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I can agree with "hot and boring".

Lol I think I'm pretty cute, smart and determined...but I am also a homebody who likes peaceful relaxation. I have had to learn not to be so impatient, dogmatic and judgemental. Also to relinquish control over the things I couldn't control at all.

We love sensual pleasures...those things that sound good, feel good, look good, smell good and taste good.
I get asked what I'm mixed with a lot. I think it's my eye color, hair texture and complexion.
Granted many family members also look to be a range of different nationalities. My Mom even had the one black/one white twin. So if people see more than one of us together I don't blame their curiosity...

My great aunt took a genetic test. My great grandfather looked Polynesian, but alas she is Nigerian and European (Mediterranean region). So basically black and white lol. Im pretty sure no matter what we appear to be (my family members and I) we're all just African and European.
Someone who genuinely appreciates me and values my genuine appreciation of him(not looking for validation based on what he has or what he does). Someone who is faithful and trustworthy. A man who is secure but has the ambition to improve. A partner who learns from his past and keeps moving forward. No pettiness, drama or passive-aggression. A straight shooter. Passionate sex. Lots of affection. Willingness to try a wide variety of delicious food and drinks.

Tall,dark, and handsome with broad shoulders, big hands and a respectable beard is a plus. A nice deep voice speaking words of wisdom awakens the sapiosexual in me. 😗😍❤
I'd revisit the cameras with her from the angle that it would provide the most safety and security with the LEAST amount of change to her routine. Don't install them in the bathroom (I'd still want my privacy) but maybe look into the Life Alert type deal to use along side the cameras.
Serious, don't be discouraged. In general people DO go for what they want. Chances are though, that right now he is willing to sacrifice his want to do's for his must do's.

If he has assured you that he DOES want to be with you and things will be fine, trust him.

It took almost 4 years for my Pisces and I to make progress. We were close friends but I wanted to be with him so badly it was driving me crazy. I lost my patience and gave up. I walked away from him. At the point when his "must do's" were handled he came to me and let me know it was time for us. I was completely shocked because I really thought "I don't want a relationship right now, but I absolutely adore you." was bs and he was just stringing me along. He wasn't and I couldn't be happier than I am now.

Overall is the relationship loving and stable?
My sun is on the Aries/Taurus cusp and I'll admit to being stingy as hell.
To do it I have to feel absolutely safe and secure with a side of adoration.

So pretty much he's got to say it first in a most sincere way
Lmaoooooo for treetrunking ever

It's a scary thing to just put your cards on the table all at once. Rejection sucks

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I'm a Taurus lol what you see as nagging he might see as an excellent reminder system. Pisces some times have a problem staying on task and keeping details in order. He may appreciate her doing that for him.

Or she's a worrier or easily overwhelmed and he can give her what she needs to relax and be flexible. Which can some times be hard for us when we feel like we MUST know all the details and tie UP ALL the lose strings.
Yes! This is my Sweetie and I. I'm the Taurus/Cap he's the Pisces/Cancer. We also met online and while it was a slow moving relationship we became friends immediately. We've always had a very friendly and comfortable chemistry. It not always easy but it's like having a soft warm comfort in a cold hard world.
No Capricorn ever, never, not in a trillion lifetimes. No Virgo. No Scorpio. No Sagittarius. No Gemini...here, this is easier

Basically I would date a Pisces, Taurus, Libra, Aries or Cancer
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I've noticed that these two signs are attracted to each other a lot, but then it tends to fizzle out... and usually (from what I see) it's the Taurus running away.

Nothing against either one, I just noticed that.

You're right. I walked away from my Pisces guy before because I completely ran out of patience wit him. He told me what he wanted I started the ball rolling and he recoiled. I truly thought we had come to the end of whatever was going to happen between us. He realized what he stood to lose and finally got decisive. The experience with the Cap Man after him obliterated any inkling of my "grass is greener" ideas and I was happy to accept him when he returned with apologies and offering what we both wanted.

She was 36 when she married him and was probably used to Taurus forward movement. It's hard to trust someone else with your forward movement especially when they don't seem to be moving. It's required with interdependence thought to find the path and pace that works for the team. If she feels he's the teammate for her, she can't be selfish and lose that.

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Has nothing to do with the Aries placements cause I have the same as her...

BUT I have double Taurus sun and moon...

So for me I love the connections with a Pisces the thing is YOU have to lead in the relationship with them as they offer the dreaminess and fantasy world we need to get away from everyday life but they are not good as being the "leader" in "reality"

She may not want to lead... Tauruses are strong but I love a man to lead.. maybe if she handles the household and finances and give him easier tasks she can balance it but I can almost guarantee it's the feeling she is wearing the pants that's bothering her.

I'm with a Pisces and want it to lead to marriage but THIS issue is already in my head. I feel like he has the strength and wisdom to lead but he's SO slow! He's practical but I don't see as much action as I hear plans. I let him know I'm flexible and patient but he's already said he wouldn't want me to put my goals on hold for him.

OP, your friend probably should not have pushed Pisces where he wasn't ready to go because even if he went along to make her happy, if his heart wasn't in it he would not have stayed the course. She's probably just now realizing that she can't motivate him to do anything he can't motivate himself to do. I'm learning that with Pisces man you REALLY have to let him move in his own time and trust that everything will come together. That seems backwards as Taurus is said to be so slow moving but even if we are slow we are steady and love to see marked progress. Pisces seem almost frozen then out of nowhere get a burst of energy to accomplish much.
The world has been pretty butterty all along. Shame you're just now noticing.

Live and let live. This kid and his parents are enjoying their lives while you're adding angst to yours about how they are doing it. Your judgement is more to your detriment than how others choose to express and explore themselves is a detriment to them.
No I'm a Taurus. I'm pretty sensitive tho and I don't want to be upset. We both avoid confrontation.
He's starting to get more outspoken, he says it's because he doesn't want to upset me. On one hand I want him to speak freely on the other I am sensitive so I dont. Poor Baby, we're perfect for each other*sarcasm* I hope we find a way to balance the 2.
I am and it's fine. I don't make much more than him and we both plan on advancing in the future. It doesn't matter now and it won't matter then. He's a hard worker and I love his work ethic.

Of course we're both responsible adults so that helps relieve any stress.
So many of you hit the nail on the head. I feel like its a quick fix to avoid discussing the behavior of people who do "see color" and treat others horribly because of it.

I see colors and I acknowledge them as beautiful variations rather than markers for behavior.