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Between changes and emotions I feel I need to recenter. I'm thinking of trying Reiki, anyone had experience?

For now I'm going to hit yoga again, that always helps!!!
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Thanks for this thread. My ex I dumped moved on, and today I found out 3 months after us, he is engaged. It's weird for me, but I want him happy.

Reading this thread makes me feel a lot better about it, and understand my fish had to move on quick to find his happy place.

XO guys
haha, me and boss can talk about food a long time, though he's a cappy
i microwaved an onion and taped it under my bosses chair. He was talking about food all morning and had to run out to grab a breakfast sub after a couple hours. We all laughed so hard when i revealed the evidence to his craving under the chair.
Not sure if there's any year of the Monkey's here but I am and I LOVE April fools day!

Share your best fools either done and had done to you.

Also any ideas for this years? I'm starting to scheme.
Privacy is good in a healthy relationship anyways.
I'm happy my gem isn't on it. Focus on me dammit! lol
Yeah, I guess culture plays a huge role too. He's Greek and I'm German. hmmmmmmmmm

6 days
Posted by breterpan
I like to at least have a beer or two a day. and same as your Gem with the dude I'm dating... he doesn't really drink and makes a comment every time I order a beer with food or whatever

any time I've ever seen him drunk or buzzed though (which is only a handful in 3 years), he doesn't seem to be able to handle himself so I think he's just projecting his inability to hang on me

he smokes pot every day though and I don't at all so we all have our thing I guess

Oh man, totally same scenario!! lol He likes his pot too, and I don't smoke it but don't care at all! I guess I'll just point that out and carry on. Like, it's not fair otherwise!

Earth and water signs like their chickentails I think. My ex pisces was a lush, so we were unhealthy combo. I don't need that, but I also don't need to be judged. BULL horns coming out!!!! lol
How much is too much? I prefer a glass or 2 of wine with dinner each day and a rowdy night on the weekend. That's me settled down as I used to be a rowdy.

Now, my gem doesn't really drink, and brought to my attention how much I do. I've thought nothing of it and do NOT want that to be an issue, but I'm totally happy with my intake.

How much is too much?
I am about to taking some much needed space after work!!!!
Posted by YasmineMin
I think so. Im a Pisces and I do think I can see myself trying to make a guy I like or dated once jealous but really only if I still had feelings for him, but not in a high key way like posting on social media. All that ish is just for show in my opinion.

Ahh good point about the social media thing in general! lol I've really withdrawn from publishing my personal love life and specials moments and big opinions on there. The people who love me most and matter will know whats important and going on in my life.

I think since I've done that I've had a better focus on my relationships. The face time, and calls. Damn, now I need to call my mother!!! lol

PS. Happy St. Patty's everyone!
50/50 with the man spoiling her once in awhile, as she spoils in her own ways
Ahhhh you're likely right! Amongst a bunch of of ugly and strange emotions. Don't quite like it!!!

Well, at least if I can't help how I feel the least I can do is try to change my perspective. Thanks guys for shooting a bunch at me. It's never fun when bad feelings arise and linger.
Ohhh no honey. I didn't need him to come harder, he moved mountains to make us work. I want him happy, just a strange thing for him to post a photo like that, all our common friends totally agree it's very out of his character. Which is why I was left to wonder the purpose of it.

I have checked myself to make sure. I think a part of me feels guilt about how I ended and I didn't give him enough explanation that he wanted.
Screwtape Letters - CS Lewis (changed my life)
oh dear, I HATE it when people waste my time! SNAPPED at my sweet gem about that. He took it like a champ and i felt like an awful villain.

He never be late and and no more snap! HOWEVER if he ever is, I know it's for good reason.
Ughhhhhhh she needs to grow up. That was me 15 years ago until one of my best friends said either he moves out or I do, but he will NOT live a life with this communication.

That woke me up. Quick. Life has forever been changed with communication with a few ups and downs.