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I was a nightmare last week, but I think because of that I am so much more determined to have control of emotions this week, doing everything I've ever learned to push through for positive energy. The's working and more good vibes have been connecting to me. Encourage your honey, he'll pull though.
Cancers dissappear or run back into their mothers arms. I will NEVER date another one.
Posted by surferpisces
Im a pisces girl and i met a gemini man about 2 months ago. We started sleeping with each other about 3 weeks ago, and since then he's asked me to sleep over his house every single night, and most of the time i do.
There is no dating going on or anything, we're just friends with benefits.
But wow, every single night for 3 weeks! and a lot of the time he's happy to not have sex either.
The other night i told him that theres a high chance I'm going to develop feelings out of this, and he seemed totally cool with it. He is super caring towards me, invites me out with his friends and for dinner at his house.

But what I'm wondering is whether he's doing all this for sex, or if theres some feelings here. Would love a gemini perspective please!

That's how my gemini was....wants me there all the time! lol It's been 5 months of it now and he's pretty much planned our wedding. I'm like....SLOW DOWN! However, I am still participating. Enjoy it, it's magic when 2 people participate and can't help themselves. Just keep on doing things the way you want to and if you're both happy it will go good places. Keep a little mystery & magic in there if you can though to keep things interesting. Can't wait to hear updates!
I was in one. Lasted about 9 months, and we had known each other 10 years ago. He made it work more than me and I walked away. Even if we saw each other once a month I needed the daily. I want to do the little things together. Not the grandiose once a month weekends. It didn't feel real enough.
No, for 1 I've never typed in code / gangster style , and 2, I don't even think that or ever have. Watch your passwords guys. eeeeeeeeeeeek
This is the weirdest post. Freaked that my password got jacked, but changed it now. Once again, NOT ME! lol
WTF, just saw this. Must of been a virus, totally did not write any of those former posts. Freaked out. My apologies guys. Know from former posts that is not me or my style !
Just listening to the podcast "Missing Richard Simmons" and then had to question his sign. Wasn't expecting cancer, your thoughts? I guess he is emotional!
Other person ends, I'm out! But if a proper breakup with respect, I am totally open to friendship, obviously after a little space.
Yeah, tcta, plus I'm taurus so it's an interesting combo. I think that's great advise. He's an insanely loving man and there is magnetism between us so it's worth a little effort. He was raised be a greek dad and swedish mom so who knows how much that also plays into it, along with 3 brothers and 1 sister.

I did come to his place yesterday, (after my FIRST Reiki session ) and he told tme to relax and lie down as he finished dinner for us.

I guess I'm obvious when I'm mad!!!! lol ahhhhhhh the horns must've poked out!
Yeah it's weird. When I met him through friends randomly and a few of us ended up at his house unplanned, his place was really clean and nice. Was for first few months. Don't know if he's just comfortable or maybe stressed about something. Might be something beneath the surface.
His chart:
Sun Gemini 24°13'
Moon Taurus 16°07'
Mercury Cancer 14°30'
Venus Taurus 17°28'
Mars Gemini 12°37'
Jupiter Cancer 8°39'
Saturn Pisces 29°08'
Uranus Virgo 15°43'
Neptune Scorpio 19°56' R
Pluto Virgo 15°56'
Lilith Pisces 8°21'
Asc node Taurus 25°11'
I meant I'm NOT a clean freak!!
Yeah, I'm clean freak and OCD people almost annoy me, but I had to move a few of my items out of the bedroom bathroom as I couldn't handle that room. I wanted to unsee what I saw! lol I love to cook too, and tidy up, but it's nice to take a break. He just looks helpless lying in filth. Makes me feel like he needs a mother not a lover, hence the turn off. :S I really don't want it to go that way, but a person can't control their head sometimes.

Guess I'll just take my chances and saw how I feel and see how he responds. I just feel bad as it's his house he can do what he wants, but if he wants me there, I need to see more than 5% . Even 30% I could handle!!!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhh so the gem is relaxing now that he has me, however I still have not moved in. Thankfully!!!! He's gotton soooooooooooooo messy, and dirty, and just is laying out his couch. He already sleeps in late (his job allows him to) it's starting to really turn me off!! I wish it didn't, as I love the man.

How to address this nicely, I really couldn't live in this environment if we're going that direction. Don't want to hurt him, but I think me getting turned off and runnning other direction would hurt him more.
Between changes and emotions I feel I need to recenter. I'm thinking of trying Reiki, anyone had experience?

For now I'm going to hit yoga again, that always helps!!!
Thanks for this thread. My ex I dumped moved on, and today I found out 3 months after us, he is engaged. It's weird for me, but I want him happy.

Reading this thread makes me feel a lot better about it, and understand my fish had to move on quick to find his happy place.

XO guys
haha, me and boss can talk about food a long time, though he's a cappy