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Why are u settling for a text?

Commmmeeeonnnn girl is he in the trenches and only gets minimal reception.

Even if he had never said it the way he treats me like a queen with constant words of encouragement and appreciation say more than enough. The way he cherishes me and handles me like a precious gift I know he loves me, even if the words are typed and not spoken.

But he does work in a steel plant and I work in a medical facility. In the middle of the day, a text goes a long way.

Im in one, but I don't like it. Im planning on moving closer to him later this year. Hopefully marriage won't be long after that.

I'd do it if the prospect of a life together was very strong.
My amazing Pisces sent a text about 2 weeks ago in the middle of the day telling me he loves me. I never expected it because he's never really made a bold declaration. I was surprised but I thrilled. I told him a while ago and let him know there was no pressure, he could say it when he was ready.

We're in a LDR and he came this weekend for a long weekend. It surprised me that he was telling me all weekend between kisses. It made me feel like a lovestruck teenager. I am so happy with him.

I'm a Taurus woman on the Aries cusp and he might be Pisces on the Aries cusp (3/17)?
Yes, they do. Just recently learned my Pisces might be directly on the other side of my Aries/Taurus cusp as a Pisces/Aries. He didn't reappear so much as he knocked again after I lost my patience and closed the door on us. It's been beautiful ever since. I still don't feel like he gave me a thorough answer on what made him step up, but he did say that he realized that if he didn't try he would lurk on my Facebook page and see I was no longer single. He would've regretted not at least trying.

If he wants it, he will come for it.
They are what people think "soul mates" are. A soul mate is anyone from the same soul family. Think family tree. A twin flame is the other half of each soul parts final split. It's like if each one splits into 2, getting smaller and smaller until there is only 2. Each branch up is a sort of soul family member, only the split with you is your "twin". Soul mate is someone who transforms you a twin soul is more of a life partner. You may not meet them in every life.
Yes and no. While I can certainly appreciate a handsome, even pretty face on a man I can also be drawn to rugged or boyish features. I have a special place in my heart for slight gaps. I go for more of a build than a look, but a strong jaw is a must. I couldn't imagine being with a man for a long time if his jaw isn't squared idk what it is.
I liked it. Great if you like to diagnose character personality disorders lol!
I've slept with 2 Pisces. 1 was extremely weird about it, but they were both into tantric foreplay, synchronized breathing. Both liked to take the lead altho the former is very very shy in a sense but an amazingly gentle lover. He's expressive but in very quiet deliberate ways. It's like I have to physically listen, watch and feel closely to catch it. No bold loud proclamations.
I absolutely love it. My man is amazing and we are a lot alike. We were friends for years and we've been official since July. I wouldn't trade him for the world.
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But yeah people just go on look and make assumptions and whatnot. Its been like that for the last handful of hundreds of years especially. Actually cant really tell someones cultural makeup or "race" by look. Partially because ideas of "race" are so inaccurate. Lot of flaws in that whole thing.

Exactly! It makes me so mad when my coworkers say "you can look at them and see they're _________". Ugh Karen, no the treetrunk you can't!

So Pisces guy and I have been official since July. Things are going great. He's still the sweetest thing ever...however, I've noticed that with my Taurus and his Pisces we're stuck in a routine and as peaceful and fulfilling as it is, I would like a little more variety.

Is that something Pisces guys get to in time? He seems like the cynical type, skeptical even...could he still, after 4 years of friendship and 6 months of being in a relationship feel uncomfortable/unsure around me? We are both a bit shy, introverted and passive. I'd be willing to be more assertive but I don't want to scare him or come off as aggressive.

Any suggestions?
Let him have his cake and eat it too, right after you put a bomb in it. Stop hoping he softens up and play tough right back. The time for reckoning has passed. Cut your loss and prepare to move on.
I can agree with "hot and boring".

Lol I think I'm pretty cute, smart and determined...but I am also a homebody who likes peaceful relaxation. I have had to learn not to be so impatient, dogmatic and judgemental. Also to relinquish control over the things I couldn't control at all.

We love sensual pleasures...those things that sound good, feel good, look good, smell good and taste good.
I get asked what I'm mixed with a lot. I think it's my eye color, hair texture and complexion.
Granted many family members also look to be a range of different nationalities. My Mom even had the one black/one white twin. So if people see more than one of us together I don't blame their curiosity...

My great aunt took a genetic test. My great grandfather looked Polynesian, but alas she is Nigerian and European (Mediterranean region). So basically black and white lol. Im pretty sure no matter what we appear to be (my family members and I) we're all just African and European.
Someone who genuinely appreciates me and values my genuine appreciation of him(not looking for validation based on what he has or what he does). Someone who is faithful and trustworthy. A man who is secure but has the ambition to improve. A partner who learns from his past and keeps moving forward. No pettiness, drama or passive-aggression. A straight shooter. Passionate sex. Lots of affection. Willingness to try a wide variety of delicious food and drinks.

Tall,dark, and handsome with broad shoulders, big hands and a respectable beard is a plus. A nice deep voice speaking words of wisdom awakens the sapiosexual in me. 😗😍❤
I'd revisit the cameras with her from the angle that it would provide the most safety and security with the LEAST amount of change to her routine. Don't install them in the bathroom (I'd still want my privacy) but maybe look into the Life Alert type deal to use along side the cameras.
Serious, don't be discouraged. In general people DO go for what they want. Chances are though, that right now he is willing to sacrifice his want to do's for his must do's.

If he has assured you that he DOES want to be with you and things will be fine, trust him.

It took almost 4 years for my Pisces and I to make progress. We were close friends but I wanted to be with him so badly it was driving me crazy. I lost my patience and gave up. I walked away from him. At the point when his "must do's" were handled he came to me and let me know it was time for us. I was completely shocked because I really thought "I don't want a relationship right now, but I absolutely adore you." was bs and he was just stringing me along. He wasn't and I couldn't be happier than I am now.

Overall is the relationship loving and stable?
My sun is on the Aries/Taurus cusp and I'll admit to being stingy as hell.
To do it I have to feel absolutely safe and secure with a side of adoration.

So pretty much he's got to say it first in a most sincere way