Well there's this girl I know that is even more shy than me. But she's really pretty and smart.
    I know it's going to sound ridiculous but I feel like I hate her!!! Because I feel that she's the ideal type of girl my crush would like.
    I'm always thinking "I'm sure if he met her he'll choose her over me and ask her out". Ridiculous right???
    I just can't keep those thoughts out of my head and feel that this girl is a threat or something even though my crush doesn't even know. I feel bad for hating someone that hasn't done anything to me. I stalk this girl on social media because I feel she's better and more interesting than me and I when I imagine my crush meeting her I want to kill her. I'm a huge psycho right? How can I stop thinking about all this nonsense stuff? I feel stupid and childlish
  • I just feel comfortable talking to him but it bothers me that I can't count on him when I need him. If he's my friend, he shouldn't be cold when I aporoach him.
    I do feel like its better to not expect anything from him and not consider him an intimate friend to share my problems with 😢
  • I have a Scorpio friend that I really enjoy talking to. The problem is that I feel like he's only nice with me on his own terms.

    One time I talked to him because I needed him but he didn't seem like the person that would go out of his way to listen to me or be there for me. He was a little cold and I felt like I was bothering him that day because he told me he had things to do and even went distant right after.

    He's still nice to me but, as I said, on his own terms. Right now I feel like I need him because I'm going through a lot of personal problems. I wish I could talk to him but it feels like I can't count on him because he's cold if I approach him. I'm a loyal person even when it comes to friendship and I would like his advice and help instead of somebody else's but if he's never going to be there for me, what's the point?
    should I forget about his friendship and look elsewhere for someone who's willing to be there in good and bad times? He's a great guy but I just can't understand him. He seems heartless at times.
  • I'm not a Scorpio but I'm a water sign. CANCER!!! I had an Aquarius boyfriend and from my personal experience they're sweet but at least for me it didn't work out. Water and air signs are really different. He was the type of guy that had many female friends. If you're okay with this, then you're fine but you might not be the only woman in his eyes. Aquarius people like freedom and have lots of friends. They're not reserved like Scorpios or Cancers
  • I asked Scorpios because my crush seems obsessed with social media and he's a Scorpio. He's on Facebook every day. I see him online almost all day!!! and I thought Scorpios were deep people and social media is just fake and shallow. At least for me. I hate those people taking showing their bodies just to get more likes. It's ridiculous.
    So I was just wondering what you guys think.
  • Hi. I'm just curious to know what Scorpios think about social media. I have a Facebook account but I don't use it as much as before. I kinda got sick of it. Someone said Instagram is better but I feel like its the same crap! What I don't like about social media is that people pretend to have awesome lives when I'm sure we all go through problems. I go through problems a lot and I feel like I have to be fake on Facebook and pretend everything is great and my life is perfect. I'd rather be honest and not post things as if nothing is happening.
    What is your opinion? Are you on social media?
  • Oh my God I totally understand you!!!
    I'm a Cancer going through a roller coaster with a Scorpio. He does pretty much the same thing. He's sweet and my intuition tells me he likes me but he doesn't do anything else!!!! I'm all confused all the time but now I'm starting to think I'm making things up in my head. I'm starting to realize I need to move on. Like other Scorpio's said he would be DIRECT. And your Scorpio and mine are not 😢 Maybe they just like to flirt but they don't want anything serious but it doesn't make sense to me because there's this STRONG connection between us. That's why I can't accept the fact that he doesn't like me. It's so difficult. I understand you!!!
  • I'm a Cancer female and I really like Scorpios. I'm very deep in love and relationships and I feel that it's the only sign that understands me. I like deep people that take love seriously.
    Good luck with your Cancer man ❤️
  • I have this question for Scorpio males.
    If you had to choose between these two girls, which one would you prefer to date and have a relationship with. And please say why.

    (A) A girl who works but is not very ambitious and is more submissive. She depends more on you and needs you to take care of her needs.

    (B) A girl who has a successful job, has goals and ambitions and is more independent. She wants a man in her life but doesn't depend on him.
  • Hi Scorpio04.
    I think I've read some of your threads about the cancer woman you are interested in. I believe, if I'm not mistaken she has some Leo on her chart too.
    Well i'm a Cancer sun and my moon and ascendant are Leo. And I'm going through ups and downs with a Scorpio guy too. Hahaha 🤣 I've always liked him but I don't know if he likes me back and its just painful. But to answer your question heck yessss. I'm SUPER sensitive. I get hurt over the smallest things. Like if the Scorpio I like ignores me or acts like he doesn't care it makes me think he doesn't love me because Cancers are very insecure. I know I am. We don't like to feel like people are playing with us or taking us for granted. I'm also very proud and I think its my Leo moon. I will rather die in pain rather than put my feelings out there. Again because I don't want to get hurt. I'm sensitive and it hurts!!!
  • I don't know about the selfish part of us Cancers but speaking for myself I just like to protect myself from getting hurt. We have our shell, you know!!
    Sometimes I've acted like I don't care but its because I don't like to waist my time with people that aren't worth it (just like Scorpios). But if the other person treats me well they can be sure my heart will be theirs ❤️ Maybe it can work out between these two signs depending on the whole chart. But I feel like Scorpios need to trust more instead of testing people. Otherwise they may lose a lot of opportunities with us Cancers.
  • I've always liked this Scorpio guy and I feel like we click so well since we're both water signs. I think he likes me too but for some reason it has never worked for me with Scorpios 😂
    They're awesome and special but I feel like I'm wayyyy too sensitive for them.
    My ex was a Scorpio and he was kind one day and cold the next day. It drove me nuts! He was very inconsistent and I had to end things because Cancers are very clingy and we need attention and to feel loved by our partner.
    Now the Scorpio guy I like is the same way as my ex. I get along with Scorpios just fine but they change all the time and it feels like a love/hate relationship 🙁 You guys are awesome but I just wish you were more consistent.

  • Is there something you dislike about being a crab?
    I can't stand being excessively sensitive. If the guy I like doesn't text me or I don't hear from him, I feel like the world will end. I get sad and emotional. Sometimes I even cry and I feel like abnormal unlike other people.
    I wish I was not like this because I go through so much pain for nothing!! For other people it's not a big deal but to me it is. They can go on as if nothing happened but I can't. I hate being such a cry baby 😭 Especially in relationships and love interests.
    Does this happen to you?
    Is there anything you hate about our sign?
  • I really hope he does like me. He was soooooo hot!!! Hahaha. Shy, but super hot. The only thing I'm worried about is when I laughed. He actually asked me twice why I was laughing. Do you think he asked me because he was curious or he thought I was making fun of him? I hope he didn't get offended or thought I was being too childlish. Also, in what ways can I make him more comfortable around me? So he opens up more
  • So today I saw my Scorpio crush after a long time. Almost a year! We communicate online because of the long distance. I just can't tell if he likes me in person now that I saw him face to face again. Online and on social media he talks to me and he seems into me. He even started liking my pictures. But in person I can't tell if he likes me!!! One thing I noticed is he's super shy!!! You can tell by just by looking at him. He smiles in a really cute way, like being shy and he's kind of quiet. We basically hang out at someone's house. It was me, him and two other people. I was sitting near him and I noticed he seemed nervous. Sometimes he looked away like trying to hide his face, he touched his face a lot while talking and also the back of his neck. I don't know if this means he was nervous. The problem is that he didn't make a lot of eye contact with me, so that's why I'm not sure if he's into me 😢 I was the one who tried to look at him but he would only look at me sometimes and other times it seemed like I wasn't even there. But when he did looked at me he always smiled. At one point we remained alone while our other friends went away to the kitchen and he didn't just sit there but talked to me a little. So he made an effort with me.
    The bad thing is that all I did the entire time was smile and laugh like an idiot because I was nervous and excited to see him. By the end of the night he told me: "why do you always laugh? You laugh at everything!" I felt sooooo embarassed!! He probable already knows I like him.
    Is it a bad sign that he didn't made a lot of eye contact with me. Could that mean he's not that into me or it could be part of his shyness?
    Scorpios I need your insights!!!!
  • I've been heartbroken soooo many times in my life but not because the guy hurt me. It's because I fall in love too fast and see things that aren't there ? For example, if a guy just smiles at me or tells me something sweet I assume that he likes me. And after it turns out he only saw me as a friend and It was all in my stupid head ??
    I'm really romantic and I have high expectations so I assume that everyone is nice and has morals like me. And then the guys turn out to be players or big jerks!!! So I feel like I create a fantasy on my mind instead of taking my time to get to know a guy well.
    I need to improve on this. I need to STOP FALLING IN LOVE TOO QUICK
  • Let's say that a Scorpio talks to a girl from time to time and tries and tries to get to know her and talk about topics with her. Of course, he's always the initiator.
    What would be a Scorpio's true intentions behind this? Do they have an interest in the girl or they just talk to her for no reason?
    Would you talk to a girl you're not interested in?
    Is there such a thing such as just friendship to a Scorpio. Or they always want something more with the girl they communicate with?
  • I've never really missed people in my life but I've noticed I can't let go of the past. It's unbelievable how attached I am to all my childhood memories, experiences in high school and stuff like that. I can't let go of that and I feel nostalgic that I will never live those moments again ?
    Right now I'm struggling with getting older. I wish I was a girl and have a life ahead of me. I feel like Peter Pan sometimes. Hahaha ? I just wish I was a school girl again that played with her friends at recess instead of worrying about adult responsibilities ???
  • I know exactly what you mean. I'm the exact same way. I have really high expectations when it comes to love and relationships. Even though I've been in relationships, I feel like I haven't found my soul mate. I don't know if it even exists anymore Sad
    I wish you luck in whatever you do but I agree that it's 100% better to stay single than to be with someone who's not worth our time. I think the same way as you!!